Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SANDUSKY: The "Shower LIFE" & "Horseplay TIME'S" of Jerry "Musty- Husky" Sandusky ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 12)

This Part 12 of "Sexploitation Nation" will be to look at the case so far of the ex- coach Jerry Sandusky (the name in the title was just in humour and ALL on my part only ... so if you just happened to read this Jerry, no offense ... it's only horseplay). I didnt plan on doing a posting on this until later, but this has just saturated every media across the country and so many blog's, which is my first reason to post now, and because this came up in some chat with a neighbor Janice yesterday, is the 2nd reason. There was a whole buffet of article's, video's on this to link here, but I chose this one to try to take a look at the other side from the defense perspective, which I will explain "why" after the video, and add some thought's.

***** CNN/ U.S.: Jerry Sandusky's 'make- believe world' ... (newsread/video)


First of all, I havent been blind to this case at all ... I have read and viewed so much about this on various media's and blog's, and the coverage and outrage has been tremendous, mostly all against of course the defendant. When I first started indulging in this case probably a week ago or more, several piece's were speaking of what the punishment should be, and of course how evil he is, etc, etc. Then in some small chat yesterday with Janice ... she asked me a question I right first didnt know how to answer, since we never discussed this case yet at all, so it hit me in a blindsided way ... simply asking me ... "What do you think they should do to this Guy Tom? ..." ... I said ... "for what?" ... then she said, for what he did(?). But I told her that I havent heard or seen anything yet that was solid enough to me to assume what he did ... because frankly despite all I read on how this Guy should be dealt with and how horrible the act's he done are, I havent seen actual detailed account's of sodomy and/ or testimony at all yet, so it's difficult for me to just assume a thing ... yet. Basically what I heard is there is a whole list of dozen's of accuser's, I heard that he showered with boyz, I heard that he touched a kid's leg I believe, and one I think assistant coach saying that he witnessed an act of sodomy, yet no specific detail's, not having heard enough testimony from these victim's, which I also hear alot so far are "anonymous" it seem's ... beside's that, of a case where year's ago he apologized for showering with a kid I believe to the mother. Take the case of Stacy Schuler for instance, the testimony and worx were all out in the open, which was entirely different, and not with really young children either.

But the thing is (to Jerry) ... Geeeezzz Guy ... even if your truely just horseplaying and/ or inncocent as your claim's ... you must know, just living in this society and being a mentor and parent that such a thing as simple as even a shower with no touching even, or even towel snapping or whatever with a kid that young and especially in a public type place out in the open like that with people walking/ working around and such would raise some suspicion of some kind ... I mean, what the fuck are you thinking Guy? And some of these kid's probably were not like us, or street kid's from detention home's or such, and may just feel uncomfortable with that type of play, being so young and not having lived in a life like that, you cant expect everyone to take it the same way. Take a kid like myself (or the way I was) ... I have no doubt I might have reacted different and maybe even tried to bite your dick off for that matter, playing back ... cause as a kid, I played ... let's just say ... "unusual" at time's ... then they would have probably locked me up for psyche evaluation to see why I "act" like that or some other institutionalized bullshit!

But too, I have really heard some twisted stories in the last couple dayz, like his home's backyard connect's to a playground, or/ and that Jerry has claimed his innocence, and how damaging it is to him, yet if he didnt say a thing, they would twist that into something too ... and how since he was out on bail, been walking around town, "normal" and bought a treadmill ... which I cant figure out what that has to do with it, or what he is supposed to do while out on bond ... stay in the house and not shop? ... would that change the pop culture view/ opinion? ... NOT.

Other than that ... I really have no idea yet what Mr. Sandusky actually done or his intention's ... and even if he was found later to be innocent ... I still would think your one stupid SOB just for pulling this shit whether it's horseplay or not, and if you are guilty ... well ... I'm sure you know what to expect.

Enough said ....


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