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NEWT GINGRICH, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC/ "The Pimp & Ho Squad": Their "Commonality" & "Calamity" ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S PT. 3)

This Part 3 of "Political Corruption and Ethic's" will be to take a peek at the newest twisted mess in Washington as far as this Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issue, their insider connection in Washington politic's, executive payscale's/ bonuses, big time lobbying payout's to folk's like ole Newt Gingrich and other's, and what all these folk's as a whole collectively done and accomplished over the last few year's concerning the mortgage/ housing crisis that still hasnt even bottomed out yet, after a few year's of restructuring, nearly a couple hundred billion in bailout fund's and backing from the U.S. Government across the board ... what these folk's all have in common is that they all made money and we lost money, they all gained and we all lost ... and that's the "calamity" of it, bottom line. Anywayz, some link's and video's below, then some word's I will add.

***** A "POST NOTE" was also added to this for any reader to make clear the conclusion of what this is about only.

***** This posting will also be added to "DEBT CRISIS PT. 1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.

JUST IN: ... And everytime we have this shit nowadayz, it is alwayz conveniently timed and linked to this latest bullshit, where we are on these new "final deadline" deal's, from folk's on what's called the "Deficit Committee", kin to the known "6 or 12 Pack Gang" ('Gang of Six' is technically a seperate group from the Deficit/ Super Committee, a joint committee, but I phrased this for the humour, as far as I'm concerned their all part of the same gang in control, since they sleep together and one appoint's and brief's the other) a new gang title with a politically sensitive name, as if their a saviour, to save us from another mess that they themselves are the only ones who created as dictated by those who pay them million's beside's the salaries and great benefit's package's we give them, like here ... CNN/ POLITICS: On this, Deficit Committee Members Agree: "Time is Running Out" ... which basically mean's before this wednesday, it's time to put on our "frightened mask's" again and worry about what we are going to be cut off from next ... many of these folk's just need to be fired ... nothing else, just for their action's, creating this mess, the scare tactic's, and taking us into more of a mess, which mark my word, this way their doing it, will be EXACTLY that.

BTW ... The "Pimp & Ho Squad" title/ heading, is just done in humour, because a few year's back when this issue came up, I laughed hearing the name's Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ... thinking that Freddie sounded like the name of a Mack/ Pimp and Fannie as his Lady/ Ho ... even CNN had a parody video like such on it back then, which I cant seem to find these dayz, probably was politically incorrect I would imagine also, and has been deleted from YouTube ... considering how sensitive we are to the reality of what we are, eh? What I'm trying to say with a tad of humour here ... is we the People are the Ho's, and our politicial Rep's and Freddie/ Fannie are the Pimp's, looking at how thing's are done and how we "suck" up to such incompetence, more than a gal turning trick's for her man. So this posting is NOT to offend any Mack's or Ho's, I want to say.

REUTERS: Fannie, Freddie Tentacles embraced many in Washington

NYTIMES/ BUSINESS DAY: Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae

BLOOMBERG: U.S. Congress Votes to raise Top Limit for Government- Insured Mortagages

***** CNN/ MONEY: Fannie, Freddie execs score $100 million payday ... (newsread)

The Democrats Responsible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ... Thanx to IDIOT4TEHLULZ ... I chose this brief video which is obviously from the right, however, it compiled video snip's of some Democrat's and their responses to this Freddie and Fannie issue back in late 2008, in their own word's even ... to show how deep this issue is and why we are knee deep in this stagnated bullshit.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Executive' bonuses draw rebuke from Lawmakers ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

RCJ: POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation Part's 2 & 1

But you have to wonder if your at least half awake this early in the morning, what the Hell is going on looking at this other mess? I mean, Ya'll had 3 bloody year's already, you hired the cream of the crop to get some thing's done obviously if your handing out multi million dollar bonuses still annually, we gave ya'll nearly a couple hundred billion to so call "save us" (mild I may add compared to religious institution's like the Vatican for example, another politically corrupt entity, who we probably gave a trillion to over a couple centuries to ALSO "save us" : ) ... I mean are we just that fucken stupid as a whole, or reluctant to stop incompetence in it's track's, or just so controlled and brainwashed that we cant even see what we approved of to be done, just aint cutting the mustard? And why in Hell are we just now doing this political cake- walk showcasing shit ... marching these CEO's and so forth to the Capitol on camera to question any of this 3 year's after the fact? I understand the workload that our political representation has, but dont we have enough of Ya'll on the payroll to at least get a tad more result's? Again ... we pay for premium service and get an inferior product simply.

Well ... the answer is simple and exactly why million's in our nation and abroad even, are waking up to this over and over scenario where we just rehash everything to get back to where we were, or what's called back to "normal", trying to milk a dead cow ... and repeating the same thing that initially got us into this mess. The President vowed even to try to dissolve this "too big to fail" entity system that take's down half the world with it everytime it fall's, and so many other's on his side even, you know that the Republican's wont do it, and those Democrat's who outright explain this problem and what we even need to do, cant seem to "do it". And the problem is everyone want's to have their cake and eat it, and no one want's to sacrifice or take any chance on a thing, all trying to figure out how to save their career's without trying to sacrifice a thing of their's, and spending more time taking pay- off's and doing poltical grandstanding, meaning less time on getting any result's.

You know ... as I have posted way back in the start of this journal, I dont have much issue with bailing out and protecting essential entities and folk's like GM for their petty $25/ $30 billion dollar need's here and there, their manufacturing, making alot of job's exist in that sector, and needed in trade with our allies ... but these too big to fail institution's with their need for several hundred billion, and the occupation's of nation's for the same amount's is a tad too much, after all ... these entities product are just stock market's, hedge fund set- up's, speculation's/ betting, and building monopolies bigger than anything we need to be truely progressive and successful as a whole society wise, and insuring all that on top, with other failure's like AIG ... yet everyone in Washington know's exactly what the problemo is, and been talking about it since day one even.

Enough said ... for now

***** POST NOTE: Concerning this posting, a person can view this and wonder what I or other's that protest this may want or be asking for? The answer is just having accountability, and less of these scam's with our Representative's ... I have pointed out too much throughout this journal about how our government is working, and as far as Fannie/ Freddie being still private entities, now supported by government, the fact is that it is our support as consumer's and our tax dollar's that keep them afloat only. If you are any decent business and have a product or anything to sell that are/ is halfway decent or efficient, there shouldnt be no need for these massive pay- out's/ bail- out's, subsidies, corporate welfare, or whatever else from taxpayer's/ government you choose to call it ... the fact remain's that this above in this last week was simply about asking for "MORE" money, then the march to the Hill shit, tongue lashing (once again) from our politician's, while we are being cut, cut, and cut, as citizen's on everything of service to those in this nation, cause that's all the Hell this is about regardless of what kind of spin you hear, it's BULLSHIT in the first degree.

The "slippery slope" end of this bullshit is simple ... the more we buy into these obviously failing entities, it's damn near pointless and if anything a temporary quick fix that CANNOT last, and everyone of our politician's know this, it can only keep on a rollercoaster ride with market's the way it is designed/ maintained, unless something internally change's ... and the deeper we get into it by playing these game's, the more we will get hurt as a result for our support of a failure, the more we have vested and the more we will need to feed it, bottom line. These entities say that the large payscale's/ bonuses are due to "hiring the best of the best" to get the job done ... the question you should ask though ... "Then why isnt it getting done, and why is this entity still in failure mode?" ... Again, it has been 3 bloody year's, what the fuck do they need from us?, we have been more than generous ... these politician's who keep taking these pay- out's to support this failure also are not getting the job done, and I realize that this is to try to save what mortgage's and home's they can, and a "task" since our politician's have such a large workload ... but after 3 year's, something clearly is not working, and this entity or those like such should be allowed to fail, without the nonsensical threat about all it's going to take down with it ... it can fail, divi up and downsize and be bought out as several individual entities with money from private investor's and/ or even if government wanted to do it ... this is nothing but a snowejob and a game, period.


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