Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ZAINAB BIBI: "NACHO MAMA'S RESTARAUNTE" ... "MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.3

Zainab Bibi

This Part 3 of "My Girl" Hot and Spicy Ladies will take a look at what I call "Nacho Mama's Restaraunte" in Pakistan, Head Chef and Owner Zainab Bibi, a recent new recipe of her's, and some cooking tip's/ secret's straight from the kitchen. For those looking to sample the NEW "51 piece To- Go Bucket" extra crispy or spicy, I can tell you, you came to the right place! : )

MAIL/ ONLINE: Wife 'Killed, cut up and cooked her Husband into a Korma to stop him from abusing his Stepdaughter' ... Newsread and Video ....

RCJ: "MY GIRL" A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PART'S 2 & 1

Rockabilly Aces Wild- Wild Wild Woman ... Thanx to KUNGELVIS ... I wanted to dedicate this music video to "Zainab". "Aces Wild" BTW are a group out of Dublin (Ireland) ... great band too! This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



BBC said...

The first time that video the audio was scrambled but I could make out parts of Chantilly Lace and Me and Bobby MaGee.

The second time it worked okay. Did a song at karaoke a few times, don't recall much about it, went something like I like my women just a shade on the trashy side.

BBC said...

I didnt spend much time in the same school either as a kid, I was moved around all over the country and was in a couple detention home's basically.

Until the 6th grade I kicked around with wandering grandparents but still managed to be a A student. Through most of my teens I lived with my parents in Northern Idaho until we moved to Utah, I started the 11th grade there, and dropped out about 3/4's of the way through it.

Formal education didn't have anymore to teach me that I wanted to learn and the school was full of assholes.

You get your best education in the school of life if you are paying attention and applying yourself.

Took a few short collage classes in my 40's that were interesting. Was going to teach basic automotive in one but they didn't attract enough students.

I don't know much about you but enough to know that if things went to hell I would want you in my camp.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Billy ... yeah ... these YouTube video's fuck up on me too from time to time ... one of the thing's I have to do regularly/ weekly is a quick run through on my vid's I have so many and several get deleted from YouTube or whatever, usually due to copyright law, etc, can usually find decent replacement's though.

As far as your song, and liking gal's a lil on the "trashy side" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... even gal's like "Trash Can Ann", "Pool Table Mable" & "Back Alley Sally" need lovin too Guy ... might as well do your civic duty and lend a helping hand : )

As far as school Billy ... never really had too much impact on my life or memories of anything special, I was kind of a fuck up too ... not a bully or nothing like that, but alwayz doing shit I shouldnt do, ya know? I completed 8th grade, took a couple month's or so of 9th, got in some trouble again with the law, I cut and ran, left home, the rest is history, even ended up staying in a brothel for like a year, after some prostitute's took me in off the street at an all nite diner I was at in a town I didnt know jack shit about (Montreal), but ended up there, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Tried to join the Navy as soon as I turned 17 or so, but I had to come back to retake my written, when my due date came, I was in another jail probably nearly 1500/ 2000 mile's from the place I was supposed to take it anywayz ... long story. No one knew where I was, and I had a different name by then too, taking on the last name of a cousin. Once right after I dropped out in 9th grade, I was shocked, while locked up in a juvi hall/ detention joint, a teacher from my 9th grade "english" class drove like 200 mile's just to visit me locked up, which was a shock, that anyone would visit me to begin with, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... for some reason or another, he took a liken to me as a student, which I never knew before that visit, wanted me to come back to school when I got out, etc, etc ... his name was "Hunt" is all I remember ... he was one of the odd teacher's of the school actually, looked like a long haired John Lennon, with the beard, wire rim glasses and all, he really stood out in them dayz, like a hippie, big time as far as teacher's in that school. Never seen him again, but sure appreciated the visit, never forget that. Never went back to school, when I got out, I couldnt put up with all the reporting, counseling, conformity shit, and already had a taste of independence, so it was too hard to go back to a regular childhood, I liked the street's better.

Thanx Billy, I take that as a compliment about being welcomed to your camp! : )

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Billy ... I never even done karaoke ... but want to try it one day I reckon.

BBC said...

Karaoke becomes easy if you have a decent voice and like to sing some. Start with a song you like and know decent and just follow the words on the screen.

Pretty soon you're going through the song book looking for the next song to screw. :-)

I was never in much trouble as a kid, but did a few little visits in jail as a young adult, the result of having a little fun while drinking.

"No, officer, I had no idea my left fender was fucked up, you say it happened when I was turning left too soon while backing up out of the A&W and smacking a pole after telling the car hop she had nice tits?"

"Oh yeah, kind of remember something about that." He stopped me cuz I wuz driving 40 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, fucking speed limits.

BBC said...

I mean turning right cuz after all that's how you are going to fuck up a left fender when backing up.