Friday, November 4, 2011

SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE Game's, & Attacking El Banco Bandito's (The Bank Bandit's) ... "The AWAKENING PT. 4" (Solution Update)

This PT. 4 of "The AWAKENING" will be to look at two issue's of actual victory for the American people. First of all this "Bank Transfer Day" movement started by "Occupy Wall Street" (and Congrat's to those big time!!) that has been making progress against entities such as Bank of America, and second to take a look at the scam that went down where the Democrat's done exactly what I suspected they would do with this Super Committee as well ... this one I was so accurate on that it somewhat shocked me, because not only did it come out as I suspected with folk's like Sen Baucus up to no good, the Super Committee formation, the cause, the Debt Crisis scam and refusal of the President to sign an executive order (utilizing the 14th Amendment, etc), the recess vacation period, coming back from September vacation and hitting us with Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid cut's etc, and all before the Holiday Season, etc, etc ... it was almost like a goddamn blueprint of exactly what they done ... are they that fucken stupid to pull the easiest scam on the American people and think they wouldnt get made? I mean, I wrote this scam in detail over a couple posting's and it was so simple, it only took me less than a half hour to figure it out ... this tell's you EXACTLY what they think of the American people, they think we are downright fucken stupid, period ... INCLUDING SO MANY DEMOCRAT'S ... the evidence is clear as day.

Also be aware of the so called "Job's Act" deal going on, the Republican's are also waving a bound book like the President did with big block letter's on the front cover called something like "JOB'S" this or that ... I have suspected as I pointed out in some other past posting's that this is all part of the snowejob as well, as far as politician's waving these book's and paper's and such in front of camera's, notice that they dont really have many detail's, detail's they do have are up in the air over left/ right battle's, etc, and use them as a stall over left/ right shit as if their in gridlock, etc .... bottom line is ... alot of these folk's are more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant and you cant trust them on basically a damn thing. And also understand as I have also posted about ... there is an austerity drive across the globe period, all this showcasing even in Europe is all part of the same crap basically even. At least watch it very closely, if they do manage to create job's, do something about infrastructure, etc ... Great ... but it is also one of the tool's they can use to fiddle faddle and stall with ... and beside's, by the time it all got agreed on and actually into action may take some time, maybe even a couple year's all said and done, while they are still exporting manufacturing job's and such as well.

I am not posting this either because I draw any social assistance from the Government, I have never drawn a thing from the Government, or Social Security, or any assistance ... not that I wouldnt ... just because I dont ask for anything unless I absolutely need to ... regardless of what I may qualify for assistance wise. I never even belonged to a union for that matter or had any support from such entities ever. And I paid into this stuff for over a few decade's, and alwayz paid my taxes, etc, etc ... I am even willing as I've said time and again to pay even higher taxes just to see this country get on a corrective and positive path, I have no problemo with it.

This will also be posted in this journal's DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW

DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA ... A website worth checking out

PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF AMERICA ... Another website worth looking at


WORLD SOCIALIST WEB SITE: Washington Austerity Drive Target's Medicare, Social Security



HARTMANN: WARNING TO THE GANG OF 12 ... Thanx to THEBIGPICTURERT ... Okay, this seem's to draw a clear picture of how their going to pull off this scam below ... it appear's that the Democrat's are going to propose a smaller cut than the Republican's, and then the battle will begin with the fighting and fear card's being dealt, only to later just basically cut period, then pump out media before election time, like how they fucked off public option in Health Care Reform, or played the Debt Crisis scam ... and tell us to jump for joy because we got the best deal we could get, etc, etc ... and banking that many of us will buy it basically like we bought the other shit.

MUSTAFA TAMEEZ Comment's on AARP's Campaign Against Cut's to Social Security and Medicare ... Thanx to OUTREACHSTRATEGISTS ... Is Social Security REALLY out of the hand's of this Super Gang? ... Well ... we will certainly find out soon enough, that's for sure

SUPER COMMITTEE: ALREADY BOUGHT? ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW ... From August 2011, but a very clear picture of this so called "Super Committee"

But over the last 2 dayz I been actually more active than usual in this, signing petition's, making phone call's, etc ... because it has excited me so much to see this happen and this sudden ... I mean ... I been writing about this shit for a long time, yet didnt expect it to start to take action this soon ... so I'm thrilled as well! Back when I abandoned the big bank's a few year's ago and started doing everything with small inde's across the board on every avenue I could, this was almost unheard of, some folk's I knew locally thought I was out of my head, wondering why in Hell I would do this, thinking I would feel more secure with the biggie's ... but you see ... their ALL insured by the Government, whether their big or small is what inspired me to move on this. In other word's, looking at the picture, I wont lose anything from a small bank that I wouldnt lose from a large one. You see ... as I pointed out time and again ... one of the worst wayz you can retaliate against these entities is SO SIMPLE ... by simply walking away and not having a damn thing to do with them ... it's as simple and all American as Apple Pie and Baseball! Who force's you to DO business with them? ... do you NOT have a choice? ... get my drift?

The same with this political snowejob being pulled by this Demopublican Cesspool. Folk's are downright sick and tired of this horsehit, sick of all the political crap across the board period ... their also sick of these constant threat's that if we DONT vote for this politician or that politician we will fall and be enslaved, cast into an eternity of soup line's, etc, etc, etc .... after awhile ... fear become's the least worry, I know this better than anyone with some of the shit that I had to experience in life ... sure ... like anyone else I "fear" ... but at the same time, I got burned out long ago on fear ... and simply realized, if I go down ... I just go down ... what will I be true to ... myself? or what attack's us relentlessly?

And this all couldnt come at a better time ... the election's are a year away, this will be a moment of "truth or treason" as far as seeing "WHAT" politician's on BOTH of these polarizing side's actually support and vote for ... and believe me, I suspect because of these recent action's they are going to try to "stall" alot, and figure out new wayz to fuck us ... I would bet my paycheck on it! But we will have either way you slice it, plenty of time to organize anything we can and fight tooth and claw, use resource's, etc ... bottom line ... this is ALL great news! and Congratulation's to the American's that have bucked this system!

And as far as these mega investment bank's and such whining that their all being attacked and told they are being prevented from making a PROFIT .... man ... Fuck Ya'll ... tell someone that bullshit who is stupid enough to buy it.

THE SOLUTION: Unfortunately I had to do this post a piece at a time, but needed to add this solution piece.

The solution is probably the most simple part of this actually ... all the card's are in plain view as of what's happening ... you know that the Republican Party is the worst of the bunch (Best of the Worst) ... and you know what contamination element's are in the Democrat Party. You recently seen the President vow to start using his pen in executive order's, if he keep's to his word he will do such, but just a few odd and end bone's tossed here and there with talk wont cut it, Democrat's need to show actual result's ... and not bullshit, like you'll let gay people say their gay, beside's, gay folk's need to stop supporting these jackasses too, just say your gay anywayz wherever you are and fuck what anyone thinx about it! ... or they will give us a $50 tax write off at the end of the year on diaper's or related nonsense. And DONT be blind ... they just gave a cost of living increase to Social Security ... Why? ... because each of these SOB's on both side's knew they were going to try to take it back and more later.

There will be plenty of petition's to sign from folk's like the link's above ... SIGN THEM! Tell these SOB's straight up WHAT WERE GONNA DO if they fuck up anymore, PERIOD! And that is vote every goddamn one we can OUT. Make call's and email's to all these SOB's ... DO NOT fall prey to the fear card .... if the Republican's win, this and that will happen, etc ... we know that ... we also know what's on key Democrat's agenda ... similar to the fear talk about which Satan Sandwich is worse or the other wuss shit. If they continue these shenanigan's DONT vote for them or support any of their institution's or a damn thing, and DONT BACK DOWN.

I have tried to be as reasonable as I can in all this, and giving the benefit of the doubt every time regardless of what I was seeing, and can tolerate and negotiate quite a bit, been more than fair like so many of us. But these issue's are proving to be too critical, too importante ... and you can bet your ass ... myself and so many other's will NOT vote for these folk's over and over ... beside's ... when I signed petition's ... no matter what group it is for ... I am obligated to keep my commitment regardless of the consequence's ... just like I obligated and gave my commitment to the President when he ran for office ... many of us WONT WELCH. So this is all in the hand's of the Democrat Party, no excuses, no "if's, and's or but's.

I also encourage our fellow allies in other countries abroad especially to act in this manner and do the same ... we are all against the same entity, no matter what part of the globe your in.


Beach Bum said...

Got love how Bank of America backed off from the debit card fee, I just hope the bank transfer day scares them even more,

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum! I was reading that 650,000 or so bank customer's closed account's in one month (october) ... I busted out laughing, one thing for sure, someone else got alot of business Guy ... that's the way ya do it! : )

Thanx for your voice Guy ....