Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HERO VINCENT/ OWS: A Look at November 2011 ... "The AWAKENING" ... A HEALTHY TIME for AMERICA & The GLOBE PT. 5

This posting for Part 5 of "The Awakening" will be to take a looksy and listen to Mr. Hero Vincent, who has been very active as far as the OWS movement is concerned in New York City. But to also honour this man for his work and leadership ... I almost was tempted to put him in the "Veteran's Spotlight" series, simply because to me, he's sharp, right on the money, disciplined, leadership quality, and a great soldier in my opinion! Some read link and video below first ...

IN THESE TIMES/ UPRISING: (15 November 2011) NYPD Destroys Occupy Wall Street Camp

***** CNN: 'Occupy' protesters, police clash during 'day of action' ... (newread/ video)

Hero Vincent, Occupy Wall Street "Stories From The Front" Thanx to URBANDISASTERRECORDS (04 October 2011)


Of course since I been writing about this uprising before it ever actually materialized, I am keeping up with this closely as well, even though I dont post on it everyday. But all this shit is past due in my opinion, and I am thrilled that it has arrived so soon! The first video above Mr. Vincent put's it so simple and too the point, what, why, where, etc. As far as the interviewer asking him about making a political platform to present or whatever to the current run of the mill bunch we have in Washington of the left and right ... fuck all that ... you seen Mr. Vincent's response, and that IS the best way to do it ... folk's are sick of this old shit, taking their talk to politician's who are bought and paid for ... and argueing over the same shit with them term after term, the shit just get's old ... period. You have the right idea Mr. Vincent ... folk's want something NEW!

As far as Mayor Bloomberg ... fuck him too ... and all these other local political leadership inspiring all this head cracking and rough housing, from Dallas to Chicago to LA, Oakland, Portland/ PDX, Washington, Seattle, Miami, etc, etc. With their arguement's that this clearing out Occupier's is because their concerned with rape's, or sanitation, or health ... do ya'll really think these folk's are that dumb to where they will buy that?, they know damn well ya'll's endless merry- go- round game, your political bullshit and their sick of it, whether their organized or not, or whether you make them voice on time shift's, or make them do whatever ... like the man sayz ... you wont stop the idea ... and especially busting head's or the other crap that ya'll pull, as a matter of fact, ya'll are doing a great job at showing many of these young especially your true bullshit colour's and what ya'll are really about, and making these folk's and other's hate you more than they already do. So to all these folk's bucking and whining about the Occupier's ... fuck ya'll too ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

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