Thursday, November 10, 2011

SERGI PUERTAS/ GOLD IS THE METAL: "Everyone Loves Mr. Eggman" (A Tribute to John Waters)

This induction piece into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour the work of Mr. Sergi Puertas (wikipedia), out of Barcelona, the piece below was his tribute to the movie maker John Waters. I just happened to stumble across his work here on this project/ piece called "Gold Is The Metal" sometime back, but this was such a good piece to me, I had to have it in this journal's music/ art's section. Some audio below in the link of some other worx from Mr. Puertas that are of interest as well, I really enjoyed. The sample mixes though he done on the below video of audio/ visual's from Pink Flamingos were right on time, and it seemed to have a moving bass undertaste that I enjoyed blending in, with good synth effect's, labeled as electronica, experimental, or ambient as far as genre, but for me, it's just good down home industrial that dont get much better! ... just all around a solid great piece. Of course I am a fan of John Waters movies as well, and old enough to where I still have Pink Flamingos on it's original VHS format : )

Also I may add, an ole buddy Joe Christ who was not only a musician, but also a film maker as well, and was influenced by John Waters also, as far as film ... John is familiar with Joe's work too ... However ... Enjoy! : )

***** ***** ... Click the "BIOXID" link in this link for some additional mp3 audio work as well, from this other project.




Beach Bum said...

John Waters does make some great movies, Hairspray was the best.

Ranch Chimp said...

Veterans Day Greeing's Bum ... and Thank You for your service, from a grateful American!

Two John Waters movies I havent seen yet were "Hairspray" and "Serial Mom" unfortunately, but I plan to. I have his oldest stuff on VHS format.

Thanx for your voice here Guy ....