Monday, November 21, 2011

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Riverwalk, Culture, Fiesta & LowLow Car Show ... Viva la Vida! (Taste of Texas PT. 9) ... For Gil & Tess

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This Taste of Texas Part 9 will be a peek at a Texas city that you may not hear about as much as cities like Dallas, Houston, or Austin, but is quite a city, one of the nation's 10 largest cities as well like Dallas and Houston, but also a unique flavour all it's own ... San Antonio . There was so many other video's as well that I could have posted here of even other attraction's such as Sea World Texas, or Fiesta Texas Amusement Park , but chose these 4 for vid's to get to the beauty, the serenity, the laid back atmosphere of the town ... just a really great town, that I been to so many time's I cant even count, stayed there about 4/ 5 month's back in the mid 70's, and till this day, in the downtown area, I still get confused on my sense of direction, because of some of the twisted winding street's in town! : ) ... local talk said that some were originally started from way back from horse and cattle path's, back around the dayz of the Battle of the Alamo (I really dont know).

However, this first video I chose just to take a cruise along the San Antonio Riverwalk ... which is a tad over 3 miles of restaraunte's, nightclub's, shop's with music and eat's for just about every taste ... and a really nice romantic place to take a lady/ date at the same time too, for a night out, some drinx and music, and a night time boat ride. The finale video is to look at a Low Rider Show, I chose this because there is nothing like the beauty of these car show's, I sware, the engine's are even so immaculate and polished clean that you could eat off of them, this is an art by itself, with just an excellent display of some of the most incredible show car's I have ever seen.

Also I wanted to dedicate this posting to a fellow musician that I played some music with 3 decade's back who was a heavy metal rock and blues guitarist, but also a Tejano music guitarist named Gil Cortez, who had a side project here in Dallas and local cable access tele show called "Tejano Productions", and turned me on to my first LowRider Show that he started up here in Dallas and went state wide in time. And a friend, Tess Bordeaux, who I've known now at least 25 years ... these dayz, she currently has a little side gig where she does custom design art for cars, tattoos, etc ... she has made me some great personalized art pieces as well, a few on cloth even, as gifts on occasions, that I cherish to this day. Anywayz, enough from me ... Enjoy!





LOWLOW CAR SHOW 2011 SAN ANTONIO, TX ... Thanx to Arath Juarez



an average patriot said...

Man I love the river walk. I had a ball there and around the tower of the America's and everything. The Alamo really caught me by surprise being right in the middle of all those buildings.

I stayed in a quaint hotel along the river walk and ate top cuisine. I took a tram over sunken gardens near the zoo I think. More than 35 years ago geesh!

Truth 101 said...

I like Texas. Only been through it twice on the way to and from Arizona. Enough to know I like it though.

Other than that kook Rick Perry of course.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim/ AP ... you say 35 year's ago, which mean's you were there the same time I was staying there, I got transfered from Houston to there (work related) and spent at least 4/ 5 month's there, the year was 1976, because I still have several concert ticket stub's from San Antone, ... and get this (you being from Mass.) I even saw "Boston" on their debut album at the San Antonio Convention Center, that same year, they opened for Black Sabbath who was headlining, I think it was the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" tour(?) ... great show! Boston really kicked ass live, as far as engineering ... really awesome sound and impressive "live". I would assume you may have been Air Force then and at Randolf or somewhere's around town ... my Uncle Dell from Buffalo was stationed at Randolf for awhile, he was Air Force too ... the only Air Force in our familia actually, everyone else was Army, Navy and Marines. But a beautiful town, eh? They really built up the Riverwalk these dayz ... grown quite a bit too.

Thanx for your voice Jim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Joe ... where you goin with that gun in your hand? (Just kiddin Truth, you make me think of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Hey Joe" : ) ... I came to Texas as a teen Joe ... I actually have covered the entire state over the last few decade's ... I fell in love with it when I was young, and it was a sort of blessing and a new start for me, because of a troubled childhood and such, it was a "change" indeed, but it worked well for me and I alwayz considered it home.

Perry? ... he's nothing but a slacker, now he been trying to put on a preacher show too ... give him a few thousand share's of some decent stock and he'll do whatever he's told ... he's like a trained seal : )

Thanx for your input here Joe ....

Truth 101 said...

I've been thinking about getting another foid card RC. Not a gun person but where I live you need to be pro gun. I'd be a good Texan.

Ranch Chimp said...

TRUTH/ JOE: I heard about the FOID Card up in Illinois before. I dont know if they have anything like that in Texas(?) ... they do have what's called concealed weapon's permit's though here, so you can legally carry in public ... I would just shop local gun shop's, show's, etc, and never had to show nothin but a drivers liscense, at most if anything. I was pro- gun though since early childhood, way before I even knew a thing about Texas or came here, just loved the sporting aspect's of target, and hunting, etc since at least say 5/ 6 year's old, starting with toy gun's, then BB/ pellet, to regular arm's. As a kid had several bow's too, and liked archery and throwing knives too, got in trouble in school around the 7th grade for making a real hunting sling- shot in wood shop, but I dont have a gun fetish or anything ... after coming to Texas though I did like it's more loose stance on arm's. Actually Joe, there is alot of people in Texas these dayz that are anti- gun or dont feel comfortable about them ... but I simply credit that to crime/ violence, I see them only for sport and self defense.

Reading some of your background over the last few year's though, I not only think you would make a good Texan, but a good citizen in any state.

Truth 101 said...

I wouldn't have a hand gun as I'm a terrible shot with them. I can handle a rifle pretty good though.

As long as the person can shoot what he's aiming at and isn't a nut I'm good with concealed carry. Problem is how do you determine who is a kook until they've been caught doing something kooky.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good question Truth ... and sadly the price of freedom too.