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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE/ FELIPE ANDRES CORONEL: "Politics to Prose" (interview), "Wake Up", & "Peruvian Cocaine" (The AWAKENING PT.21) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.2)

Image result for FELIPE ANDRE coronel on stage

Felipe Andres Coronel ... aka "Immortal Technique"

This posting will serve 3 series in this journal and rightfully so, because this artist/ activist deserve's that amount of credit, Mr. Felipe Coronel ... in the series "The Awakening", "Public Patriot's", as well as induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society". His music is a Hell of alot more than just a Hip- Hop beat to move to ... but especially is a message and of grave concern it should be to not just the young generation's, but to all of us, even older folk's like myself. He has been working as well with other crew's, and on powerful piece's such as with Diabolic's Frontlines release and other's, and very influential as far as this genre of music, and one of the best part's, is that he managed to invest his money wisely and avoid this contaminating corporate communism that has plagued the music industry, that I have wrote about before myself, having known quite a few in this industry. But this man also has quite a history and very powerful as a lyricist. A couple piece's below after the interview that I also chose to highlight some of his work, out of several that I had reviewed, which were some really kick ass piece's of work.

But I been listening to this man for over a year, first running across him browsing YouTube, tight music with a message even tighter in these trying time's. And BIG Thanx to RT America for also doing this 27 minute interview with him one on one to sum up all the question's he is asked to address in short, and partly inspiring this posting's title "Politics to Prose". I mean ... what he layz out here in 27 minute's, is what would take me about 27 posting's to write about, period (looking forward to starting a YouTube channel, to post my video's on this blog, and save my finger's from this lengthy typing : ) ... it is so solid, to the point, and a clear unbiased look at the reality that is becoming more evident by the day in this cesspool that has permeated our country and world. Again ... our main problemo whether it's politic's, the economy, war, imprisonment, global warming, ignorance, racial divide, and the list is endless ... is the corporate style communism that has basically raped us all and bought out our societies and world, changing what was known as democracy into a pointless, useless, buzz phrase. It take's these public patriot's to awaken and enlighten so many of us who have casually just fell blind due to the pop culture saturation of bullshit that we are fed and pre- occupied with. Enough from me ... if you want truth, listen to this man.

***** This will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference



Immortal Technique: Our Ignorance affects the World ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Immortal Technique- Wake Up ... Thanx to TNSJKALIKILLA ... (the audio for this video only goes to a lil over 5 minute's)

Immortal Technique- Peruvian Cocaine (FULL) ... Thanx to 187MAKER


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What kind of MOTHER FUCKER write's like This? ... A MOTHER FUCKER like Me, & Input from BERNIE MAC (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.7)


***** NOTE TO READER: If excessive profanity bother's you at all, you should NOT read this, the claim's in this posting are true, the excessive wording used was done in humour since these term's/ word's are MORE common in todayz society than we sometime's realize. *****

This will also be added to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" for Bernie Mac's (aka "Big Mac") piece below on the word "Mother Fucker" : )


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally (2014 photo)

This Part 7 of "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" will be to look at Ranch Chimp Journal and posting's, because I have been slipping and using word's too much like "fuck", or "mother fucker" etc ... and I know that it's not proper, I have went over this with a friend who is a college student (law), and she was giving some suggestion's on how I should change my wording, being it's a tad harsh at time's in the past, back at least a year or two ago ... and I did take that into consideration, and did try to tone up especially leaving comment's on other's blog's, so I have done alot. And I'm one of these mother fucker's that use my real mother fuckin name (Thomas.H.Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" or locally as a couple buddies like to call me "Commie Tommie"), I'm not one of these anonymous mother fucker's, I dont knock ya'll mother fucker's, but that's just not like a mother fucker like me ... I mean ... if I got to hide to say what I mother fuckin want, what's the mother fuckin point?, hear what I'm sayin?. I know it may not be popular or attractive and a "turn off", but I'm not a popular or attractive or turn on type mother fucker. There is a time and place for everything ... obviously if I'm at a public event, familia function, job interview, etc, etc ... I would refrain from using certain language.

This is a personal blog/ journal, not many even view this, nor is it part of this "social network" or whatever they call these thing's, it's simply my view on some thing's, etc ... a "journal" is all, and when I'm on the street talking with folk's, it is common that I write the way I talk, especially around like- minded mother fucker's, etc ... so Yes ... unfortunately I do use the term "mother fucker" and "fuck" this and that, etc. and I know mother fucker's that also use these choice's of word's/ slang too. It's not to "offend" anyone, but to only write the way I may talk and/ or think about a certain topic at time's, if I were to write like all these proper mother fucker's, well ... I wouldnt be a "for real" mother fucker to myself or any other mother fucker. Take politically for instance .. alot of these mother fucker's (politician's) make mother fucker's like me nauseated ... I mean, dont get me wrong, I have no problemo with what a mother fucker does for a living, hear what I'm sayin ? ... but when the mother fucker's are using our mother fuckin tax dollar's ... mother fucker's like me look's at it different ... I mean ... I dont pay these mother fucker's in Washington to do half the mother fuckin shit that they do, or does most other average mother fuckin American citizen's either ... just because we vote for ya'll's mother fuckin ass, dont mean that we agree with you mother fucker's ... we only vote for the mother fucker's, ya'll mother fucker's give us to choose from, get my drift mother fucker?

Take foreign affair's for instance ... I frankly wouldnt be in half these countries mother fuckin business, whether ya'll mother fucker's offer me oil, money, or mother fuckin sex, dont make a mother fuckin difference to me, or the way ya'll mother fucker's choose to live ... that's ya'll's mother fuckin business, especially in these mother fuckin countries that kill mother fucker's over what someone name's a Teddy Bear, or because a mother fucker is a homosexual, or just a good ole fashioned down home western style pervert, I mean, do what ya'll mother fucker's want to do in ya'll's own mother fuckin country, just dont bring that mother fuckin shit to my neighborhood ... ya'll mother fucker's dont want ya'll's women to drive? ... I think it suck's, but then to, that's what you do and are devoted to ... but ya still gonna have to give em mother fuckin bus/ cab fare, so ya'll being so cheap and tight assed with ya'll's women aint saving ya'll any mother fuckin money either, American women are more independent and dont need a mother fucker to pay for their car or tell them how to mother fuckin drive anywayz ... meaning less burden on us American men to have to babysit. I'm not one of these neo pop culture liberal mother fucker's either, that are going to kiss ya'll's mother fuckin ass, so I look nice and popular ... fuck ya'll's mother fuckin shit. As far as the homosexual issue, ya'll may not be so uptight if ya'll was in a prison cell for a mother fuckin year and some mother fucker offered to suck ya'll's dick, would ya? ... dont lie now mother fucker's.

As far as religion, domestic, foreign or across the board ... I dont give a mother fuckin shit one way or another what a mother fucker chooses to worship or pray to, or even if a mother fucker were to worship a pile of dog shit on the mother fuckin sidewalk ... I mean do what ya'll want, I worship too like anyone else, mainly a woman's body and ass. But keep the worship and shit out of our mother fuckin political affair's and interest's is all I'm sayin ... God dont need any mother fuckin money or politic's, or give's a shit about it or ya'll, if he did, we wouldnt be the most fucked up animal species on the earth and with all the mother fuckin problemo's that we have, along with the mother fuckin damage we done to the mother fuckin earth.

Some may think I'm just a low- life uneducated mother fucker talking like this, bad breeding, etc, etc ... but dont blame it on my familia, parent's, or anything else, I spent as much time in the street's and correction's institution's as a kid as I did being at home watching the tele with the familia, my parent's knew what kind of mother fucker I was from day one ... luckily they were fairly liberal, or I would have gotten alot more ass whippin's than I have, it was just a matter of trying to find me, I was alwayz on the run and busy, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) But I didnt lack ass whippin's either, I got enough ass whippin's in the street and jail, I was a restless kid and very adventurous and independent in thought, and I love my familia and parent's dearly, but that was just me, and the institutionalization period's during childhood taught me alot of my discipline, integrity, and strength's or lack of, the hard way ... not no mother fuckin school, okay?

Other than that ... God Bless all ya'll mother fucker's that read this, and that's meant on a positive note : ) ... and God Bless mother fuckin America and our true allies, and fuck all ya'll corporate communism supporting mother fucker's worldwide : ) Beside's ... it look's like a mother fuckin tornado is fixin up outside right now, I need to get out on the patio to catch some of this mother fuckin nature in action Jackson ....

Word mother fuckin Out ....

Muthafucka- Bernie Mac ... Thanx to MZUMUNIQUE101 ... (**** Here Big Mac/ Bernie explain's clearly & simply in detail about the word "mother fucker", so that it make's mother fucken sense to just about any mother fucker)



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TIM LARKIN: Self Defense Instructor BANNED from UK ... & The Growing INSANITY of HUMANITY, "Civility & Sillyism" (SELF DEFENSE PT.11) ... partly inspired by Abel

Part 11 of "Self Defense" will be to look at a recent issue when self defense expert instructor Mr. Tim Larkin was banned from the UK basically because he teaches folk's how to properly defend themselves, and mind you that this wasnt even defense using firearm's, but basic hand to hand combat ... it is said by some that he advocate's "violence" ... and it is assumed through reading these article's that are anti self defense, that defending yourself without waiting for a response crew from law enforcement is barbaric and even neanderthal- like to do, by some folk's, but Tim is also a former Naval Warfare Intelligence Officer. This posting also partly inspired by my nephew Abel ( sitting in top picture on floor between Santa's leg's, and yes, I'm Santa Claus : ) who is a Dallas area martial art's instructor, that just recently relocated and took a job in the City of Beijing (China) for awhile. Abel is also a die- hard voting liberal, and also pro 2nd amendment.

When folk's hear your into fighting as sport, occupation, or self defense, it trigger's the thought of violence with many ... even just the idea of folk's having firearm's for self- defense in their home make's some think ... you must be a radical violent extremist of some sort ... no shit ... this is true in many cases. Defending yourself is NOT pushing violence, the thought that you would NOT try to defend your own life I would think is kind of insane ... unless of course your suicidal or something. But the fact is that there is quite a bit of violent crime's out there, and alot of folk's vulnerable to it, and alot of these folk's in area's where it has more, dont have the protection of law enforcement as maybe other's do. I think that the UK will ultimately see that this is simply more sillyism than having a thing to do with civility, and that they got carried away in their decision, I'm sure alot of UK folk's think so as well.

In the extended length video with Alex Jones, Tim also talk's alot about how law enforcement today isnt trained properly to deal with thing's like protest's, and this is why you have a few bad cop's who use excessive force, then not enough of the good cop's trying to do anything about it, resulting in injuries and death's that are not necessary. But the idea that this man is out to teach folk's how to murder is insane ... and why do all these people who claim this also use folk's like Tim to train their force's ? ... meaning again, plain hypocrisy on top of it. Instead in this country for instance (USA) we create a "hate crime" to protect the murdered victim ?, when the victim is dead ? ... these gay folk's or victim's of hate related offenses that are attacked as well, should also start to fight back to defend themselves, and if that mean's your a gay man, if you have to, carry a weapon of somekind, training, etc ... not wait to die and/ or be beaten or robbed. I just cant even understand this mindset, due to the reality that many of us have to live in ... if we were in a more peaceful type society, sure there wouldnt be a need, but that's not the reality here and now. Enough from me.

Britain closes borders for American martial arts guru ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** METRO: US Self Defense guru banned from Britain

***** THE INDEPENDENT: How this man taught me to kill in four moves ... an article like this from 2009 is what also can make one think in the realm of hysteria over these techniques/ training that may be a matter of saving your life when no responder's are there to recue you.


Policing Bad Cops with Self Defense Expert Tim Larkin ... Thanx to THE ALEX JONES CHANNEL



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MEMORIAL DAY 2012 ... A Tribute Posting (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.24)

Part 24 of "Veteran's Spotlight", a "Memorial Day" posting to Honour those who gave it their all, who were and are the true spirit that govern's and protect's the soul of America ... Thank You!

Weekly Address: Honoring our fallen heroes this Memorial Day ... Thanx to WHITEHOUSE

Star Spangled Banner- Whitney Houston ... Thanx to CAVBUFFALOSOLDIER ... this song/ video will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"



The U.S. Navy Blue Angels- - Hudson River flyover during Operation Sail, 5. 23. 2012 ... Thanx to THECASTLEPOET

Memorial Day 2012- Vergennes, VT ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS ... this added on 01 June 2012, because it was just posted on YouTube, but I sure as Hell didnt want to keep my favourite Senator out of this either : )



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SPACE X DRAGON: "Draggin in The DRAGON" & "Supply MEET'S Demand" (ABOVE & BELOW PT. 8)

Part 8 of "Above & Below" will look at another accomplishment as the robotic arm of our space station nab's and drag's in the Dragon supply cargo ship ... of course after it's released, it's not only a leap for mankind, but another dump of trash in the Pacific Ocean as well (just a lil humour : ) . But these joint effort's between the private sector and government's show that there can be mutual ground's and working together, just as long of course that there is also some oversight as to what is going on and who benefit's the most, of course to raise money as well, you can get a gram of a loved one's remain's/ corpse transported into space for a fee ... I reckon it beat's the cheaper alternative of sprinkling them over the Pacific, eh? : )

But all caca (shit) aside, this was a great mission, when something didnt go as planned and yet the cargo was salvaged and saved ... this also will be the start of being able to transport astronaut's as well to the station. I just hope to see this stay as a joint venture and mission's, and that mean's for folk's like NASA to stay active too, and not be bought out, because of cut's and spending down the line.

***** CNN/ U.S. : Private Spacecraft docks with Space Station ... newsread and video's

SpaceX Dragon docks with International Space Station (HD) ... Thanx to PQSE77



SEVERED HEADS: "Dead Eyes Opened", "Lamborghini", "Gashing The Old Mae West", & "We Have Come To Bless The House"

Image result for severed heads band members

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be an honour to highlight the genius creation and 3 decade worx of Australian crew "Severed Heads" , although I dont think any of this crew actually intended to do anything as far as achieving any musical/ arts recognition, and actually just was some folk's experimenting and having fun without any direction, but too ... those are the type's that really stand out when it come's to originality and creativity ... they stand out from the herd's ... they dont "try" to do anything nor fit into any particular genre or category and simply let their spirit flow from the inner soul. As far as the genre of music they fall into, I will let the Wikipedia link on them handle most of that stuff, because for me, there is only "Severed Heads" and that is unmatched in itself. But, over the 3 decade period with so many different musician's influencing this sound through experimentation, they managed to oddly put together some classic masterpiece's to this day using some of the first digital sampling, drum machine's, and modern synthesized sound's and mixes, so many at that time were really post updating the new industrial sound that was creating the foundation back in the late 1970's and early 1980's of what would evolve and mature into the techno, trance, pm industrial, electronica, and so forth.

I first heard their sound's in the early 1980's and was impressed ... I later in 1980's was lucky enough to catch one of their show's, which was kind of rare, in London (UK) ... this crew was nothing like a typical concert or show, and more technical than anything as if they were working on a project, yet the sound that they produced enhanced with unique visual concept's made them so unique and the warm dark undertaste and depth of melodic vocal work blended nicely enough to make it kind of a dance venue type sound with a trance touch to it. Picking 4 piece's from this crew was difficult considering everything that I like to take into consideration when selecting, because they have so much to look at. Below some of their classic worx ... Enjoy!



Dead Yes Opened 1983 Severed Heads ... Thanx to Tom Ellard

Severed Heads- Lamborghini ... Thanx to Severed Heads- Topic

Gashing The Old Mae West 1983/ 2011 Severed Heads ... Thanx to  Tom Ellard

We Have Come To Bless The House 1985/ 94 Severed Heads ... Thanx to Tom Ellard




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PASTOR CHARLES L. WORLEY: ... FEAR'S, QUEER'S, & PRAYER'S in America! ... "HUMAN MORALITY" PT.8 (partly inspired by Nabil & Rasheed)

Pastor Charles L.Worley

Part 8 of the "Human Morality" series will take a look at recent comment's by an American Pastor/ Minister, Charles L. Worley ... where he suggest's putting gay/ lesbian folk's in concentration camp's and letting them die off basically. First his video statement which is clear and to the point where he stand's, and a couple news link's after, then of course Ranch Chimp's input on this. The title of this posting also inspired in part by the Revolting Cocks (Ministry) song "Beers, Steers & Queers" classic ... and by a couple guy's I know here in Dallas ... Nabil and Rasheed.

***** HUFFPOST/ GAY VOICES: Charles L. Worley, Anti- Gay North Carolina Pastor: 'Forty Years Ago (Gays) Would've Hung ... From A White Oak Tree'

***** THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: Pastor Who Suggested Genocide- Like Concentration Camps For Gays Loses Website




This is another case where the overly obsessed with ancient middle eastern morality code's get their panties in a bind over what someone else does sexually ... or let's just say morally ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Dont get me wrong ... even Ranch Chimp has moral's, it's just that mine are a tad different and havent anything to do with natural animal/ human necessity function's such as taking a shit, eating, sleeping or fucking. As far as thinking about the disgust as Pastor Worley put's it of a couple fella's kissing .... ohhhh ... that's "sick" Pastor Charlie ... give's me the chill's! I could show you a thing or two about heterosexual sex practice's that would make your skin crawl, I have met some of the most sexually deviant folk's that humanity has, even many girl's who were as sick as the men, and have been to gathering's of such folk's even many year's back ... I seen sexual depravity at it's finest, so this shit about two men kissing is like kiddie play compared to the folk's that I known and met ... my friend Joe Christ (also a minister registered in the State of Texas ... Joe also ran for Governor of Texas once year's back and actually got over 2000 vote's : ) is a hetrosexual and his film's alone would make a man like you puke ... because frankly, your a fucken wuss if this bother's you that much. I would encourage folk's like you to go into a number of American prison's and tell the heterosexual men serving time that are fucking other men in the ass that they are "queer" too, since ya'll hate queerism so much ... you will find plenty of it in prison, I can guarantee you, even by men that are married to women outside ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) I really dont mind that you dont like what ya'll call "queers", I'm the same way ... there are many folk's that I dont like, such as many preacher's ... but they dont bother me so much, because I frankly dont give a shit what their into, sexually or morally, or care about their mythological archetype's, fantasies, or their man written morality code's and Holy Book's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I just dont give a fuck Bubba : )

The reason two buddies Nabil and Rasheed came to mind, is because they used to get into these morality debate's late at night when we worked together, I would listen to them and get a laugh out of it, both were religious and Muslim Arab's, both immigrant's from Morocco, they ran a "valet" car park business with a guy named Youness (brother of Rasheed) and another guy named Lotfi ... and I worked security with other security and off- duty DPD moonlighter's. But Rasheed was a hardcore religious guy, and Nabil (my buddy still to this day) was a liberal moderate type Muslim who hated fundamoralism and religion in government, even protested it back in Morocco and told me he was held against the wall with a knife to his throat. But at night where we worked in a Uptown Dallas nightclub district called West Village ... it was common to see gay and lesbian men and women holding hand's and hugging, kissing, etc .... in only a "romantic night" type way, like any young couple's do, and of course Rasheed would get sickened to see it. Rasheed would have to turn his head, and actually get nauseated from the sight of gay men holding hand's and kissing, yet at the same time he had to smile, greet them and fetch their car for his tip, it really psychologically bothered him and he would come back and tell us how it was so sickening, and of course Nabil would tell him to shut up and act like a man, instead of a baby whining about it. Then the religious talk would come in from Rasheed, then Nabil would get mad ... after that I didnt know what they were saying, because they then would talk in Arabic when they got mad, but I can tell you, it wasnt friendly chat either : ) I jumped in between them one night to break it up and said something like "... c'mon guy's, cool it, let's just be happy and gay ..." that got them to laugh and forget about it : )

My point is ... these folk's like this who get all bent out of shape over a couple guy's kissing that they dont even know, are usually that way not by nature, but by religious brainwashing. What I mean is, a heterosexual may not naturally agree with same sex activity, but it's not really enough by nature to make him go psychologically ill over it, just not want to participate in it. Hardly nothing human's do either sexually or otherwise is really in tune with nature to begin with, and those who argue about same sex marriage ... marriage is not even natural, only mating and reproducing ... not life long commitment's, of "till death do us part", only to be later a hypocritical oath of sort, being that so many divorce and re- commit, over and over and over, and the same doctrine that tell's them to make this commitment and not break it till death, then let's them also break it in another chapter ... were so fucken twisted to begin with ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Same with Pastor Worley ... in another statement of his along with talking about putting queer's in concentration camp's, he also sayz that he love's homo's more than they love themselves and pray's for them too ... so I cant tell you the full agenda of the Pastor .... I mean ... put them in concentration camp's, then pray for them as you kill them? ... for what ... to go to Heaven to be with ya'll after ya'll die too, so ya'll can be one big happy familia? And why are all you mother fucker's so fascinated with sex/ homosexuality, death, and torture camp's? Meaning that your own morality by your own word's is nothing more than a sado/ masochistic fetish, eh? Another reason to congregate, have a few prayer's, and rant about your fear's of queer's.

Word Out ....

Beers, Steers, and Queers (Revco/ Revolting Cocks) Thanx to REVCO1000 ... This video/ song I wanted to dedicate to Pastor Worley with Love & Hate : )


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PAYDAY LOANS: A Predatory Lend ... Or Cash On Demand? ... "LOAN BARKING in America" (LAST CALL TO ROB YA'LL PT.4)

Image result for day loans cartoon

Part 4 here of "Last Call to Rob Ya'll" is another of those "predatory lending" issue's, that is massive in this country, but it's just small loan's, not like the lending market's of real estate (**** this postings video and link updated in 2017). So many working Americans use these "Payday Loan" places, the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex probably has as many of these as the entire State of Missouri actually, but this drive/ campaign is going on in Missouri below in the first video, and listening to the gentleman in it who fell prey to this, Mr. Elliot Clark is sad, he is also a veteran, and my heart goes out to these folk's. I wouldnt even use these places when I got tight on cash, back about a decade ago I went through a period when I was between jobs/ lay- offs and unemployment checks coming in every two weeks ... until Pres. GW Bush denied us just "one" extension two week's before Christmas, which would have cost $5 billion ... then he turned around a month later in January and gave about $180 billion to Iraq or some shit : ) ... now that's a true unpatriotic low- life move (W) . Why wouldnt I use them? because when I looked into one of them, it was clear as day what the cost's were ... the only way you can avoid the high interest is to pay it back quickly basically, and that was still a tad steep ... I mean I was better off going to a pawn shop with jewelry, electronics, and guns, and get a lower borrow rate. Understand also when you borrow from them, they got a check from your account that you predate, meaning ... they have your "routing number" on the check as well ... they will get their's ... and maybe more, get my drift?

But isnt ALL lending predatory in a way? It's true that the working classes are most vulnerable to these practices, it's alwayz been like that, even with loan sharks, that's also capitalism. I am all for regulation's and fair business, etc, etc, as I write about constantly, that we need more oversight and accountability, consumer protection, etc on these mega institutions of finance ... but I also have my limits on that ... being I still want to give incentive for these businesses to be able to do well ... I am not into driving even corporations into bankruptcy ... the way a democracy and capitalism worx ... is that they do that to themselves. I personally dont need for the government to watch my back for every little thing that I do either ... I have to use my brain as well. This isnt like oversight and regulation over the housing market, or Bank of America or others that bring down the whole bloody country when they make ill moves, nor are they taking peoples investment portfolio's and gambling offshore with them, nor does it have to do with EPA/ environmental protections, FDA protection's, etc ... these are simply small loans that people take out in between paychecks ... you cant borrow unless you have a checking account and a paycheck and job, so it's not picking on the unemployed either. Understand that these lenders are banking on the fact that you will roll over the loan every two week's, the longer the better, because you pay more by keeping in debt to them and it, bottom line ... that's what their in business for, they are not a charity. If we/ government were to force them to make their interest rates so low to where they couldnt even make a reasonable profit, we would be more or less putting them out of business ... in a capitalism society, you dont have to worry, because if they get too greedy ... they will put themselves out of business, plain and simple ... unlike Wall St ... these folk's dont get bailouts, they get booted the good ole fashioned way ... by not staying competitive.

On the short term, these loans are a tad steep, but still in a fair range, maybe you could regulate the long term rates a little more, but still, the borrower has the option to pay it back in short or a longer term ... it's where the cost of the loan grows from keeping extending the same loan without paying it back, or at least when you redo the loan in two weeks, you could at least, retake out a smaller loan and pay at least half of it off that way, there are wayz to make it work is what I'm saying, but you have to also think when you act. The rates are clear in the places here in Texas, and they appeared to be as well in the store's there in Missouri ... I mean ... you dont even have to read all the fine print on the document/ contract you sign ... it's in bold letter's on the wall, with the percentage rate even, and basic math will figure it all out for you ... you dont even need a bloody calculator for that matter. But these businesses are booming like crazy in America in these times, because there is alot of folks demanding them and doing business with them simply. We have a little control ourselves that we dont alwayz see ... remember earlier several months back when Bank of America decided to put another fee on their customers what happened ... customers took their business to the competition, Bank of America changed their tune in a New York minute too and trashed that proposal and fee. You dont like their fee? ... dont do business with them, there are alternatives ... I sure as Hell wont do business with alot of folks, period. It's kind of like credit card's, but much smaller debts ... the credit card offers they keep mailing to you, I prefer debit cards instead these dayz over credit cards, after being there and doing that years back and getting into debt with credit card's ... I have a choice. However, when it comes to choosing to use even "debit" you must be careful , again ... shop for the smaller inde type institutions, I dont like using them if I can avoid them.

This is to me, more like us "loan barking" than them "loan sharking", but that's just the way I see this. The 2nd video below is a gentleman Mr. Mike Sullivan of "Take Charge America" who give's some tip's to keep in mind for solution's. Enough from me.

The vicious debt trap of payday lonas ... Thanx to KansasCityStarVideo

***** PBS NEWSHOUR: Fighting the debt trap of triple- digit interest rate payday loans ... (video/ transcript)

***** RCJ: "LAST CALL TO ROB YA'LL" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

Payday Loans- Take Charge America ... Thanx to TAKECHARGEAMERICA



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NO VACATION NATION? ... or The Most Productive MF's in the World? ... The Mas(s)ochistic "Slave Rage", DONT BE ALARMED (PT.4) You're in America {: o

Unlike many other nations, the U.S. does not require companies to offer paid time off to workers. Americans who are offered vacation often don't take it. Click on the chart to see why.

This Part 4 of "Dont Be Alarmed" will take a look at the growing attitude toward's vacation's and/ or paid time off in America, this also applies to benefit's across the board, again, influenced by pressure, stress/ worry, political correctness, and continuous trimming's and cut's, etc. And Thanx to of course CNN for covering this, and for inspiring part of this post's title "No Vacation Nation" (I likes dat : ) , because it's something that I hear and talk about regularly with folk's here in the neighborhood and around town, even my own familia ... I mean, so many feel that they cant take time off, and some even fear to take time off either because of the workload when they return, or fear of being looked at as incompetent, lack of fund's, etc. Subconsciously we have gotten into a more mas(s)ochistic rage, as if it's our duty to be. And we constantly get hammered with what the competition does in other countries, as far as how hard they work with little to nothing, how we need to tighten up our ship (shift's), yet at the same time constantly told were the most productive mother fucker's in the world. Much of it being talk of nation's that are so corrupt in their government's and from oppression that it make's our country look like Heaven on Earth ... but understand ... this is a democracy and how it worx, and the idea that risk/ work get's rewarded, one hand washes the other, etc. After all ... we also consume in mass that which we produce, do we not? ... get my drift?  I have even talked to several Western European's for instance here and abroad over the year's, who just outright asked me, what's up with this American trend? It almost made me laugh trying to answer them, just telling them ... "well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's America : ) " Again, I can understand in some poor impoverished nation where this has been the norm pressured on them for generation's, or even how it was in America before labour/ worker's right's, etc ... but that is not part of this democracy here and now, nor is it good for business, or especially worker's health, which mega employer's say their so "concerned" with, nit- picking your personal life and what you do off the job even.

I just love democracy is all ... and admire especially those who bust ass, contribute and really work hard and well, and especially those who believe likewise and expect to be rewarded and compensated for their effort's, I worked with alot of good crew's in the past, we got the job done, regardless of what the task was, and sure as Hell cherished our vacation and benefit's reward's ... like myself ... I utilize what I get and especially earn, period. When I hear employee's panic on the job, and worry too much about deadline's, not having time, or get paranoid that it cant be done, that's when I would kick up a gear and tell them " ... we will make time, relax ... because what you dont do today, you will be doing tomorrow" etc. I had run into them same situation's on the job before, where I was doing such a competent job, that employer's loathed me taking off (even when work was slow, they wanted me there even if I done nothing) ,  year's back once, an employer for instance, who tried to get me to cancel a lil over two week vacation or so I had scheduled and filed, and was even approved of, at the last minute, hinting to me that if I was away that long, I may need to be  replaced, so I worried about it like anyone else would ... BUT ... I had to stick to my principle's and take it off anywayz (I knew the business and work load better than the owner himself, and knew he was just in a panic over nothing as usual), so I had arranged it so that there wouldnt be any problemo at the job and filled in other's to do certain thing's that I only handled ... of course, when I got back, I not only still had my job, but was welcomed with a smile to see me back. It's a matter of sticking to what you value and principle's is all ... and this is something that is really mentally healthy for us all to cherish and excercise ... and only fair and good balanced business. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... you can bet your paycheck (or unemployment check : ) that our political representative's dont waste any of their vacation time ... and they legislatively make THEIR'S MANDATORY in law ... why not our's?

***** CNN/ MONEY: Vacation? No Thanks Boss (newsread)

***** HUFFPOST: Millions Of Vacation Days Will Be Left Unused By American Workers ... (newsread/ video)

***** RCJ: "DONT BE ALARMED" PART'S 3, 2 & 1


SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S ... Simple and with No Needed "IF'S" "AND'S" or "BUT'S" ... A Total Workout (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.1)

Thomas.H.Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

This is Part 1 "Yall Street/ RC's Spending & Budget Cut's" is another new series for this journal to only do my small part as a fiscally conservative and concerned American citizen, to offer some idea's for "real" cut's needed in our spending, since all we hear these dayz from our elected official's/ attorney's on both these polarizing side's, as far as to where and what cut's need to be, whether it's our Social Security, education, public service's, utilities, health service's/ accessibility, etc. etc, and it's also done with a tad humour as well, just to show the clear as day bullshit of our political representation across the board of course. Part of the series title "Yall Street" I chose because when it come's to this massive spending that our rep's like dishing out, we have to remember, it's NOT "Wall Street's" money, but "Yall Street's" money ... your tax dollar's!

This isnt intended to advertise for any particular business, but again to offer suggestion's on where cut's SHOULD and COULD be made only ... you know ... out of concern ... and of course having at least a lil more transparency and especially accountability. The first video below from ABC News that I picked up on during another piece last year, but still importante this year, because still till now, nothing has been proposed or done about this, nor have the cost figure's been made transparent, and you can bet your ass we spend million's on these and other luxuries ... yet, we are nickle and diming us the taxpayer's to death to make all these other cut's in much needed service's to America and it's people ... of OUR OWN money at that ... I mean ... we dont need fucken babysitter's to watch our money for us ... why not we watch our own money, eh?

The 2nd video and link of course is a solution, which I guarantee you, I or most could plan, implement, approve and sign off in less than a week, without even wasting any time of Congress or the Senate, or dayz, week's, month's of endless closed door meeting's, debate's, etc, etc ... quick and simple ... this is how easy this shit is to do in  reality for most American's who actually worked for a living before, I mean ... we do this in our daily budget's all the time, eh? This Total Gym for instance has even been advertising a special $14.95 trial offer, 30 day money back if not satisfied ... and YES ... ya'll could even get a tax write- off on it, if ya'll miraculously decided that ya'll would actually pay for it, instead of us, and due to the salaries we pay ya'll, it could be well affordable at around $600 buck's, even come's with a warranty. It's also compact enough to where you can put it in your office, stick it in them big SUV's ya'll have, etc, etc.

Yes ... I got my workout this afternoon, and REALLY worked ... outside and in 90 degree temperature, in the sun ... and I'm an old man at 56 ... if I can, I'm sure ya'll can do a lil more work as well as healthy as ya'll are, in ya'll's climate controlled facilities, eh? ... other than that Good Night!

***** ABC NEWS:  Cost Of Congressional Gym's Kept Secret (newsread and video)


***** TOTAL GYM (As seen on TV) All the info on this product here

Rosalie Brown's Total Gym overview ... Thanx to TOTALGYMDIRECT

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BLACK CROWES: "Hard To Handle", "Jealous Again", "Twice As Hard", & "Stare It Cold"

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will go to the "Black Crowes" , and of course anyone who know's me, know's of how much I love the vocal work of Chris Robinson (brother of the guitarist Rich), as well as his stage persona/ showmanship ... this guy is a natural and classic when it come's to vocal's in this genre ... which is distinctively Southern Rock, out of suburban Atlanta. But Georgia is actually also a music mecca of this nation and what a great underground music and art's scene Atlanta has, and even Macon (GA) especially (I myself jammed in Underground Atlanta's nightclub's year's back). There is no doubt that alot of influence came from folk's like the Stones and Faces, but these Crowes as a crew since 1989 had laid out quite a bit of influence as well, as well as their work with great icon's such as Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page ... and shared bill's with so many of the classic great's on top of that. A commercial rock band for sure as far as sales is concerned, but root's in R&B, and classic early amplified blues such as other's from that neck of the wood's like Allman Brothers and Wet Willie, that go way deep out of the mainstream as well, but certainly dont need much introduction either worldwide ... these guy's fucken smoke, period! Below 4 "live" choice's from around the world ... Enjoy!



Black Crowes- Hard to Handle- Live (E- Werk Koln, Germany Nov. 17, 1992) ... Thanx to THEREALROCKNROLL

Black Crowes- Jealous Again on Letterman ... Thanx to DANSCHUTZ

Black Crowes- Twice As Hard (live 1992 Germany) ... Thanx to THEREALLROCKNROLL

The Black Crowes- Stare It Cold (live E- Werk Koln, Germany 1992) ... Thanx to THEREALROCKNROLL


Image result for black crowes art


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Part 20 of "The AWAKENING" series will be just a tad update to look at the progress that is being made as far as enlightenment and awareness ... not just in America, but the entire globe, again, this is such a healthy time for folk's, yet many of us dont even realize it yet, instead looking at alot of this as probable political disaster's and/ or our darker moment's of despair, feeling we dont have a snowball's chance in Hell. But DO NOT be discouraged ... be relieved and inspired by what we are facing, whether it's austerity, more cut's from unemployment to education to every social thing across the board ... this was ALL necessary to actually see a move in America and worldwide for real change and actual balance, and a cornerstone of this series and journal. And even though we are hammered with many unpleasant news piece's and politic's like such ... there can NEVER be enough posting's and news on this ... there are now million's upon million's of people talking, writing, and posting about this, and it just keep's growing every other inch we take up our asses ... learn to love the pain as well as Hell ... for BOTH make you stronger and freer!

Of course I will vote Democrat straight again, but for 2 reason's (and I sure as Hell wouldnt vote Republican as an alternative, or even if I was conservative across the board) ... first up, because I made a commitment to the President (as I posted in the beginning of this journal), and I wasnt just talking about 1 term, unlike many folk's, it's difficult to explain here, but I CANNOT break that commitment ... look at it kind of like when one take's an oath sort of, to understand ... that mean's regardless of what he does or sayz, I cant break that, period. I voted in 2000 for Bush as well ... but this never could have materialized without both in this sequence of event's, if that make's sense ... it took all of this to move toward's what will inevitably happen sooner or later, being the enlightenment, awakening and the eventual collapse of a time that already lived it's course. The sooner this materializes the better of course ... to get it over with basically. 2nd is because there are no if's, and's, or but's, that this ride and storm will be a much smoother ride under as many Democrat's as you can get to dominate Washington, we have had it mild compared to what it could be as it is. Too much Republican influence there as I pointed out in 2009/ 2010 before the 2010 election's, will only cause a mega mess to come, and this time in 2012, would even be worse than what we seen post 2010 vote, again the reason being is because of the big money desperation and how fast they act and move when you give them an inch ... they are that close to locking the deal of what they been trying to create since the early 1980's. But that's why the Democrat vote is critical more than ever right now. Fuck all that undecided swing shit ... there's nothing to swing or choose from ... as Michael Jackson's last production was titled ... "This Is It"! (and I mean that, because after 2013, if everything fall's in place as it's supposed to ... this cesspool is out the door)

So you may wonder, by voting in the same ole same of just one or the other, how will that change a thing? Simple ... the ride will be easier under Democrat's by far, and it will stall progress of those who are out to stick it to us more, despite their funneling money into that party as well, Democrat's will change position's alot quicker when people bitch, believe me. Yet despite all, there will still be more Obama hating and opposition and gridlock 2013 and beyond, they will not let him do a damn thing they dont have to allow, I dont care how great of idea's, proposal's, and even bipartisanship he display's ... their objective is to make him or break him, bottom line. This gridlock and such to come will only fuel a change like we never seen in our time ... it will grow with passion that the two party domination in our government is totally beyond reform and cannot sustain any faith of the people no longer ... those year's proceeding 2013, is when actual organization and new fresh political rep's and idea's will come forth, those of the two dominating parties will either turn a new leaf or fade away and die ... they all will be made, whether you are left, right, or independent ... you will see, that what worked once is no longer of any use to us ... thus eventually leading to a collapse of this cesspool.

Below 3 recent enlightening and importante word's/ video's ... and Thanx to RT America, Senator Bernie Sanders, and to also get a clearer picture of just how fucked thing's are here in America as well as far as political funding, etc, etc ... listen to Mr.Ben Cohen.

White House for the Highest Bidder? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Bernie and the Billionaire ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Super PACS $pending ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


***** UPDATE: I had to include this video from Thom Hartmann below, because it's so out there, I couldnt believe this man, Mr. Harris Kenny as to what his response to Thom's question's was, almost unbelievable and enough to had made me laugh. This all has to do with "privatization of America" of course, and what happen's once you privatize everything, meaning basically you as a citizen have nothing left, because it is now totally owned by the largest corporate financial bidder, again, this is why as I have wrote about it and started the privatization series in this journal, that the Republican (and even several Democrat's) next objective is to privatize everything from postal service to education to utilities and everything they can buy and get control of, including military, or anything else. Mr. Harris here is such an awful salesman trying to sell a convincing reason, I had to bust out laughing ... I mean, a blind person could see this coming it's so obvious. This man Harris is policy analyst, of Reason Foundation/ co- editor, annual privatization. This clearly show's the depth of lunacy amongst the big buck's and just how stupid they look at the American people as (we have displayed so much stupidity in the past, they are even getting this sloppy trying to sell : ) , to actually take some rookie like this and let him try to present an arguement or sell a product ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

What's more important ... Capitalism or Democracy? ... Thanx to THOMHARTMANN


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

JP MORGAN & The JUNKIES: "Too BIG to Fail, Regulate, or Trust" ... & Pulling on them Ole BOOTSTRAP'S ... with Charlie McGrath (NATION OF BS PT.9)

This Part 9 of "Nation of BS" will be in this series because I havent posted to this series in awhile, and this event is fitting for this series, even though it could have went into other series related ... but because it is MORE bullshit than anything else, it will be here also. Coincidentally I was just writing about how much of nothing is being done about any regulation's, whether it's financial, oil drilling, going green, or a goddamn other thing ... except of course the American people getting more regulated and programmed by the day, along with all this other intoxicating bullshit and pandering. And keeping on doing business as usual with these folk's and not letting them feel the repercussion's of their action's, or not pulling themselves up by the bootstrap's wont make them learn a damn thing ... when you fuck up over and over ... you NEED TO FAIL and FALL at some time. Dr. Anton LaVey (a philosophical mentor of mine as a young man) once said something like (cant recall which book or exact wording, but I have all his book's) ... if you keep putting out food for a dog on your porch or whatever, that dog will keep coming back ... the point is, you cant learn without the experience and be independent, this constant feeding make's them weaker, not stronger.

Of course I been covering this "too big to fail" shit ... well ... since the start of this journal (EXAMPLE) , which was just a tad before the big bailout. On these type issue's I am more conservative than anything else, being that I was opposed to the bailout since the beginning, and the reason is clear now as to why, which I pointed out time and again throughout this journal. My method of dealing with this would have been the ole conservative value of "pulling yourself up by the bootstrap's" of course. I dont expect many American's to even grasp what is happening or why ... because most American's truely believe in the American Dream, are working and playing the game, doing the "right" thing and have a lil more integrity even than some of these folk's that screw us ... but there is still no reason to remain blind either, and again ... "following the blind, will not make you see any clearer". I spent most of my life around hustling town's, my Dad being around the casino industry and a hustler in Vegas, had me in Fremont St and the Strip casino's as young as 8/ 9 year's old, and he knew just about every trick in the book when it came to the tables ... I lived around folk's as a kid and familia who were associated with wise- guy's, racketeer's in town's like Brooklyn (NYC) and Buffalo, worked and stayed in a Montreal brothel as a teen for awhile, and around folk's who were into drug transporting and dealing in Texas and Mexico year's back as well etc, etc ... I seen quite a few hustles, shake- down's, and scam's ... I may not make a "bite" right off hand, but give me awhile, and I will soon. Most American's havent lived a life like mine, so I wouldnt expect them in masses to recognize these thing's too quick, and the hustler depend's on that short time frame to hustle you. But too, the "dream" is ONLY what we choose to make it, we create our realities, and our miseries are no exception. It dont suprise me much that New York was the birth place of the "Occupy Movement" ... after all ... where in America is the hustle and game more seen than a city like New York, it's fast, and if you cant keep up with it, you will lose ... New Yorker's get hip (keen) quick, when it come's to their money ... no town in the nation move's like NYC, believe me ... not even LA, Chicago, or Dallas.

Of course the big news is this money/ investment loss that JP Morgan took, and of course Ina Drew retiring (which is just the formal polite way for these type's to say she got her ass fired basically), you have Jamie Dimon of JPM saying on camera that they "know" their sloppy, stupid, and have bad judgement ... but believe me Mr. Dimon ... the people are moreso for letting you continue this rubbish. The market's took a hit yesterday of nearly down by 13, but dont worry, JPM is still making alot more than they lose, and the smallest investment's will only lose in the longrun along with a schlew of 401K's ... the market's will of course go like a rollercoaster ride, but like never in market history, simply because of what the market's have become and thing's like corporate computerized speed trading, etc ... if ya'll think that shit was wild back during the pre- Great Depression .... that wasnt shit compared to how this one can and will move of today. All you have is a bunch of speed trader's today, that are moving so quick they dont even have time to analyze what their doing, and acting more like their intoxicated while driving this engine, pumped up on Adderall : ) , the giant computer's do the placement's in mass, and much quicker than any investor can, in large amount's and various avenue's, they dont understand loss and gain's, their programme is to weigh and place, not to analyze gain's and losses, risk vs. reward, etc, and that's what their missing. Who got so loose that they wouldnt feel a 12" inch dildo up their ass if they sat on it ... meaning, they too will need a jackhammering of their asshole's to see where they are fucking up ... and believe me ... as I have said time and again ... if we dont break them up or do something ... they will destroy themselves anywayz ... in time. As far as these so called "reform's or regulation's" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... please ... again ... do you reform or rehabilitate a crack addict or junkie/ dopefiend by leaving them in a room with  a couple key's (kilo's) of dope, leaving the room yourself later and telling them to limit themselves? ... they will die from an overdose, same as these will eventually destroy themselves, sadly they will drag down many other's with them though, the point being, they are "addict's/ junkies".

Below a couple media piece's ... and understand that the largest mainstream media's are covering this the way they "have to" ... understand where alot of their money come's from, the political influence since it's election's season, the advertising/ sponsor's, etc, etc, their only covering this issue frankly the only way they can without committing financial suicide ... understand that they are even held hostage in a way, just like our political representation. I put the PBS video piece first to see the mainstream coverage of this, and of course the 2 parties trying to explain and calculate who's fault what is, and what the other need's to do, the usual runaround of course, which everyone know's who know's anything about this, know's how legislation is worded and written by. The 2nd video is a more accurate, straight, and to the point video, and Thanx to RT America (again) and especially Mr. Charlie McGrath/ Wide Awake News ,who unlike these other two bullshitter's Bob Corker and Carl Levin can speak truth, because he's not running to keep an office, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) If it were up to folk's like myself ... we'd fire most of these in a heartbeat, period. As far as the ass kissing I been hearing trying to excuse Ina Drew, as far as who answer's to who and oversee's what, etc ... here's the bottom line ... Drew knew damn well being in the business 30 year's what the fuck was going on and even encouraged to drop the bet's and proceed ... when the buck stop's at your desk ... you DONT "not see it" either, eh?

This posting will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.

***** CNN/ MONEY: JPMorgan Investment Chief Out

Sens. Levin, Corker debate implementing Financial Reform Regulation ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

JP Morgan Too Big To Regulate ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


“Too Big to Fail. Bail out the planet, not the bankers.”  Poster art by Celia Schorr and Susan Picatti


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DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA ... & It's Growing Subculture of QUEER'S, FREAK'S, & SISSIES (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.6)

Part 6 of "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" is about how divided our nation is becoming, simply because we took a half assed hard hit financially, and like President Obama said back when he was running for President, how people start grabbing gun's, religion and so forth in harder time's ... media's tried to cover it up, and folk's said that it was insulting, but in reality ... you know in your heart if you have any half assed sanity, what he said was true. It's almost shameful to call this nation the United States of America these dayz, I can only imagine what foreign nation's must really think of this one sometime's, looking at it ... and we call ourselves leader's ... shiiiit ... in what ... fucken stupidity?

All week long all I been hearing about in this political mudslinging shit, is about how President Obama endorses same sex marriage ... I mean, it's been all over the tele, the radio talk, all over the internet, etc, etc ... and of course his opposition Romney saying it should be between a man and a woman as a response, which has been equally hammered. Yesterday I stopped by a local music shop to visit, when I walked in the door, some commentary talk was on the stereo in there, of all these guy's calling into some radio show, and talking about this, and I was truely sick of hearing it, but a few guy's in the shop were laughing about it ... a couple guy's said "Heeeyy Tom" when I walked in, and Mike said something like "... you heard about this shit, Tom?" ... I just said "Bunch of fucken queer's as far as I'm concerned!" ... well some folk's busted out laughing ... but NO ... I was serious, it wasnt meant to be a joke.

This left vs. right thing is as nauseating as all the religious value's that are in politic's, when they belong at home and church, and senseless lip service over these endless issue's ... I sware ... if I was a President I would tell them all to shut the fuck up, take out my pen and sign same sex marriage into law, there wouldnt even be no bloody debate, nor do I see any need for an explanation, or any reason to explain why a white and black person can marry, which 70% of the bloody nation was against in the 1960's, ya'll wouldnt try to explain that shit in 2012, eh?, ... again ... folk's pay taxes and serve their communities and country as citizen's in various wayz, they ARE citizen's ... they pay full taxes like anyone else (except corporation's of course, which were recently declared as citizen's/ people as well by the U.S. Supreme Court), in return, we dont give people half the right's as a citizen ... period ... if so ... they should only have to pay half the fucken taxes ... it's clear, to the point, fair and straight! I wouldnt even be as kind as President Obama was, which folk's should be grateful for his understanding ... I mean, if you dont like it, go find a fucken country that cater's to discrimination in it's constitution to go to ... this is America. We should cherish what freedom we do have left.

Because of all these petty social conflict's we sidestep all the influence that has really damaged this country, milked our money and resource's, robbed our children in education, and divided ourselves to the point where every goddamn state now is making strong differential law's to discriminate, divide and contaminate what was once a united people and nation post Civil War .. we are becoming more like the pre Civil War era. The political correctness and ass kissing up to this shit is also nauseating, we are acting like a bunch of sissies with our cowardice ... freak's, because of just irrational thought, and queer's because this irrational thinking is not only odd, but uncivilised, un- natural and everything else ... no logic whatsoever. For those who say that homosexuality isnt natural as their arguement ... what the fuck does that have to do with the right of marriage? ... "Marriage" is a man made institution, which is also not natural!

Enough said ....



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DRUG WAR 2012 ... Which One? America's OPEN "Dope Slinger's" & OVERLOOKING a Generation ... with Dr. Darcy Smith Sterling (PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COW'S PT.3)

Thanx to RT America (again) for this timing and covering this issue again with Dr. Darcy Smith Sterling , because Dr. Smith Sterling really layz out the grim fact's in this, and I was just fixin to do this piece without a video to accompany it, so the timing was excellent for me. There is so much more to this in America than meet's the eye too, which I will get into after the video, and also I am posting this as well on behalf of 2 buddies, one who live's in Monterrey (Mex) who was just visiting here in Dallas (that I'd rather not mention his name here), and Raymond who's a local native of South Dallas ... something that all 3 of us know about too well, I'll just leave that there.

America- The Painkiller Nation ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... THIS HERE will give you a taste of our Health Care Reform cost's


The reason I say "which one?" as far as fighting this so called drug war on our border with Mexico and deep in Mexico and Central America ... is because where we really need to focus on, is right here in America, where the drug thug's are having a field day basically "slinging dope" right in the open across the nation ("slinging dope" is basically just a street term that is used, like the term "pusher/ dealer" of past or whatever). But all we hear about is the million's and billion's (and this is an old familiar tune with our political representation especially) that we need to pump into these drug war's ... first of all ... the violence that is widely publicized in Jaurez/ El Paso area, hasnt a goddamn thing to do with the drug war, this is an internal issue amongst those in the industry and not to fight our force's, but to gain territorial control amongst each other as far as distribution and manufacturing, some revenge/ payback and balancing act's ... so that's bullshit by itself ... where we think we are fighting and financially feeding to stop illegal drug's from coming to our street's and ... of course the kiddies, just like the popular urban myth's we believe that the focus of these distributor's is to sling dope to our children, all we do by jumping into this war is basically fuel it to be bigger, instead of just leaving it alone and letting natural order take's it's course basically. Let me be more straight than some are here ... these underground drug dealer's, or whatever ya'll label them as, dont give a fuck about slinging dope to children, or at high school's ... they want the street market most and especially the night club scene as well, that's the market for shit like cocaine, opiate's, and meth ...  beside's, they dont give a shit about kid's, except maybe hiring poverty stricken border kid's to pull hit's/ assassination's ... because they are kid's, they can slip alot of prosecution that adult's cant, and their cheap by hit standard rate's, get my drift? So the war down there dont have a damn thing to do with getting dope off the street's ... you aint gonna get dope off the street's, period.

As far as the drug's/ dope that is in highest demand with our youth as far as high school kid's and most college student's these dayz ... it's none of the above ... it's designer type's/ pharmaceutical's, period ... Oxycotin/ Oxycodone is probably No#1, where there is basically two of the product in highest demand, then some other's that are in the pain categories, amongst college student's probably Adderall as I explain more in detail in Part 2, which is nothing more than designer speed. But all pharma drug's are the drug of choice right now, and because also they have that FDA approval, then your suburbia young, dont like doing thing's as much like crack or IV/ running, they would rather freebase the coke (which isnt much different, beside's being more "pure" than mixed crack) or burn and smoke the tar/ heroin on foil, not use a needle, despite given, the needle is of course the best rush if your  looking for bang for the buck. The actual dope slinger's not only the largest in this nation, and the one's keeping America's youth especially high, or I reckon ya'll would called it "medicated", is the pharma companies and especially the doctor's who become known like a household name on the street, as far as which doctor is loose with the pen, and the proper word's and symptom's you have to tell the doctor for them to start writing basically. Alot of other pharma script's are obtained through fraud/ phoney script's, put together online by alot of folk's (profiteer's and user's both). Then of course you have the basic street profiteer's who are slinging pill's curbside or via pill mill's , with a markup.

The difference now between the underground drug dealer's/ market's and the pharma dealer's, is that the underground dont focus on youth or even on the future market like the pharma one's do, only because the underground market is for the quick grab and haul, not investment ... if that make's sense. The pharma dealer is looking for investment long term, because they have the law on their side, and the politician's/ lawmaker's in their lobby pocket's ... they have in other word's, a secure market/ venture ... the underworld of dealing is NEVER secure, you can never miss, it might put you 6 feet under or 60 year's behind bar's, or completely shut you down overnight, get my drift? ... a pharma dealer can hit and miss all day long and not crash. In the video above they talk about who we vote for politically ... but understand that our vote is only half assed ... unless you have a "lobby" in this country, you dont have too strong of a vote, especially with not only the polarization of interest's, but also the lower turnout rate's. Again ... the political representation has to answer to the highest bidder/ buck ... making our problem once again, not our vote, or our system, but who we have representing us and backing/ feeding that.

But what we arent even seeing in all of this ... is our overlooking and leaving a generation behind ... these new drug addict's and those who will suffer the most say a decade or two from now, is all those youth right now that are being forcefed or voluntarily for recreation reason's doing all these mood altering drug's and highly addictive pharma drug's, because also, most of it hasnt even been in the market's long enough to know what the side and after effect's are going to be ... and you can bet, like with any dope ... legal or not, there will be consequence's to come. Not to even get into all the other's that are dependent on this ... I mean ... every natural up and down that we face now get's diagnosed as a "condition" ... this country has more goddamn condition's than you can shake a stick at, because it has as much money.

Word Out ....


RIYANNA: Child removed from Flight "Top 10 Most WANTED Kiddies" ... No Fly Left Behind (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT. 6)

Part 6 of "Citation Violation Nation" will take a look at how easy it is to be on the "no- fly list",this case being of a young lady named Riyanna (no last name) ... and when I say "young" ... I really mean it ... she's 18 month's old. Now the talk is ... she "was" and she "wasnt", or a mistake been made, etc, etc and more excuse's ... ya think? I havent flown in awhile, so I know not much about the post 9/11 thing beside's what I read/ hear when it come's to flying these dayz. My daughter for instance must fly as part of her job, which is sometime's 3 or 4 time's even a week, she just has to go to alot of cities for work. But when she was talking over my posting with me on Mr. Brennan ... aka "Buck Nakid" (a nickname I had for him) ... she started telling me of the routine stuff that she has to do on the way to the airport in the car one day, and she was running a tad late and tight, when I noticed she was in a rush putting thing's here and there, taking off her belt, etc ... giving me a rundown on rule's that are just 2nd nature to her, but sounded like a nightmare  to me, I mean, she knew them all man! whether it was liquid's, gel's, miscellaneous item's, etc, what to put where etc ... and the reason being sometime's she is running a clock, and one little glitch or problemo, could affect her timing and a client, meeting or such. Basically she said ... "yeah Dad ... for real, it can be a pain in the ass ... " But she told me, those folk's who dont know this shit (that dont fly much) end up having to waste time in line, seperating shit in line, and getting delayed, she also told me that there is countless item's confiscated from folk's, even a co- worker had his cigar lighter confiscated once on their flight, and she said it was like a hundred plus dollar lighter, amongst a whole schlew of item's they get, and she said that rumour is, that alot of that stuff get's sifted through and taken by those who work it ... imagine that ... isnt that like stealing?  I mean, I remember flying from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's ... and frankly it was pleasant and smooth, not like what I hear of today ... geeezzz!

I heard of a few cases here and there of elderly passenger's being frisked down and singled out, etc, but this is the first I heard of an 18 month old being detained for "questioning" ... I couldnt help to laugh, but really my heart at the same time goes out to the parent's, who were embarrassed and didnt even want their last name to be in public. They have nothing to be ashamed about though ... these security measure's in many cases I hear about are way too overboard, or at least it seem's that something isnt working right. Of course the TSA or whoever is responsible sayz their "sorry" ... which is "nice" (the airline and TSA both blamed each other at first, kind of like our left/ right political bunch, or good vs. evil, no one of course wanting to assume responsibility : ) ... but my opinion, just word's that are meaningless to those who have to go through this shit ... what's even nicer would be some bloody compensation for these folk's or something beside's "word's" for wasting their time and travel plan's ... because of ya'll's incompetence! Of course after this publicity "Jet Blue" apologized and say they "believe" it was a computer "glitch" ... well ... alot of people "believe" alot of shit, that doesnt compensate for a damn thing though and mean's nothing but squat. And if these inspector's or whoever get enough penalties or citation's themselves for inefficiency ... fire/ terminate their asses, I'm sure there's plenty of folk's looking for a job, eh? ... that type of responsibility and reprimand make's for job performance improvement's, not just casually saying ... "I'm Sorry". A case of this child being a "No Fly left behind" ... of the "Top 10 most wanted Kiddies". There are more citation's and violation's, as well as all the newest "fine's, fee's, and penalties" than you can shake a stick at now. Enough said ... read below ....

***** CNN/ TRAVEL: No- Fly 'glitch' has toddler removed from plane (newsread)



Friday, May 11, 2012

EPIC MEAL TIME: "Fast Food Sacrifice", "TexMex Lasagna" & "Chocolate and Hearts"

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to highlight a comedy crew who specializes I reckon in the culinary art's to a degree, called "Epic Meal Time" on YouTube. But the originality and creativity really drew me to this choice while scouting YouTube for fresh talent, and really had me busting a gut with laughter : ) I myself am one of those health food eater's more or less these dayz, but my past/ younger year's ... this is the kind of shit that absolutely made my mouth water and million's of other's as well. The funny part of this is, that many will water at the mouth just at the site of this, regardless of how unhealthy it is : ) Anywayz ... great job from this crew and best of luck! ... Enjoy!



Fast Food Sacrifice- Epic Meal Time ... Thanx to EPICMEALTIME

Tex- Mex Lasagna- ... Epic Meal Time ... Thanx to EPICMEALTIME

Chocolate and Hearts- Epic Meal Time ... Thanx to EPICMEALTIME


Thursday, May 10, 2012

STRAY CATS: "Rock This Town", "Race With The Devil", & "Somethin' Else"

The "STRAY CATS" will be this latest induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society". But this group is just an outstanding "live" performance crew I want to add, they distinctively without any hesitation fall into the "Rockabilly" category, another old buddy of mine "Rev. Horton Heat" (who I call just Rev) also is as long of a veteran of this distinct and American rooted genre, that is worldwide these dayz. Many probably are more familiar with Brian's music currently as the "Brian Setzer Orchestra", so I wanted to just focus on the Stray Cats here ... Brian has a distinctive guitar style as well, rooted in alot of the old rock- n- roll classic's such as Perkins, Berry, and other's, more noted in the dayz of Elvis' rock- n- roll year's and Sun Records for instance, but Brian disctinctively has his own flavour as well ... and is just an outstanding guitarist! The original Cats crew still gets together from what I gather for show's/ gig's, beside's Setzer's orchestra. This crew really kick's ass though, I havent seen them since the late 1980's at last. Enjoy!



STRAY CATS- Rock This Town (Live from Fridays 1981) ... Thanx to SIWRO

STRAY CATS- Race With The Devil ... Thanx to IRONDRAGSPORTSTER


Brian Setzer - Stray Cats Play Fremantle


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This posting for Part 7 of the "Human Morality" series this time will look at the case of Ms. Sahar Gul, who first became a public outrage case last year in the news because of the abuse she experienced as a child bride, and is back in the news now because of the sentencing in court of those who abused her, beside's her husband, who is still loose. But mainly this posting is to highlight bravery on her part despite the physical and social bondage she remain's in, and to commend her for such, in the increasing sub cultural societies of fear, cowardice, and political correctness and sensitivity.

Again, this series is to show the other side of human morality and it's written religious and cultural code's. The 'other side' meaning, that there is a flip side to everything, and sometime's more than two side's as well. On one hand ... some of our morality code's and conduct have played an importante part of the evolution of our civilised wayz and thinking, on the other hand, there is the damaging side when we get too obsessed with these code's and value's. Example being, one way to think of this in the civilised manner of morality, is she should forgive those and just get on with life, but this young lady isnt satisfied with that, and want's much more severe sentencing and punishment for those who done this to her ... and why not? Why should she have any consideration for such? In my reality of justice (which is different than most folk's) ... I would leave the punishment up to her, including if she chose to terminate those.

There is alwayz those question's from folk's you hear like in the mainstream media's, as far as what progress is being made in a country where we been militarily active in for a decade now? Well, it's quite obvious that any of these countries that we are in and do business with, we must not do much of anything about this, not that we should as our responsibility, after all, why are we there with such heavy occupation? But you have to wonder ... what is our goal there? ... and I shouldnt even need to tell you what our real goal's are in these land's and occupation's ... but you can bet your ass, it isnt human right's, women's right's or saving gay/ lesbian folk's, as so many political mouth piece's will tell you ... the fact is ... we continue to do business as usual and even support indirectly these folk's that do this, period! And it's a deeply rooted cultural issue too.

Some folk's here in our country for instance find this hard to believe that this actually goes on in the 21st century ... example being ... a couple week's back I was having some conversation with a neighbor/ friend (Suzy), and she was talking about women's right's and pointing out the progress that's been made especially over the last half century ... which is true, however, I later pointed out to her about these cases like Sahar and other's ... Suzy actually paused and then said something to me like ... "but that was centuries ago Tom ..." ... I told her ... "no Suzy, this is happening in 2012" ... she actually didnt even know about this, and thought that the stories were from just ancient tradition's that have faded. Suzy was even suprised that there are still people in the world that would be opposed to a woman driving a car ... I mean, she was born and raised in a nice area of North Dallas, and like all the other teen's, been behind the wheel since a teen in high school, and it was their parent's that put them into their first car's.

But, all in all ... this is what some folk's look at as simply traditional familia value's, and the morality price to pay if you disobey and/ or sin in their eye's ....

***** CNN: Tortured Afghan Teen on attackers: 'The Same Should Be Done To Them' 

Afghan child bride tortured for 6 months ... Thanx to ALJAZEERAENGLISH


***** RCJ: Reem al Numeri: ... A young girl's PLEA ... and her PRICE, for a basic High School Education ... another case of morality and value's