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DRUG WAR 2012 ... Which One? America's OPEN "Dope Slinger's" & OVERLOOKING a Generation ... with Dr. Darcy Smith Sterling (PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COW'S PT.3)

Thanx to RT America (again) for this timing and covering this issue again with Dr. Darcy Smith Sterling , because Dr. Smith Sterling really layz out the grim fact's in this, and I was just fixin to do this piece without a video to accompany it, so the timing was excellent for me. There is so much more to this in America than meet's the eye too, which I will get into after the video, and also I am posting this as well on behalf of 2 buddies, one who live's in Monterrey (Mex) who was just visiting here in Dallas (that I'd rather not mention his name here), and Raymond who's a local native of South Dallas ... something that all 3 of us know about too well, I'll just leave that there.

America- The Painkiller Nation ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... THIS HERE will give you a taste of our Health Care Reform cost's


The reason I say "which one?" as far as fighting this so called drug war on our border with Mexico and deep in Mexico and Central America ... is because where we really need to focus on, is right here in America, where the drug thug's are having a field day basically "slinging dope" right in the open across the nation ("slinging dope" is basically just a street term that is used, like the term "pusher/ dealer" of past or whatever). But all we hear about is the million's and billion's (and this is an old familiar tune with our political representation especially) that we need to pump into these drug war's ... first of all ... the violence that is widely publicized in Jaurez/ El Paso area, hasnt a goddamn thing to do with the drug war, this is an internal issue amongst those in the industry and not to fight our force's, but to gain territorial control amongst each other as far as distribution and manufacturing, some revenge/ payback and balancing act's ... so that's bullshit by itself ... where we think we are fighting and financially feeding to stop illegal drug's from coming to our street's and ... of course the kiddies, just like the popular urban myth's we believe that the focus of these distributor's is to sling dope to our children, all we do by jumping into this war is basically fuel it to be bigger, instead of just leaving it alone and letting natural order take's it's course basically. Let me be more straight than some are here ... these underground drug dealer's, or whatever ya'll label them as, dont give a fuck about slinging dope to children, or at high school's ... they want the street market most and especially the night club scene as well, that's the market for shit like cocaine, opiate's, and meth ...  beside's, they dont give a shit about kid's, except maybe hiring poverty stricken border kid's to pull hit's/ assassination's ... because they are kid's, they can slip alot of prosecution that adult's cant, and their cheap by hit standard rate's, get my drift? So the war down there dont have a damn thing to do with getting dope off the street's ... you aint gonna get dope off the street's, period.

As far as the drug's/ dope that is in highest demand with our youth as far as high school kid's and most college student's these dayz ... it's none of the above ... it's designer type's/ pharmaceutical's, period ... Oxycotin/ Oxycodone is probably No#1, where there is basically two of the product in highest demand, then some other's that are in the pain categories, amongst college student's probably Adderall as I explain more in detail in Part 2, which is nothing more than designer speed. But all pharma drug's are the drug of choice right now, and because also they have that FDA approval, then your suburbia young, dont like doing thing's as much like crack or IV/ running, they would rather freebase the coke (which isnt much different, beside's being more "pure" than mixed crack) or burn and smoke the tar/ heroin on foil, not use a needle, despite given, the needle is of course the best rush if your  looking for bang for the buck. The actual dope slinger's not only the largest in this nation, and the one's keeping America's youth especially high, or I reckon ya'll would called it "medicated", is the pharma companies and especially the doctor's who become known like a household name on the street, as far as which doctor is loose with the pen, and the proper word's and symptom's you have to tell the doctor for them to start writing basically. Alot of other pharma script's are obtained through fraud/ phoney script's, put together online by alot of folk's (profiteer's and user's both). Then of course you have the basic street profiteer's who are slinging pill's curbside or via pill mill's , with a markup.

The difference now between the underground drug dealer's/ market's and the pharma dealer's, is that the underground dont focus on youth or even on the future market like the pharma one's do, only because the underground market is for the quick grab and haul, not investment ... if that make's sense. The pharma dealer is looking for investment long term, because they have the law on their side, and the politician's/ lawmaker's in their lobby pocket's ... they have in other word's, a secure market/ venture ... the underworld of dealing is NEVER secure, you can never miss, it might put you 6 feet under or 60 year's behind bar's, or completely shut you down overnight, get my drift? ... a pharma dealer can hit and miss all day long and not crash. In the video above they talk about who we vote for politically ... but understand that our vote is only half assed ... unless you have a "lobby" in this country, you dont have too strong of a vote, especially with not only the polarization of interest's, but also the lower turnout rate's. Again ... the political representation has to answer to the highest bidder/ buck ... making our problem once again, not our vote, or our system, but who we have representing us and backing/ feeding that.

But what we arent even seeing in all of this ... is our overlooking and leaving a generation behind ... these new drug addict's and those who will suffer the most say a decade or two from now, is all those youth right now that are being forcefed or voluntarily for recreation reason's doing all these mood altering drug's and highly addictive pharma drug's, because also, most of it hasnt even been in the market's long enough to know what the side and after effect's are going to be ... and you can bet, like with any dope ... legal or not, there will be consequence's to come. Not to even get into all the other's that are dependent on this ... I mean ... every natural up and down that we face now get's diagnosed as a "condition" ... this country has more goddamn condition's than you can shake a stick at, because it has as much money.

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