Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Part 20 of "The AWAKENING" series will be just a tad update to look at the progress that is being made as far as enlightenment and awareness ... not just in America, but the entire globe, again, this is such a healthy time for folk's, yet many of us dont even realize it yet, instead looking at alot of this as probable political disaster's and/ or our darker moment's of despair, feeling we dont have a snowball's chance in Hell. But DO NOT be discouraged ... be relieved and inspired by what we are facing, whether it's austerity, more cut's from unemployment to education to every social thing across the board ... this was ALL necessary to actually see a move in America and worldwide for real change and actual balance, and a cornerstone of this series and journal. And even though we are hammered with many unpleasant news piece's and politic's like such ... there can NEVER be enough posting's and news on this ... there are now million's upon million's of people talking, writing, and posting about this, and it just keep's growing every other inch we take up our asses ... learn to love the pain as well as Hell ... for BOTH make you stronger and freer!

Of course I will vote Democrat straight again, but for 2 reason's (and I sure as Hell wouldnt vote Republican as an alternative, or even if I was conservative across the board) ... first up, because I made a commitment to the President (as I posted in the beginning of this journal), and I wasnt just talking about 1 term, unlike many folk's, it's difficult to explain here, but I CANNOT break that commitment ... look at it kind of like when one take's an oath sort of, to understand ... that mean's regardless of what he does or sayz, I cant break that, period. I voted in 2000 for Bush as well ... but this never could have materialized without both in this sequence of event's, if that make's sense ... it took all of this to move toward's what will inevitably happen sooner or later, being the enlightenment, awakening and the eventual collapse of a time that already lived it's course. The sooner this materializes the better of course ... to get it over with basically. 2nd is because there are no if's, and's, or but's, that this ride and storm will be a much smoother ride under as many Democrat's as you can get to dominate Washington, we have had it mild compared to what it could be as it is. Too much Republican influence there as I pointed out in 2009/ 2010 before the 2010 election's, will only cause a mega mess to come, and this time in 2012, would even be worse than what we seen post 2010 vote, again the reason being is because of the big money desperation and how fast they act and move when you give them an inch ... they are that close to locking the deal of what they been trying to create since the early 1980's. But that's why the Democrat vote is critical more than ever right now. Fuck all that undecided swing shit ... there's nothing to swing or choose from ... as Michael Jackson's last production was titled ... "This Is It"! (and I mean that, because after 2013, if everything fall's in place as it's supposed to ... this cesspool is out the door)

So you may wonder, by voting in the same ole same of just one or the other, how will that change a thing? Simple ... the ride will be easier under Democrat's by far, and it will stall progress of those who are out to stick it to us more, despite their funneling money into that party as well, Democrat's will change position's alot quicker when people bitch, believe me. Yet despite all, there will still be more Obama hating and opposition and gridlock 2013 and beyond, they will not let him do a damn thing they dont have to allow, I dont care how great of idea's, proposal's, and even bipartisanship he display's ... their objective is to make him or break him, bottom line. This gridlock and such to come will only fuel a change like we never seen in our time ... it will grow with passion that the two party domination in our government is totally beyond reform and cannot sustain any faith of the people no longer ... those year's proceeding 2013, is when actual organization and new fresh political rep's and idea's will come forth, those of the two dominating parties will either turn a new leaf or fade away and die ... they all will be made, whether you are left, right, or independent ... you will see, that what worked once is no longer of any use to us ... thus eventually leading to a collapse of this cesspool.

Below 3 recent enlightening and importante word's/ video's ... and Thanx to RT America, Senator Bernie Sanders, and to also get a clearer picture of just how fucked thing's are here in America as well as far as political funding, etc, etc ... listen to Mr.Ben Cohen.

White House for the Highest Bidder? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Bernie and the Billionaire ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Super PACS $pending ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


***** UPDATE: I had to include this video from Thom Hartmann below, because it's so out there, I couldnt believe this man, Mr. Harris Kenny as to what his response to Thom's question's was, almost unbelievable and enough to had made me laugh. This all has to do with "privatization of America" of course, and what happen's once you privatize everything, meaning basically you as a citizen have nothing left, because it is now totally owned by the largest corporate financial bidder, again, this is why as I have wrote about it and started the privatization series in this journal, that the Republican (and even several Democrat's) next objective is to privatize everything from postal service to education to utilities and everything they can buy and get control of, including military, or anything else. Mr. Harris here is such an awful salesman trying to sell a convincing reason, I had to bust out laughing ... I mean, a blind person could see this coming it's so obvious. This man Harris is policy analyst, of Reason Foundation/ co- editor, annual privatization. This clearly show's the depth of lunacy amongst the big buck's and just how stupid they look at the American people as (we have displayed so much stupidity in the past, they are even getting this sloppy trying to sell : ) , to actually take some rookie like this and let him try to present an arguement or sell a product ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

What's more important ... Capitalism or Democracy? ... Thanx to THOMHARTMANN



Truth 101 said...

It sounds like we're cut from the same cloth as far as loyalty and honor RC.

Sadly I suspect most of the kooks that speak for the right do so out of either fear for ther jobs as spokespeople for it or they're ass kissers that say whatever they think Karl Rove and the other masters want to hear thinking it will lead to better thing for themselves.

I just don;t see how anyone of reasonable sanity and intelligence can but into much of anything espoused by the right.

Ranch Chimp said...

Truth ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I reckon it has to be all them reason's Joe, it's almost unbelievable and is really getting hilarious ... their not even using strategies any more, just outright openly admitting what their agenda is ... : )

Thanx for your voice here Joe ....