Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA ... & It's Growing Subculture of QUEER'S, FREAK'S, & SISSIES (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.6)

Part 6 of "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" is about how divided our nation is becoming, simply because we took a half assed hard hit financially, and like President Obama said back when he was running for President, how people start grabbing gun's, religion and so forth in harder time's ... media's tried to cover it up, and folk's said that it was insulting, but in reality ... you know in your heart if you have any half assed sanity, what he said was true. It's almost shameful to call this nation the United States of America these dayz, I can only imagine what foreign nation's must really think of this one sometime's, looking at it ... and we call ourselves leader's ... shiiiit ... in what ... fucken stupidity?

All week long all I been hearing about in this political mudslinging shit, is about how President Obama endorses same sex marriage ... I mean, it's been all over the tele, the radio talk, all over the internet, etc, etc ... and of course his opposition Romney saying it should be between a man and a woman as a response, which has been equally hammered. Yesterday I stopped by a local music shop to visit, when I walked in the door, some commentary talk was on the stereo in there, of all these guy's calling into some radio show, and talking about this, and I was truely sick of hearing it, but a few guy's in the shop were laughing about it ... a couple guy's said "Heeeyy Tom" when I walked in, and Mike said something like "... you heard about this shit, Tom?" ... I just said "Bunch of fucken queer's as far as I'm concerned!" ... well some folk's busted out laughing ... but NO ... I was serious, it wasnt meant to be a joke.

This left vs. right thing is as nauseating as all the religious value's that are in politic's, when they belong at home and church, and senseless lip service over these endless issue's ... I sware ... if I was a President I would tell them all to shut the fuck up, take out my pen and sign same sex marriage into law, there wouldnt even be no bloody debate, nor do I see any need for an explanation, or any reason to explain why a white and black person can marry, which 70% of the bloody nation was against in the 1960's, ya'll wouldnt try to explain that shit in 2012, eh?, ... again ... folk's pay taxes and serve their communities and country as citizen's in various wayz, they ARE citizen's ... they pay full taxes like anyone else (except corporation's of course, which were recently declared as citizen's/ people as well by the U.S. Supreme Court), in return, we dont give people half the right's as a citizen ... period ... if so ... they should only have to pay half the fucken taxes ... it's clear, to the point, fair and straight! I wouldnt even be as kind as President Obama was, which folk's should be grateful for his understanding ... I mean, if you dont like it, go find a fucken country that cater's to discrimination in it's constitution to go to ... this is America. We should cherish what freedom we do have left.

Because of all these petty social conflict's we sidestep all the influence that has really damaged this country, milked our money and resource's, robbed our children in education, and divided ourselves to the point where every goddamn state now is making strong differential law's to discriminate, divide and contaminate what was once a united people and nation post Civil War .. we are becoming more like the pre Civil War era. The political correctness and ass kissing up to this shit is also nauseating, we are acting like a bunch of sissies with our cowardice ... freak's, because of just irrational thought, and queer's because this irrational thinking is not only odd, but uncivilised, un- natural and everything else ... no logic whatsoever. For those who say that homosexuality isnt natural as their arguement ... what the fuck does that have to do with the right of marriage? ... "Marriage" is a man made institution, which is also not natural!

Enough said ....



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