Friday, May 25, 2012

SEVERED HEADS: "Dead Eyes Opened", "Lamborghini", "Gashing The Old Mae West", & "We Have Come To Bless The House"

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This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be an honour to highlight the genius creation and 3 decade worx of Australian crew "Severed Heads" , although I dont think any of this crew actually intended to do anything as far as achieving any musical/ arts recognition, and actually just was some folk's experimenting and having fun without any direction, but too ... those are the type's that really stand out when it come's to originality and creativity ... they stand out from the herd's ... they dont "try" to do anything nor fit into any particular genre or category and simply let their spirit flow from the inner soul. As far as the genre of music they fall into, I will let the Wikipedia link on them handle most of that stuff, because for me, there is only "Severed Heads" and that is unmatched in itself. But, over the 3 decade period with so many different musician's influencing this sound through experimentation, they managed to oddly put together some classic masterpiece's to this day using some of the first digital sampling, drum machine's, and modern synthesized sound's and mixes, so many at that time were really post updating the new industrial sound that was creating the foundation back in the late 1970's and early 1980's of what would evolve and mature into the techno, trance, pm industrial, electronica, and so forth.

I first heard their sound's in the early 1980's and was impressed ... I later in 1980's was lucky enough to catch one of their show's, which was kind of rare, in London (UK) ... this crew was nothing like a typical concert or show, and more technical than anything as if they were working on a project, yet the sound that they produced enhanced with unique visual concept's made them so unique and the warm dark undertaste and depth of melodic vocal work blended nicely enough to make it kind of a dance venue type sound with a trance touch to it. Picking 4 piece's from this crew was difficult considering everything that I like to take into consideration when selecting, because they have so much to look at. Below some of their classic worx ... Enjoy!



Dead Yes Opened 1983 Severed Heads ... Thanx to Tom Ellard

Severed Heads- Lamborghini ... Thanx to Severed Heads- Topic

Gashing The Old Mae West 1983/ 2011 Severed Heads ... Thanx to  Tom Ellard

We Have Come To Bless The House 1985/ 94 Severed Heads ... Thanx to Tom Ellard




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