Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GLUTEN- FREE DIET MOVEMENT & "The Gospel of Healthy Eating" ... (WHOLE GRAIN'S & FOOD'S & HALF TRUTH'S PT.3)

Part 3 of the "Whole Grain's & Food's & Half Truth's" series is to take a look at the newest dietary and healthy living thing ... the Gluten- Free Movement. What inspire's this partly is ... one of the thing's I am asked these dayz by several folk's around town that know me is, what kind of diet or pill's I use or do I work out?, etc, etc (basically I lost over 60 lb's over the last year is why, and just my average weight now) ... the other thing I'm constantly asked is am I gluten- free? I go to the market's like Whole Foods or Sprouts and am bombarded with gluten- free product's these dayz, to the point where on some product's I have no choice but to buy gluten- free ... I mean ... this is how big of a movement this is, or as ABC NEWS put's it ... "The Gospel of Healthy Eating", which inspired part of the title. But I am a simple kind of fella when it come's to lifestyle change's and such and am disciplined psychologically ... Carol and Suzy for instance who are neighbor's and asked me what to do, run back and tell me "they cant do it" or "only last a week" etc, etc ... women seem to ask me more than the guy's ... guy's just say "cool" or whatever and leave it, they dont ask much about dieting like the gal's ... but gal's ask for suggestion's on diet pill's or hook up's to doctor's or whatever.

First of all ... no ... I dont use diet pill's or am gluten- free, or do strenuous workout's or really a damn thing ... but I am kind of strict as far as actual diet and excercise, but not fanatic or follow any popular programme's of any kind. Basically ... dont eat the junk anymore ... I'm talking about the fast food's, fried food's, jumbo burger's, buffet's, TexMex, soda's, miscellaneous snack's, processed and sodium packed shit etc, etc ... which make's it simple, being to know simply what NOT to eat. I eat simple ... hardly any bread's, not pastries, donut's or such, or candy whether it's gluten- free or not, sugar- free or not, etc whatever bread I do buy I make sure it is whole grain's, not the phoney shit in alot of store's that say it's whole grain, etc, plenty of veggies, lean cut's of meat, salmon or whatever ... for sweet's ... fruit's are good tasting basically, better than candy bar's ... get my drift? And simply limit your portion's throughout the day in short meal's ... it's really basic and simple to follow. As far as excercise ... plenty of sit- up's will tighten your gut in a heartbeat and other basic excercise's, even walking alot, swimming is cool, sexual activity, etc. I dont believe that you have to go beserk or get fanatic, just simply avoid certain thing's and stick to it.  But also ... everyone is different too I reckon, as far as what THEY WANT to do.

I cant tell ya a goddamn thing much about the gluten- free stuff though, and there seem's to be as many opinion's on it, as there is people jumping all over it ... my personal doctor for instance who gave me some guideline's to follow, kept it simple, cause he know's I'm a simple kind of guy, but he didnt say that gluten- free was a must or not, but said it's cool to eat if you want. But understand that I dont have these gluten diseases that they talk about or irregularities in bowel movement's or whatever, some type of intestinal stuff, which according to the stat's is a small population I reckon ... Hell, I cant even remember ever getting a headache for that matter, and rarely get a cold once in awhile at most as far as getting sick ... so I know that there are many folk's who have their own unique circumstance's and thing's they need to take or avoid, so I strongly suggest because of such, that you do some homework and design anything for yourself, fitting to you only, not what other's are doing ... and it is good to talk to a doctor, and as your doing this or whatever, at least drop in to see the Doc, and get checked frequently to make sure your doing well on it ... just dont jump on a pill or something because you read that million's of other's are doing it. Some read's and video's below (the ABC video's kind of made me laugh a bit : ) Other than that ... Goodnight.


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