Thursday, May 31, 2012

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE/ FELIPE ANDRES CORONEL: "Politics to Prose" (interview), "Wake Up", & "Peruvian Cocaine" (The AWAKENING PT.21) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.2)

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Felipe Andres Coronel ... aka "Immortal Technique"

This posting will serve 3 series in this journal and rightfully so, because this artist/ activist deserve's that amount of credit, Mr. Felipe Coronel ... in the series "The Awakening", "Public Patriot's", as well as induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society". His music is a Hell of alot more than just a Hip- Hop beat to move to ... but especially is a message and of grave concern it should be to not just the young generation's, but to all of us, even older folk's like myself. He has been working as well with other crew's, and on powerful piece's such as with Diabolic's Frontlines release and other's, and very influential as far as this genre of music, and one of the best part's, is that he managed to invest his money wisely and avoid this contaminating corporate communism that has plagued the music industry, that I have wrote about before myself, having known quite a few in this industry. But this man also has quite a history and very powerful as a lyricist. A couple piece's below after the interview that I also chose to highlight some of his work, out of several that I had reviewed, which were some really kick ass piece's of work.

But I been listening to this man for over a year, first running across him browsing YouTube, tight music with a message even tighter in these trying time's. And BIG Thanx to RT America for also doing this 27 minute interview with him one on one to sum up all the question's he is asked to address in short, and partly inspiring this posting's title "Politics to Prose". I mean ... what he layz out here in 27 minute's, is what would take me about 27 posting's to write about, period (looking forward to starting a YouTube channel, to post my video's on this blog, and save my finger's from this lengthy typing : ) ... it is so solid, to the point, and a clear unbiased look at the reality that is becoming more evident by the day in this cesspool that has permeated our country and world. Again ... our main problemo whether it's politic's, the economy, war, imprisonment, global warming, ignorance, racial divide, and the list is endless ... is the corporate style communism that has basically raped us all and bought out our societies and world, changing what was known as democracy into a pointless, useless, buzz phrase. It take's these public patriot's to awaken and enlighten so many of us who have casually just fell blind due to the pop culture saturation of bullshit that we are fed and pre- occupied with. Enough from me ... if you want truth, listen to this man.

***** This will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference



Immortal Technique: Our Ignorance affects the World ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Immortal Technique- Wake Up ... Thanx to TNSJKALIKILLA ... (the audio for this video only goes to a lil over 5 minute's)

Immortal Technique- Peruvian Cocaine (FULL) ... Thanx to 187MAKER


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Beach Bum said... the corporate style communism that has basically raped us all and bought out our societies and world, changing what was known as democracy into a pointless, useless, buzz phrase.

That about sums it up. No matter how hard I try to keep an optimistic frame of mind I can't escape the belief that our house of cards will fall soon.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Bum!

House of card's to fall? That's the point Bum, unless all involved see where the problem's stem from and "experience", no one learn's a thing and change stagnate's even more, when nothing fail's, fall's, or does nothing but repeat and rehash the same over and over. In particular a learning experience or enlightening will come to those who are orchestrating this mess, that their extremities of greed and other self destructive method's will eventually catch up with them ... put it this way Bum ... they simply dont realize what their doing is all. I'm lil more optimistic though Bum, but I have my reason's too ...

Thanx for your input here Bum as alwayz ....