Monday, May 7, 2012

FRANCE & GREECE ... a Look at POLITICAL CHANGE & The FEAR of UNCERTAINTY "The Blueprint for Re- Design" (The AWAKENING PT.19)

Part 19 of "The Awakening" will be a look at actual political change, this time in France and Greece ... but even other's are of course starting to get keen to the political arena of today and past ... again ... it will go in wave's across the globe. I dont write much about foreign affair's, because I dont know much about their affair's and believe that each country is unique in their situation, and need's to focus on helping home, before they can help other's, without dictation from super entities. This is also a lesson for American's as well ... I mean ... you simply cannot change by repeating your past action's and not getting rid of the old ... this is a blueprint you can say for a re- design in political architecture which will be needed and due, to help the old collapse ... and it is something of course that I been writing about since the start of this journal, looking at the math of what is needed.

Now I know of all the "fear" that is coming out of this ... and it's just natural that change bring's a certain amount of fear ... but the one's who need to really fear, is these worthless politician's (worldwide) and their master's, who sold out their nation's, and all their so called speculator's as you see in the market's today ... give them a few word's of change or a much needed shaft up their asses for a change ... and they panic like scared cat's ... and rightfully so. It doesnt mean that this is the "fix" ... but it is "part of the solution" and a step in a direction for change ... there is still much work to be done, and nothing worthwhile will come easy and/ or without pain's. Again ... we are so used to hearing this phoney definition of "globalization", which the "word" make's folk's feel like we are in some sort of love and harmony worldwide ... when in actuality this "forced" manufactured globalization of the economies and government's is just being constructed by that same less than 1% that I call throughout this journal ... the "3- Entities". History again will show you that we will globalize in time through natural order, as far as what we vision as a more global society, not from only dictation of a few, and their manufactured war and muscle tactic's.

The other fear talk of course is from those who support this antique way of governing today is ... what will we do without a ruling party of one or the other?, what's next?, what will it do to the currencies?, our relation's?, etc, etc and more fear ... our current babysitter's need to retire, we are growing out of their rule. Well nothing will change overnight and apparently this collapse will not come with one strike ... but relentless pounding and determination ... in time. The negative fallback's of doing this? ... get over it ... and look forward, not in the rut we keep ourselves in ... thing's mold themselves into their own realities and evolve for progress ... staying in that rut, will get you nowhere's, or staying silent.

This will also be included for reference in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" series

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