Saturday, May 12, 2012

RIYANNA: Child removed from Flight "Top 10 Most WANTED Kiddies" ... No Fly Left Behind (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT. 6)

Part 6 of "Citation Violation Nation" will take a look at how easy it is to be on the "no- fly list",this case being of a young lady named Riyanna (no last name) ... and when I say "young" ... I really mean it ... she's 18 month's old. Now the talk is ... she "was" and she "wasnt", or a mistake been made, etc, etc and more excuse's ... ya think? I havent flown in awhile, so I know not much about the post 9/11 thing beside's what I read/ hear when it come's to flying these dayz. My daughter for instance must fly as part of her job, which is sometime's 3 or 4 time's even a week, she just has to go to alot of cities for work. But when she was talking over my posting with me on Mr. Brennan ... aka "Buck Nakid" (a nickname I had for him) ... she started telling me of the routine stuff that she has to do on the way to the airport in the car one day, and she was running a tad late and tight, when I noticed she was in a rush putting thing's here and there, taking off her belt, etc ... giving me a rundown on rule's that are just 2nd nature to her, but sounded like a nightmare  to me, I mean, she knew them all man! whether it was liquid's, gel's, miscellaneous item's, etc, what to put where etc ... and the reason being sometime's she is running a clock, and one little glitch or problemo, could affect her timing and a client, meeting or such. Basically she said ... "yeah Dad ... for real, it can be a pain in the ass ... " But she told me, those folk's who dont know this shit (that dont fly much) end up having to waste time in line, seperating shit in line, and getting delayed, she also told me that there is countless item's confiscated from folk's, even a co- worker had his cigar lighter confiscated once on their flight, and she said it was like a hundred plus dollar lighter, amongst a whole schlew of item's they get, and she said that rumour is, that alot of that stuff get's sifted through and taken by those who work it ... imagine that ... isnt that like stealing?  I mean, I remember flying from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's ... and frankly it was pleasant and smooth, not like what I hear of today ... geeezzz!

I heard of a few cases here and there of elderly passenger's being frisked down and singled out, etc, but this is the first I heard of an 18 month old being detained for "questioning" ... I couldnt help to laugh, but really my heart at the same time goes out to the parent's, who were embarrassed and didnt even want their last name to be in public. They have nothing to be ashamed about though ... these security measure's in many cases I hear about are way too overboard, or at least it seem's that something isnt working right. Of course the TSA or whoever is responsible sayz their "sorry" ... which is "nice" (the airline and TSA both blamed each other at first, kind of like our left/ right political bunch, or good vs. evil, no one of course wanting to assume responsibility : ) ... but my opinion, just word's that are meaningless to those who have to go through this shit ... what's even nicer would be some bloody compensation for these folk's or something beside's "word's" for wasting their time and travel plan's ... because of ya'll's incompetence! Of course after this publicity "Jet Blue" apologized and say they "believe" it was a computer "glitch" ... well ... alot of people "believe" alot of shit, that doesnt compensate for a damn thing though and mean's nothing but squat. And if these inspector's or whoever get enough penalties or citation's themselves for inefficiency ... fire/ terminate their asses, I'm sure there's plenty of folk's looking for a job, eh? ... that type of responsibility and reprimand make's for job performance improvement's, not just casually saying ... "I'm Sorry". A case of this child being a "No Fly left behind" ... of the "Top 10 most wanted Kiddies". There are more citation's and violation's, as well as all the newest "fine's, fee's, and penalties" than you can shake a stick at now. Enough said ... read below ....

***** CNN/ TRAVEL: No- Fly 'glitch' has toddler removed from plane (newsread)



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