Friday, May 25, 2012

SPACE X DRAGON: "Draggin in The DRAGON" & "Supply MEET'S Demand" (ABOVE & BELOW PT. 8)

Part 8 of "Above & Below" will look at another accomplishment as the robotic arm of our space station nab's and drag's in the Dragon supply cargo ship ... of course after it's released, it's not only a leap for mankind, but another dump of trash in the Pacific Ocean as well (just a lil humour : ) . But these joint effort's between the private sector and government's show that there can be mutual ground's and working together, just as long of course that there is also some oversight as to what is going on and who benefit's the most, of course to raise money as well, you can get a gram of a loved one's remain's/ corpse transported into space for a fee ... I reckon it beat's the cheaper alternative of sprinkling them over the Pacific, eh? : )

But all caca (shit) aside, this was a great mission, when something didnt go as planned and yet the cargo was salvaged and saved ... this also will be the start of being able to transport astronaut's as well to the station. I just hope to see this stay as a joint venture and mission's, and that mean's for folk's like NASA to stay active too, and not be bought out, because of cut's and spending down the line.

***** CNN/ U.S. : Private Spacecraft docks with Space Station ... newsread and video's

SpaceX Dragon docks with International Space Station (HD) ... Thanx to PQSE77




Beach Bum said...

Now this was some really good news!

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