Thursday, May 3, 2012

AMERICA's "VOTE BOAT" 2012 (PT.1) ... Sinking in a Sea of SLOTH? (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.5) ... Inspired by Rick, Tony, & Wolf

Part 5 of "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" is primarily inspired by a few guy's over some small talk the other day here in Dallas  ... Rick, Tony & Wolf ... but clearly an issue with so many American's ... and I frankly dont know what in Hell it is ... perhap's just boredom or sloth? ... lack of enthusiasm? ... I dont know. I mean ... in some countries when it's time to vote, huge number's of the population actually get out in the element's if they have to, with alot less convenience, will stand in line's for hour's and even hand write ballot's if they have to. But looking at voter turn out statistic's across America, it's not only here, but nationwide. I can right off hand come up with at least a dozen or so folk's that "I know" are registered voter's for instance, a few in my own familia ... that I also "know" despite the small chat, they WILL NOT vote when the election's come around, I can tell just talking to them, even though they act like they will and are registered ... but too ... that's their choice I reckon. I also know a few folk's who in 2008 went out of their way to vote, and for Obama/ Democrat, strictly because he was a black man (yes, they admitted this to me) and they were black, and a few Mexicano American's who admitted to me that they also voted for Obama because he was black. Then we have folk's that will strictly vote for a candidate simply because he/ she belong's to a certain denomination of religion ... yet at the same time, when crucial issue's come up, we bitch but dont act ... I mean ... what the fuck is it with us? Is this what we have become to get turned off and on by? Is this and related petty social issue's the only reason it take's to get us off our asses and vote? Do we need a certain buzz phrase, ethnicity, costume, or a candidate to sing lullaby's to inspire us? For anyone who read's this who may be in another country beside's America, I'll be honest with ya'll ... American's can also be some lazy fuck's when it come's to certain thing's.

When I talk about getting out and voting with some folk's, I get the sense that alot of folk's think I'm a lil off in the head ... as if I'm pissing in the wind, without directly telling me that, and the talk that it's become pointless to vote, more or less ... as if I dont know this ... geeez man ... I alwayz point this out and write about it even till my finger's are about to fall off, just look at this journal ... I'm not bloody blind. Folk's wonder not only how can I put so much faith in voting, but even support President Obama especially when thing's are not what folk's consider as having been enough change, or because the objection's that I had with some of his move's, etc, etc. Or why would I even vote when the evidence is as clear as day now, and even from what I say or write that not much of anything "can" change, due to the corruption and monetary influence in Washington? Or because of the voter suppression measure's that has been being proposed and taken, etc?But that isnt my point when it come's to voting ... voting is a right that was handed down to us since the start of this nation, I'm one that utilize's what right's I do have, whether it's the right to vote, or if it's in the court of law ... and Why shouldnt I? is the real question. I dont worry either over petty social buzz phrases such as "gun right's" either ... why? .. because ... it's a right, the 2nd Amendment is clear as day what it sayz ... why in Hell should I worry because some whiner sayz they dont like gun's? I dont give a shit ... dont buy one. But simple issue's like that for instance, dont concern me a bit ... or issue's like some candidate will allow me to have oral sex on sundayz if I vote for them (fictional example) ... I dont think you get the picture ... I do what the Hell I feel like and can ... whether it's to carry a gun, or suck off everyone I want, on any day that I want ... period! I want to see action on importante issue's, that affect our live's, income's, infrastructure, domestic need's, etc.

The bottom line is this when it come's to the vote ... sure, I know there is not going to be any significant change in any reasonable time frame ... I sure as Hell wrote and talked about it enough. This election 2012 only two parties will dominate the mainstream of Washington ... there IS NO alternative yet that is strong enough to challenge that. The choice is clear as day of what each will do. A majority of Republican's (and I AM conservative on some thing's ... being sort of tripartisan ... inde, conservative and liberal) in Washington will just take us into a hole fast, sure it may work as far as Romney saying he can create more job's ... but your question should be ... what will it require him and his party to do, to get that going? ... You got it! ... deregulate every goddamn thing imaginable and give Wall St. a total season pass on everything instantly, dropping wage's more, breaking up union's, us having to try to compete with pay and benefit's that are inspired by 3rd world country government's in impoverished nation's that are also owned by Wall St ... maybe not a bunch of new taxes ... but more fine's, fee's, and penalties than you can shake a stick at, etc, etc. The Democrat's and President Obama? ... still a few more inches up the ass, but less and at a much slower rate, and far more listening to the actual need's of this country ... a smoother ride for all of us during this global economic transition which is destined to fail on it's own anywayz in time ... they will take more of our complaint's as well into consideration ... Republican's WONT ... Republican's outright dont give a rat's ass if we dont like it or do, and they dont waste time, when they want law ... they write and pass it pronto, and frankly dont give a shit what anyone thinx ... and will tell you ... they got God's approval ... and that's all that count's ... case closed.

Yes ... Money is still the major influence of Capitalism Hill, and there wont be a cake walk and entrance to Utopia ahead ... beside's ... as I mentioned before ... we will need a few more inches up the ass, and a couple more crack's of the whip across our back to get us more off our ass ... dont worry ... that will come 2013 and beyond ... which will inspire us to even act further and explore other avenue's, become more educated, and most importantly ... more diversified in our strategic defense. In the meantime ... why take a hard ride any harder than we need to, if we have the opportunity to at least suppress that, eh? Why dont we give them a hard ride for a change? ... You dont like the current muscle of Wall St in our government? ... well ... vote against them and sign every goddamn petition and join every goddamn boycott you can ... send a CLEAR message back and vote against them ... dont just willingly sink out of sloth, laziness, lack of enthusiasm.

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