Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SUZE ORMAN (PT.3) ... "THINK!!" ... "Getting BONED with your Student LOAN" (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.4)

Despite all the criticism and joke's about Suze Orman ... I still think she make's alot of sense, so for year's I have listened to her ... and most of the time she has been on target. Beside's ... coming from a $400 a month waitress job living in her vehicle, to being worth now $25 million from "actually working", she's got my vote!

Some morning breakfast for thought below because we are beginning to spend more and getting in debt more ... once again on the merry- go- round. I know that job's/ employment have increased/ risen ... but you also have to look carefully at "what" kind of job's, payscale's, longevity, and how much and what way you want to invest in the education or what level ... basically a key word here ... THINK!!

Suze Orman discusses student debt and the predatory lending practices of Sallie Mae ... Thanx to BCBSIL12 ... video recorded from "Remaking America Panel" 12 January 2012

College Graduates: Smart, Broke, and Unemployed ... Thanx to ThinkTank

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Blues Brothers- THINK (Aretha Franklin) ... Thanx to DHEGGO ... and to go along with breakfast and fitting, a lil wake up music from the Queen of Soul : ) ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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