Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sen. Bernie Sanders & Crew "GRIND'S the BEHIND'S" of CFTC & "Capitalism Hill" (Gas Price's At The Pump 2012 PT.3)

Part 3 of "Gas Price's At The Pump 2012", is more great news for American consumer's as far as regulatory reform and the related is concerned ... and also credit here to this Administration for pushing through this "Financial Reform Bill" as it did, early back at the start of this President and Administration, along with all other consumer protection's legislation that President Obama and posse pushed. Even though they done thing's that I didnt like as I pointed out ... overall ... they done more that was beneficial for us, than the opposite. And this Guy Bernie Sanders ... I sware, this Guy doesnt miss a beat ... geeezzz Bernie, if all our rep's worked as hard as you we would really even be more bankrupt from having to give them raises!

Frankly when I done the last 2 posting's of this series, I didnt even know that "Excessive Speculation (oversight/ enforcement)" legislation was even part of the new financial reform bill, and that this legislation had been already law put in place for the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). Now over a year past due ... someone need's to to start cracking the goddamn whip up there, and lighting some fire to some of their asses, this is what you get when you have dysfunctional and incompetent worker's on a job site when push come's to shove and the job need's to get done. Again ... all this crap is a result of a speculation/ gambling/ betting game.

To show the nuttyness of this speculation's game in the oil market's, they have us jumping for joy then putting on our sad puppy dog face's week after week ... no ... I shit ya'll not! For instance ... at the end of last week the major media's were announcing that pump price's dropped a whopping 3/ 10th's of 1% ... yesterday at the end of this week ... the same media's with responding "expert's" to tell us how we should react were announcing that it went up in that week after the drop to 2%. Again ... as I posted in other posting's early in this journal ... it's like a haggler's game okay? ... you start the bid at $2 buck's a gallon, bump it to $4 buck's a gallon over some make- believe crisis, then lower it to $3 buck's a gallon, to where everyone think's their getting a bargain ... when you didnt get jack shit. I mean ... we are the consumer's ... and consumption by customer's mean just as much as those who just buy share's of stock's to play with, we dont buy ... ya'll dont fly ... get it? This touches every bloody industry that is essential to a healthy economy ... so save all that communism/ socialism, non- free market shit talking for someone stupid enough to buy it.

Listen to Bernie below ... and for the whiner's that say thing's like ... "Oh No ... Boo- Hoo , it's all over" ... "Nothing's gonna get done' ... "No one's gonna listen" etc, etc ... step to the side and whine and let real folk's take action at least!

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***** ABC NEWS/ USA TODAY: Oil and Gas Traders Fight Curbs on Futures Speculation

***** Letter to CFTC Chairman and Commissioner's concerning their negligence to address as by law/ legislation the issue of "excessive oil speculation"

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Beach Bum said...

speculation's game

That is all it is, I remember back before the 2006 and 2008 election gas prices dropped right before teh voting. Can't help but feel the oil companies are trying to hurt Obama.

Ranch Chimp said...

Of course Bum ... your on target about oil giant's in particular that are out to oust President Obama, and it's unbalanced ... this goes to show you the addiction we have today concerning "excessive greed" ... this President has been as bipartisan as anyone can hope for especially when it come's to business, considering enviromental change's, current world market's, and defending region's that are oil rich, etc ... their not satisfied ... they want the GOP to have total power, because through they will have total private ownership of the globe ... long story.

Thanx for your voice here Bum ....