Friday, March 16, 2012

H.R.347 ... "Declaring ALL the Sacred Ground's & Heaven's" ... The MARTIAL LAW Edition {: O ... (THE AWAKENING PT. 14)

This posting to look at the recent H.R. 347 piece that was passed ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... as soon as this damn thing was even proposed, million's were all over it like a cheap suit, from the left to the right and everything in- between ... that's why this "awakening" we are having now is so healthy of a time for our nation and the globe ... it show's/ display's the "true colour's" of many in our government, while also keeping us vigilant, eh? Does it violate our first amendment right? ... "Yes" and "No" both ... read any law closely and understand how to utilize it and court's. I mean, in "law" there are more complexities, and loophole's, avenue's for defense and challenge than there are tax loophole's for millionaire's! : ) Example: "Intent" to impede and/ or "disrupt" ... establish "intent"! and/ or what precedent, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) All this is about is making sacred ground haven's ... think they can do this to the entire country and population? They're dreaming :-)

This well should concern folk's ... again, because everything can slide the slippery slope, and some of these folk's that write and propose these bill's are just slithering piece's of shit to begin with, with a law degree ... everything is in "law". At the same time ... other's rush these thing's through because of their "fear", then you have of course the indirect/ direct lobbying and corporate interest's to privatize, suppress, and govern the entire nation and globe, while holding even most of our representation hostage ... again ... stop the $$buck$$ and this worn out way of campaigning and funding, and this shit will cease to gain any ground, bottom line. And rest assured, plenty are working on that.

But one of the main reason's I wanted to post this, is because over the last few dayz, the panic response has been enormous ... I mean ... heading's like "Obama Signed Martial Law", "It's the End for America", etc, etc ... mostly from the left and right both blaming the entire thing on the President because he signed it. I mean ... what the fuck did we expect the President to do, on a cleverly legislated piece, that want's to make Capitalism Hill and ground's sacred and off limit's to folk's who may take pop shot's (gun- fire) at politician's? The issue should only be, that this make's any restricted area or government area anywhere's vulnerable to suppressing protest's/ free speech ... and what is "peaceful or violent" (assembly) by todayz politically correct wimpy definition's too? The law is written to where a burger joint frequented by any of these diplomat's/ dignitaries, or any politically protected politician's, corporate figure's, or Secret Service personel may be at.

But still ... no biggie, that it's being blown up to be ... it hasnt been much in mainstream news only because they are also dictated to do what their told to a degree, especially in major election year's ... and right now the hot plate to feed the masses is these goofball's they have campaigning to run against the President in November 2012. First place this will be challenged to the max from every avenue when push come's to shove, in every damn court from the top on down coast to coast, and every other way it can. They gonna felonize and lock down million's of people? Who's gonna pay for it? How much economic and political disruption will it cause? Sure ... some journalist's are saying they are scared to cover thing's under these condition's or will have to go anonymous, folk's saying they will be afraid to hold up sign's and voice loudly in public, etc, etc ... if this scare's you, or sitting in a jail cell for a few dayz ... dont cover/ do it, plain and simple. But million's are going to and their not going to hide either, or be afraid ... you can also find plenty of solidarity and support behind bar's too : )

But this talk about "martial law" ... again as I previously said time and again ... you would never need to declare martial law, unless of course your politically suicidal, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... they just put lil law's in place here and there to criminalize everything, the same way they make a buck doing it . No, I cant blame this on the President! ... nonsense ... he didnt write the bloody bill, any more than "God" wrote the Holy Bible : ) ... and what was he supposed to do? tell his colleague's and his own familia that he wont sign a bill to give them protection on their turf? ... this was passed so quick and almost unanimously in Congress, it was bipartisan with everyone jumping all over it ... they usually cant get a goddamn thing done, but they can get this shit done in a jiffy ... show's you how thing's work up there, eh? This WILL be challenged ... enough said.

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