Thursday, March 29, 2012

FACEBOOK for FACE CROOK's Scam's ... The Time's and The Crime's ... To Keep in MIND (MO OF YO MONEY PART 7)

Part 7 here of "Mo of Yo Money" is no biggie, but big enough to at least have in this journal/ series for reference ... I mean ... only $100 million got scammed last year on this bite, so it wasnt in the billion's such as with the big rip- off's, but still significant enough to where it had an impact on many American's. Again ... it's just good to be aware, because so many are out to get your money. I just had a young couple over at the house for instance earlier, that brought me some paperwork to look at, with the usual threat's of an account they didnt pay off a few year's back (3rd party type shit, so nothing can get connected to one source basically), and offer's that were made to them to settle (with someone else), etc ... bottom line ... I pointed out some thing's to them to show that they were being "had" ... I mean, this poor couple was worried about it out the ass, the poor guy's wife all nervous and freaking out, etc ... basically they were being hustled and illegally at that ... yes, as professional/ official as the letter's looked, it was all a scam ... storefront address and mailbox not with a typical U.S. Mail PO Box, they use private mail center's and buy boxes so that when the heat come's down (law) they cant be connected to federal charge's ... too complex to write about here though in short.

Lesson number one when it come's to scam's and such (whether it's a Wall St hustle or a basic street hustle, spanish prisoner, pigeon drop, lotto ticket share scam etc, etc) ... understand that they feed off fear and emotion's (emotion's including "excitement", thinking there is such a thing as getting something for nothing, etc) and there are more scam's out there than you can shake a stick at, I mean ... I dont think a month or two goes by, before someone around town is telling me something that they are being milked for and a slightly different angle as they explain to me what's happening ... but just stick to the objective, understand the motive, and you can stay a step ahead ... because understand, they who are out to screw you, are ALWAYZ one step up on you. Never let your emotion's, fear's, excitement, greed,etc ... get in the way of your reasoning or questioning, that is where you fuck up, discipline is importante, bottom line. Know when to walk. Below is just another one.

***** ABC NEWS (VIDEO): Facebook Scammers Con Families ... this is the video to highlight this posting

***** CIMIP (Center For Identity Management and Information Protection): Identity Theft News

***** FACEBOOK: Scam Alert Advisory




make_17 said...

Unfortunately, there are still tons of Facebook scams out there…There is a new iPhone app recently released, called Scam Detector, which exposes like 500 scams. It is worth checking it out, if you have an iPhone. The app is also online - they have a free web version, if interested. Google it, it's kinda cool, actually.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You