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This Part 17 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will also serve as another series in this journal dedicated to and on "America's Prostitute's". Some newsread below on this recent exploding case which will probably get alot of atencion soon, after all, it's already the "Talk of New York". First of all, the reader may wonder if I am partial as far as favouritism of prostitution?, Yes I am 110% ... as I explain in Part One below of "America's Prostitute's" as of "why?". If these kind of issue's/ topic's offend's anyone, you should not read it, period.

***** NEWYORKDAILYNEWS.COM: High- end madam busted for running upper East Side brothel is a suburban mom with four children

***** MAILONLINE: Pictured in court: Soccer mom- of- four accused of making millions from Manhattan brothel used by rich and famous- as police hunt for 'matchmaker'


***** RCJ: DEBORAH JEANE PALFREY: (DC MADAME PT.2) ... A Tribute to Ms. Palfrey ... Alaina, Danielle ... & "AMERICA'S PROSTITUTE'S PT.1"



These posting's are sort of an "IOU", being fortunate enough to live in a 21st century with a computer to where I can honour those who were inspiration's to me in my childhood and raised me partially as well. As I explained in Part One of "America's Prostitute's" ... Alaina and Danielle treating me like their own child when they took me in off the cold street's as a teenager, and as Harmon Loft told me as a kid ... "Never be ashamed of where you come from ... and never forget those who helped you" (similar wording) ... without some of these folk's in my childhood and younger year's, I frankly would probably not even be here today! So I "owe" these folk's and will continue to press these issue's/ topic's in this journal as long as I'm breathing, despite their popularity or not ... I dont give a shit about "popularity".

"Prostitution" has become such a "nasty" pop culture attack word for million's of American's, more recently even than year's back in our neo politically correct high moral's society. On the left the feminist's complain endlessly about the exploitation of women, on the right the morality masses whine about it endlessly with even radio show host's like Rush Limbaugh labeling women who arent even working in the trade as "slut's" and "prostitute's", sounding like he's a member of the Taliban ... and many of the in- between crowd's looking at them as an embarrassment or for laugh's and insult's. The client's vary from the upper scale's to working class scale's of our society ... it's like heroin as Chris Rock once said ... "Everybody is complaining about it, yet the business is exploding" (similar word's) ... somebody sure as Hell is full of shit here, I know that much!

Of course in Mrs Gristina's case ... the villian talk is they "suspect" that there were underage ladies involved as well, and she bragged about making million's and supposedly they have a person close to her who was laundering the money, and she was evading taxes ... hardly a thing about the client's though of high standing in this case. Yet ... even with the client's ... whether they are left or right (which alwayz turn's into the issue with our narrowmindedness, polarization, petty whining and such) ... what is wrong with a fella who can afford it, and pay $1000/ $2000 for sex? They even have a nationwide hunt for her alleged partner Jayne Mae Baker, and have spent probably a million or more on 5 year's of investigation's and 100 hour's or so of wiretap's ... imagine that! All to investigate the crime of the century it seem's of Madam's and their Adam's (John's/ date's). Even some married couple's indulge in hiring prostitute's for 3rd and 4th party participant's for sex ... is that "wrong"?

I dont think folk's realize the thousand's or even in the million's of poor girl's in this country who for one reason or another are stuck in an underground street society and slaving for dope or a place to stay, turning trick's for $10/ $20 buck's a pop, some having to turn out up to 10X time's a day to keep a roof over their head. And all this including being victim's of law enforcement as well as the street's because of exactly how we treat the issue of prostitution, period! Again ... women like Mrs. Grestina are providing a needed clean ligit service for an industry that has been degraded for too long in this nation, and should be legal.

In turn, the HIV/ STD rate's in this nation have exploded in communities across America, the lower slave trade underworld has total control over the industry, amongst those who are not fortunate enough to have the protection they deserve, and there's no zoning whatsoever (like a red light district, such as in place's like Germany) if both parties are consenting and of age, there shouldnt be an issue ... this also increases the crime in these area's and force's many of these non- violent offender's to be crammed into jail/ detention's across the nation to where corporate privatized detention facilities can make $40K a year off of ... some of them CEO's and such even participating in the activities with the prostitute's themselves, and/ or even running prostitution service's out of the detention facilities, turning these gal's and some young men into life long slave's.

Mrs. Gristina is a mother of 4 and called a suburban mom ... which has been increasing big time across America because of the bind that we are financially in too, it is exploding right here in nicer suburban area's of Dallas even. Are these type's "wrong" for trying to provide the best they can for their families/ children in an ever increasing society of debt and milking every dollar from everyone, reduced wage's/ benefit's, etc? As far as the talk of the rich, famous, upper clientle or whatever ... let them spend their money, it's good for business, many of them get tax write- off's on everything else as it is. For me, not only in Texas, but across America ... prostitution should be legalized, period.

Enough on this ... I'm outta here


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