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KONY 2012: People DEMANDING JUSTICE & Empowering People or Humanitarian Rhetoric for Occupation?

This posting is an issue that I knew nothing about, yet have talked in this journal time and again about thing's like people empowering people, benefit's of this so called social media's in the people's interest's, these new austerity measure's going in wave's across the globe, and thing's related to OWS and "THE AWAKENING" series, etc. I'm not a humanitarian, but I'm also not anti- humanitarian either, in other word's ... I just dont believe that I should unconditionally "love" just anyone, including those who are against me, and I understand in a pop culture type mindset whether your left or right, that may be difficult to understand. I am compassionate though, I have recently took interest's in Syria, simply because I think that the slaughter has been a tad too much, more like an ethnic cleansing ordeal of sort ... yet at the same time ... some Syrian's may just want folk's like myself to stay out of their business too. Yet on another avenue in order to keep a fair and balanced perspective, I have to look at all side's, motive's, etc. I am one as you can see, that even's question's our own government, I have alwayz felt like that is a healthy part of the democracy end, and not just go on blind faith regardless of what side of the two polarizing evil's that I vote for ... I vote Democrat for instance ... but am not "married" as many to one party, or just one way of thinking, if that make's any sense.

But this video that has gotten so much atencion I had to post about, because the YouTube and media is saturated with it, and the 2012 election's are up, etc. The video alone (which is the last one here) is a real tear- jerker, but at the same time we know from experience that not everything is alwayz as it appear's, eh? So questioning is essential. 75 million or so has jumped on this video and the buck's are rolling in bigtime from the concerned masses ... it is also importante to seek accountability for every single dollar as well as questioning all political motive's and have a clear view of how the world really function's, for our own awareness, prosperity and defense. I dont know enough about the Ugandan issue here, beside's what I hear in media's, I havent even been to Uganda or Africa. But at the same time I could rattle on about government, religious, and social propaganda tool's and machine's endlessly, because that is how twisted and non straight forward this era is. This awareness and people empowering other's is a plus, but you still want to keep sharp, okay? Otherwise, you will be abused ... that's just the nature of the species currently.

So I chose to post first two video's from a couple guy's who do have many question's before the tear- jerker to be able to look at the film in a way looking at the other side of it as well ... and special Thanx to again RT AMERICA for covering this like such. As far as the bigtime support from the Hollywood star's ... it's great, but also I am more concerned with those in the trenches too ... I mean ... what Hollywood folk's do and how they live is a world of it's own ... if you been to Hollywood or Beverly Hills, you know what I mean ... so I cant just bank on the testimony of star celebrities either, without questioning. I am all for also helping allies who need help ... but at the same time question those in our government as you can see throughout this journal and looking at the motive's, incentive's etc ... and I also question how much we ignore with allies and why? No doubt that this Kony is pretty hardcore, I dont doubt some of the thing's he's been accused of, it's pretty typical of those type's.

The President has already sent in a military crew of approximately 100 to hunt this Kony character ... is and will he be that difficult to find? ... perhap's a new Boogeyman like Bin Laden to search for, for a decade, who is so clever to avoid capture? Seem's odd how we can get thing's done when our interest's and investor's are in on it ... but otherwise were on our own, eh? I also wonder if this man can be brought to justice or whatever folk's are demanding, simply by putting a bounty on him? The donation's coming from the people could be also used for such a bounty fee maybe, or even say some of them contract rent- a- mercenaries that we constantly buy/ rent to occupy countries after we withdraw, such as we done in Iraq, or have a covert Navy Seal's, CIA or other operation, perhap's the people with the donation's can hire some of these military and strategic covert plan's, eh? ... Oh ... I'm sorry, I forgot, only mega corporate entities that want to be "people" for election's reason's, yet dont want to be people when it come's to accountability and lawsuit's, and campaign funding, war/ occupation lobby money can only be spent in that manner by them, eh? Supposedly he isnt in Uganda anymore, so that's another guessing game as to where. The people put up alot of money and support, there shouldnt be too much problemo trying to capture him and his crew. But this should be interesting how this turn's out, especially any possible political impact as well here.

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