Saturday, March 31, 2012

GLOCK 17 ... A Looksy for Home Defense (SELF DEFENSE PT.10)

Part 10 of the "Self Defense" series is to basically focus on the Glock 17/ 9mm as far as home defense weapons of choice, and partly because 3 guy's I've known over the year's ... Tracy, Billy, and Joe Christ have alwayz argued that they wouldnt have any other choice for home/ self defense, and Tracy worked also doing nightclub security as well (not carrying in the club though), so he carried on the street as well as home as his primary defense weapon of choice, period.

Other's have said (more than most) that a shotgun is the best in the home, and no doubt that the shotgun such as the 12 guage is a popular choice and almost a sure shot for that matter, economical, etc. But I never liked much myself the idea of moving around with a rifle as far as home defense, to each their own. If you live in the city like an apartment/ condo, it can be ideal to make sure you hit and to not have much other damage as bullet's going through wall's and possibly ending up where they shouldnt or a neighboring occupant/ tenant. I like revolvers too ...  I find that the Ruger .357 magnum is a real nice handgun and can use .38 reload ammo on the range ( to save a few buck's), a lil large for street concealed for me, but nice to have around the house ... but also when you have only a half dozen shot's, you may like to have a couple speed loader's too ... this standard Glock has a 17 magazine, which is nice.

You can easily find 1001 opinion's as far as choice. I chose this gentleman's (Nic Taylor) video below for his "reason" of choice though. These Glock's are simple, basic, easy handling, nice grip, smooth, and very reliable. Having the rail for light/ laser is also a plus at home or just out and about, and if you want to also look for a holster or other accessories, you can try this place .


Home Defense Guns ... Thanx to NICTAYLOR00

***** BUDSGUNSHOP.COM (just a worthwhile site I wanted to add)



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