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BLACK SABBATH PT.1: "War Pigs", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", & " Paranoid"

(left to right) Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi & Bill Ward

This posting/ induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is another that's way past due, to honour "Black Sabbath" , and I have searched for some of the best footage audio and visual- wise I could of some of their root's/ foundation of the company, with the original line- up of Geezer Butler (bass), Tony Iommi (guitar's), Ozzy Osbourne (vocal's) and Bill Ward (drum's/ percussion's) over month's of cruisin YouTube, yet trying to keep it raw and not the huge production, just to kind of present a storyline if you will, of the theme's behind the composition's, and there are so many great's beside's these 3 that are even in the archive's of classic's of all time in this metal genre. And what a sound they created as well, and mega inspiration to metal from classic to black/ death, to speed metal across the board, even punk group's that have covered their worx to mainstream commercial pop music artist's.

The base foundation and composition that drove this to such a long success and existence, I have to credit alot to Mr. Iommi, although Ozzy as well had so much input on it ... my wife Rosalie is a fan especially of Tony's guitar work too. But to shorten some of what I have to say here, and let Wikipedia above cover much ... Sabbath, another blue's/ rock group out of the Birmingham (UK) area, didnt even have surely a direction or name for that matter in the late 1960's ... and it was a horror movie showing in a nearby theatre called "Black Sabbath" (early 1960's I believe) that inspired the group's deciding name, I know that they went for a tad by the name "Earth", and were impressed by the line's of people going to see this horror movie ... wanting to try something a lil different as well, they tuned down their guitar's, to give it more of a deep and darker tone/ sound ... and started incorporating everything into the lyric's from horror to the occult to politic's and war ... so their lyric's are importante here, setting a strong foundation and legacy. Even after Ozzy left the crew in the late 1970's, Iommi kept the theme strong, and even Ozzy solo with his own project achieved a Hell of alot of success! Well, the original line- up appear's to be re- united in late 2011. Even though they maintained such greatness after Ozzy with iconic vocalist's such as Ronnie James Dio (DIO) and folk's like Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), on classic fav album's such as "Dehumanizer" or other's.

The influence this crew had in music of this genre is incredible, in the rank's of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix even ... I mean like ... who out there hasnt covered Sabbath tune's playing this genre of music? How many great's have created cover's? (one excellent example here) How many bill's and jamm's have they been on with other great's over 4 decade's? An ex- girlfriend of mine who was an outstanding metal bassist "Margarita Salazar" (Margie) down Mexico way was mainly inspired by "Geezer Butler" . So many young artist's as well are inspired to this day by the early root's of this crew. Just a few month's ago I was browsing a music store, a kid (19 I found out later) was sitting on a amp cabinet trying out a new Gibson SG (guitar) ... belting out all these classic guitar lick's/ pattern's of Iommi/ Sabbath ... he absolutely blew me away, I just had to talk to him ... telling him, he really brought back some memories and I thought his work was great (sadly I cant remember the young man's name to post here). While I was blown away by his playing, he was blown away by the fact that I have actually seen Sabbath "live" back in the dayz of Ozzy and the original crew (I'm no chicken at 56 : ), all of the sudden this kid was questioning me on everything from distortion boxes, tube amp's, monitor's, wah- wah pedal's, etc ... I equally blown away by his knowledge of music! But yes, I have seen them back in the dayz as well as late, and even Ozzy's solo project ... probably one of the most memorable show's I attended had to be the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" tour back in the mid 1970's at the San Antonio Convention Center ... just a show that was to perfection, as well as seeing Ozzy's project in huge outdoor stadium's like the Cotton Bowl/ Dallas with crowd's peaking over 90,000 and huge stage tech's/ prop's/ production's.

But enough out of me here, and below from the early dayz to sampling the new live reunited sound of today ... Enjoy!

Black Sabbath- War Pigs - Live 1970 ... Thanx to BLACK SABBATH

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath FULL! ... Thanx to THEREVEREND748

Black Sabbath- Paranoid- Live 1970- (Subtitulada) ... Thanx to JUAMPE MARTINEZ S.


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