Sunday, March 18, 2012

$2.50 Gallon GAS !! ... HURRY While SUPPLIES LAST!! ... Sponsored by: N.G. Petroleum Company N.A. (Gas Price's At The Pump 2012 PT.4)

This Part 4 of "Gas Price's At The Pump 2012" is basically done in humour, so not to be taken seriously and especially NOT TO BE VIEWED BY ANYONE UNDER AGE 18 ... because it is so nonsensical, that it can lead to brain damage in children.

Again of course ... I just had to post this one, because of the sillyness of this political desperation ... this candidate below Gingrich, was actually pulling this year basically the same campaign vote- sales pitch, that Sarah Palin was selling in her pitch a couple year's back (Palin Petroleum aka "Pee-Pee Oil N.A.", was a tad cheaper at $2 buck's a gallon, so I reckon it's because of inflation now for N.G. Petroleum's price) ... all the evidence of what drive's the market's is in plain view right now ... I am shocked that anyone would even donate to this campaign drive ... Yes ... this man has a donation site set up, to ask for donation's to make this happen ... and even claim's he can do this as job one his first year in office. I dont need to say anything more ... this speak's for itself.

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$2.50 Gas Join Us To Make It Happen ... NGINGRICH

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Truth 101 said...

That's how Newt got his current wife. He said although his pecker was only two inches long he could make it 9 inches within a year.

Ranch Chimp said...

Truth/ Joe: ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... havent heard that one Joe ... I reckon that's fiscally romantic?

Later Guy .... Thanx for your input here ....