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GUNS N' ROSES: "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Welcome To The Jungle", & "Paradise City" (A "Tess" Pick)

This induction/ choice for the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" was picked by a friend of many years Tess Bordeaux for this series, and Thanx Tess! Of course I reviewed so many, the YouTube quantity of this iconic crew is large, trying for the best audio/ visual I could find. Tess wasnt in the music industry, but is an inde artist who makes (by hand/ painting) art/ designs as well for low- rider cars, and tattoos etc, locally, and was into modeling for awhile years back, but she does have good taste with an eye and ear for music, art, and fashion. But also because doing a posting on this band "Guns N' Roses" is a past due must for this journal, to especially highlight 3 song's here from their debut 1987 album release called "Appetite For Destruction" (3 of Tess' choice's), which are a classic masterpiece of work from these gent's, so also a must for this journal's honour roll, this LP within a year went to the Billboard 200 as No#1 then.

From what I gather Axl Rose (vox) is the only original remaining member these dayz ... and what an outstanding vocalist he was as well here, great showmanship across the board, another in the first class category as far as the commercial music industry of rock! But this debut and crew was really tight on this, and Thanx for ya'll's contribution's to the art's. Enjoy!



Guns n' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine ... Thanx to GUNSNROSES VEVO

Guns N' Roses- Welcome To The Jungle ... Thanx to GUNSNROSESVEVO

Guns N' Roses- Paradise City (Live In Tokyo II) ... Thanx to GODIINHOO



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AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: "ObamaCare" or "Socialized Medicine"? ... NO ... It's "CORPORATE CARE AMERICA" Taxing (Health Care SNOWEjob PT.10) & (Jumping For Joy in America PT.5)

I first wanted to highlight the response here from my main man, Sen. Bernie Sanders below ....

A Good Day For America ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

This Part 10 of the "Health Care SNOWEjob" & Part 5 of the "Jumping For Joy in America" series will take a looksy at the newest U.S. Supreme Court ruling on what is called the "Affordable Care Act", which of course the right wing started calling "ObamaCare", then even some on the left were so intoxicated with the name, they even out of pop culture love decided to take the name with pride and most of the media's today are doing of course the expected ... the left jumping for joy , and the right whining in misery, etc, etc ... and it is actually difficult to get a non left/ right look and opinion of this in any of these media's for the most part, once again, we are letting those in power think for us and reacting. This is one of those time's where I DONT like being right/ accurate, but unfortuantely this turned out exactly how I suspected it would thoughout these posting's. I am not thinking in a right/ left mindset here, so it may be difficult to understand for some, because I AM an Obama supporter and voting Democrat, and pleased that this President at least get's credit for this, and Congratulation's Sir! ... with all the miseries they put this man through on this. So you would automatically think that I would be jumping up and down with tear's of joy, but I'm one that doesnt evaluate thing's from one or two angle's, I'm kind of like an urban type survivalist, so I learned the hard way through life to look at thing's from an alternative perspective let's say. But that's not to say that there arent many positive's in this, and it is some of the most biggest of, let's say "change" instead of "reform" for this, cause actual financial reform hasnt even been touched in this, that we ever seen in my life at least, just not enough from my view. After all for political reason's again ... they will not throw bone's/ treat's/ trinket's to the dog's unless they expect to get support for another motive or idea they have, because it wouldnt happen, just like the pitch you get when you buy a new car, all the chain of command, your salesperson having to consult and negotiate with management or whatever, etc, etc ... I make it easy and simple for the salesperson, I tell them what I want, what I want to spend and on what term's, this way, no one's time is wasted, if they dont present me a straight quick deal right there ... I walk, period. I mean, if you cant cut me a deal yourself, I must be dealing with the wrong person in other word's.

I have wrote throughout this series where I stood on this, being a "public option" of some percentage, because without one, there IS NO option, or even any real free market competition for that matter, plain and simple as it get's, with nothing to dissect or analyze. Those calling this Obamacare or socialized medicine/ healthcare/ socialism, or even a bloody "Affordable Care Act" are all incorrect on what they label this as, and so inaccurate it isnt funny anymore ... because frankly it is none of the above ... what you have basically to accurately put it is just a new government and Supreme Court supported version of "Corporate Care in America", basically being NOT a public type government sponsored thing that resemble's socialism, but as close to one that you will see being that it level's the playing field some for the consumer, so the victor's in this are NOT only the citizen's/ people, but also who played our politician's to make this happen, the corporate sector, and then of course locking it in through the Supreme Court showdown, getting the people in a frenzy of anticipation, hope, etc. Even though so many Democrat's of course will cheer this till the cow's come home, as they constantly talked about how public option still had a chance when it really didnt, making excuses for this and that, then when public option was dropped, they changed their tune and said ... well at least we got this or that, people like that have basically not much strength or even determination, so to follow them, basically make's you weak as well.  The right wing today is just as weak and blind talking about how we have fell into socialism (geeezz, sometime's I wish they were right!), but as far as this "reform", it's a start, but doesnt address the initial problem of too much corporate/ financial influence, but more fine's, fee's, penalties in the form of what's called a "tax", but from the corporate dictator's that bought out our government basically, which is why I explained in past posting's the wayz and complexities that they will twist this into, and title's they will label them as. Folk's are suprised they say that Justice Roberts ruled in favour with the left? ... come now, surely your not that suprised/ blind as to why, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Some CNN read linked below, then I will explain how these title's are inaccurate, and a look at the non left/ right reality of what we do have.

***** CNN/ MONEY: Supreme Court Says Health Mandate's A Tax

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Your Health Care is covered, but who's going to treat you? ... (***** this was added later)



But all in all this so far has more twist's in it than a goddamn pile of metal's at a scrap yard, because of all the back door slip in's, special interest's, left/ right political battle's, etc, etc that got thrown into this as well, so to make it simple there isnt any public option or even anything remotely close to any competition, in other word's the various companies that created this, all are still pretty much under the same board of director's, kind of like having investment banking CEO's managing an oversight committee on banking, nothing more. I say it isnt truely an "affordable care act" because there hasnt even been ANY reform on the overblown milking and care cost's across the board in any of this, meaning the outcome is just simply another over inflated health care plan made mandatory now by law. The care will be affordable in this respect as I posted in earlier posting's that there will be different "level's" and "label's" of care ... some great, some just inferior at inflated cost's to the consumer, basically alot more of community care type cattle clinic's that are more like the charity place's, except now, the money goes to the government in the form of a "tax" then of course end's up in the hand's of the industries that truely regulate it, making this so far from socialized medicine or government as it get's, meaning again, this socialized medical talk is pointless, except to drive emotion's of the people for political reason's. They may not be able to turn you down with a pre- existing condition, but let's see what kind of care a person get's based on class as far as accessibility in the longrun, I'll leave that there. Proving it or holding them accountable is another thing, same as when you apply for a job, they cant look at your age, colour, gender, etc, etc ... but they all do all the time. You cant have anything truely fair if you have no balance, get my drift?

As long as if there is some kind of oversight on how the billing/ charge's are dealt with, it will be a plus, but if you end up with thing's like this "PBS/ FRONTLINE: DOLLARS & DENTISTS" but instead in the medical industry, you will have another issue. What I'm saying is the "expansion" of thing's like medicare or medicaid (whichever it's called?) and the federal dollar's to state's, etc, is a plus, BUT ... WE MUST see how that is being used by these medical companies and the corporate finance plan's or such that will do business with it, etc, etc, I dont worry over government subsidies as much as I worry about the corporate subsidies, eh? : ) ... there will be alot of new money up for grab's, it's good for the people/ consumer, but you need to "watch" those who grab it too, get my drift? : ) Without close oversight this can lead to a financial disaster too, this is "why" I like as much government in these thing's as possible, and YES, I trust government more than mega corporate folk's, the reason "why" is as clear as day with their history of recent. As far as the whining over this out of this right wing ... I dont even see what in Hell their whining about !!?, except maybe forcing small businesses to fork out more money or something, and even that is up for grab's as far as  employer's being able to opt out (the worker cant opt out of nothing) and pay the fine instead, which you know will choose what profit's the business the most, and this state to state nonsense where each state can decide what they want to do, I'm a Texan, so I understand state's independence, but some thing's should not be dealt with state to state and should be mandatory federal law for every state, because the southern state's or "red" state's, are quicker to abuse this. I mean ... the victory here for the medical industries is a BIG PLUS in so many wayz, as LONG as they dont manipulate cost's too much or method's, service, etc.

ObamaCare or socialized government care and all that bubble head talk ... nonsense ... look at some of the countries that really do have national care, even our closest neighbour's of Canada and Mexico to see what true across the board government sponsored care really is about, not this Willie Foo- Foo talk nonsense. The timing for all of this was perfect because it get's both the right and the left either in joy or a frenzy and of course the support that follow's, bottom line there is the people's/ government's need's werent fully addressed as the partisan political and corporate need's. It's basically corporate taxation ... again, I have no issue with paying more taxes to OUR GOVERNMENT for overall social and domestic need's as any in any more social type country would (I even believe a certain amount of socialism is healthy), I am all for it, but not all for simply privatizing and reducing what government we do have left, and that's all you end up with, and with this new Supreme Court ruling making corporation's a person now, and the schlew of commercial advertising now by these entities how oil/ energy companies are the new enviromentalist's, mega investment banker's the new education saviour's, and energies need's provider's our lifesource, just add's that much more to the support of such, with everyone from Adderall manufacturer's doping up the American people into speed freak's, to health care provider's who are the answer to all, to insurance companies having you jump state to state, year to year, to try to save you $200/ $300 dollar's here and there in a rat race that can only get more complex, and where is our true voice or representation or even competition in all this? and what will your dollar get you? is the bottom line. Again, I'm NOT anti- business at all, as a matter of fact, the principle's of business, capitalism, free market are a major plus, it's just that too many abuse it in those sector's today, anyone can do well in business without excessive greed, and make a healthy profit.

Not much talk about the fine's/ penaties yet, but it will get some highlight to come ... it IS NOT a criminal offense to not buy their insurance ... however it will be controlled through taxation/ IRS via the corporate entities instead ... you will alwayz be in debt to the IRS based on this law under penalty, so you might as well pay (**** AND THE TAXATION/ FEE IS "SMALL/ MINIMAL" CONSIDERING ALL "YOU WILL GET") ... and for those young people, they got ya'll by the ball's totally now, since ya'll are about the only folk's that cant even qualify for bankruptcy on a student loan whether your broke, bankrupt or dead, they'll have ya on this too, if you decide to not play : ) I mean ... this entity (IRS) can even take your passport for that matter, restricting your travel, credit rating's, garnish wage's, take personal property, or a number of other thing's that the IRS has power to do, this will just be dictated by the medical and insurance companies instead, with them deciding and telling the IRS/ Gvmnt who is to be penalized or not and to what extent, those of course with the least money will get hit the most of course. You wont go to jail because they cant afford it now, but later if they can twist it some way into a profit (such as how the privatized corporate prison system now milk's the tax dollar's incarcerating low income folk's), they will figure out a way to do that if necessary. If your very poor, homeless, or belong to a church that opposes buying it, you will not be penalized, and some other's, that too will become complex over time though. Of course the only alternative you have at this point is the right wing, which sayz that they wouldnt penalize folk's or force them to buy insurance, but then you have even less reform and no change at all, and all over time even dictated more by the corporate sector. Initially when this talk of reform started and what got so many American's in high gear, was the idea that we would get some sort of public option's, at least million's was excited about at least a partial plan like myself to try it out, that was twisted into a plan that basically make's 100's of billion's more for the same entities that milk the system and our government and more power now telling our government how they can act, so the treat's that you did get like the mammogram's for free and such are well paid for rest assured, the profit's and benefit's to those who dictate outweigh anything they will shell out in the long run. But still there is alot that will benefit folk's as well in this, at least alot more than what we had, and when you dont have much to begin with, anything is great.

Basically to some it may also look like the whole thing was staged to actually be presented to the Supreme Court to look like a people's challenge by the right/ left, just so it would be "forced" into a law using the IRS and our government to cater to corporate interest's only. The "cost's" factor is really a huge issue as I pointed out how everyone is milking everyone as far as cost's/ billing like in the last posting , you MUST address that for true significant "reform" as well ... you just cant leave business as usual on this. But they/ industries DID get the most importante part they wanted to go into effect asap, and that was as I posted in the earliest posting's, to get that 30 to 50 million or so paying into those companies via the government, so their BMB (bitchin, moaning & bellyaching) is unwarranted and excessive.

Enough for now ....

I also wanted to add some video below from all side's and how the expert's or prominant one's weigh in on this. And chose these PBS video's to highlight, because so many of the other media's were so politically slanted on both the left and right channel's/ media's. For the first video though I chose PBS Chief Editor of Health Affairs Susan Dentzer to give a balanced non sided view of what this mean's for citizen's.

What Does Court Decision Mean For Citizens? ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

From 'Hallelujah' to 'Sadness' Stakeholders React ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** I loved it and really got a laugh out of this below when Dr. Donald Palmisano said something like "... we ought to put Congress on Medicaid for a couple week's and it would get fixed ... " heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's as straight as it get's Guy : )


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Part 10 of "Above & Below" I just wanted to have in this series because I have alwayz had a fascination with the art of nature when it come's to various formation's of cloud's, they are truely a natural work of art at it's best. Below a YouTube video of one the other day over Japan that was called a hat and a UFO, but, I have to agree that it IS a UFO, being not identified as one object to the eye, but perhap's many meaning's to whoever's eye view's it ... nice piece of work though via Mother Nature ... I can only imagine in ancient time's and early mankind what thing's like this were viewed as, and how many strange stories of folklore may have evolved from such sight's, since they knew nothing of science or atmospheric condition's, etc.

Part of the posting's title was inspired by an old friend Mark Griffin aka "MC 900 FT. JESUS" in the music industry ... so I wanted to highlight also for this posting Mark's song "UFO's Are Real".

***** THE WEIRDEST CLOUDS THAT YOU'LL EVER SEE ... A really beautiful collection of odd cloud formation's

Rare UFO- shaped 'Hat' Cloud appears at Mt. Fuji- June 20, 2012 ... Thanx to THE LEAK SOURCE


MC 900 FT. JESUS- UFO's ARE REAL ... Thanx to DIRK95100


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BIG BROTHER'S ELECTRIC EYE & Getting More BANG for your BUY ... (End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PT.3)

Former New Mexico State Trooper, Officer Bert Lopez ... on the job

Part 3 here of "End To Privacy?" is simply a posting on my view/ opinion concerning the issue over all the public surveillance we have now, because it's been a constant and growing concern with folk's all over, not just in America. I was talking with a buddy/ guitarist Dave the other day about a guy that we knew several year's back, that I gave the nickname to "Paranoid Mike" (within a year, everyone was calling him that, and he even liked the name : ), Mike was hilarious, he was one of them type's that would get paranoid every time he smoked pot, thinking we were all being watched by eye's in the sky, big brother, etc, etc I would fire up a goddamn joint in the car in daytime traffic, and Mike would get paranoid and say "Fuck man ... your asking to get busted dude ... hold that down", etc ... I mean, we used to invite this dude to smoke a joint with us, just to get him paranoid and listen to him because it was hilarious! : ) But it is true that we are being watched all the time, this isnt some sci- fi story of 1984 or whatever, this is the reality of the 21st century. Then of course you also have folk's in law enforcement like Bert Lopez above who probably wishes they didnt have a camera on him that day ... so it is a concern with all folk's across the board I reckon.

I am very supportive/ pro of public surveillance though, I mean ... since when was anything in public ever private? The reason why is because of how it assisted mainly in solving serious crime's against people/ citizen's, time and again. Just a couple week's ago in Dallas, a gal who was a store clerk was held up, and this low- life after she gave him the money, soaked her with a flammable liquid, set her on fire and of course she died, it was surveillance camera's that ID'd him ... another case a few year's back of a Dallas area college student who gave a guy a ride, he robbed her, then raped her, then set her and her car on fire killing her, he was also ID'd through surveillance camera's, another case of a 7 year old girl getting abducted which was also caught on tape and helped in the ID of this person ... the cases are endless that I could bring up here from across the nation as far as serious crimes against person's/ citizen's where CCTV has helped in solving these serious crime's. Some in Dallas whined a couple month's back because of the increase in CCTV at DART rail station's ... the reason though is because in just a few month span several month's ago ... there was multiple shooting's, robberies and murder's, even innocent people getting shot on the train because of some young people shooting out over territories, gang's, girl's, etc.

If you are so concerned with anything you may do in public, maybe just not doing it in public would be the solution ... personally speaking, they never bothered me, I dont really feel it's invading my privacy, I'm in public, to me it's getting more bang for the buy as far as security, even if it's just used to solve the offenses after the fact, it get's those off the street before they can do it again and again possibly. I even feel similar about this TSA bitching, I only think of the problem's it causes as far as getting to your flight quickly, again ... if you can get me to my destination safely and fast ... I dont really give a shit if you want to look up my asshole. But that's just me ... some read and video below and part of the posting title was inspired by composer/ vocalist Rob Halford / Judas Priest from the classic "Electric Eye" which was a song about this sort of thing.

Big Brother talks back - - is 1984 here? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS: CCTV Captures 3000 Incidents

***** DEBATEPEDIA/ PRO- CON: Debate: Crime Cameras

***** RCJ: End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" PART'S 2 & 1

Judas Priest- The Hellion/ Electric Eye live '82 ... Thanx to JUDASPRIESTVEVO (**** This was from the 1982 "Screaming For Vengeance" tour ... I attended this one, and the engineering and show were top notch A+) ... This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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BLACK IN AMERICA 2012: The BURDEN & EXPECTATION'S of being the 1st African American President in a Country DISGRACED IN RACE (For Harmon Loft PT.5) *** & UPDATE

Part 5 of the "For Harmon Loft" series will take a looksy at another burden of being simply black in this country that has been disgraced by race since it's start, and it still is like that in 2012 America, where a man/ woman is singled out and looked at more critically because of his/ her race ... the woman had it a lil harder at time's climbing the ladder, because she is also female gender. I never been a black man, so therefore I cant tell anyone here what it would feel like to be a black man in this urban America of our's ... I have been around alot of black folk's my entire life though and spent alot of time in urban black America as well, and I want to point out the word "urban" here, because it has so much to do with "class" as well in this nation ... I mean ... I can take you to two different area's in South Dallas for instance, show you two distinctively different black communities based strictly on class/ financial status ... in far South Dallas an upper and middle class community of  professional's and small business people, then of course just a few miles north in South Central Dallas some of the heaviest poverty in this nation, lack of protection by law enforcement from crime, and even some abused by law enforcement in the form of excessive police tactic's ... not entirely, so I'm NOT trying to paint DPD as evil, but certainly NOT the same respect and service/ treatment of those African American's in the far South Dallas sector. Harmon, who was from Harlem/ NYC and a childhood mentor of mine once told me "Never forget where you come from, and never be ashamed ...". The President was also a community organizer in South Chicago and worked hard at it there getting people signed in to vote, I dont hear too much about that though.

First a video below from RT AMERICA showing also some of the expectation's that has been of the President, and most importantely what Political Science Professor Dr. Wilmer Leon of Howard University has to say when it come's to thing's like community activism and staying on top of these issue's, because it's a battle that doesnt end, just because the civil rights movement and voting was addressed, doesnt mean that everyone is suddenly in Utopia and the battle for justice is over. Then some additional input I want to add after.

Obama a Black President? Not Really ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


First of all I support and will also vote for this President to get a 2nd term, despite any disagreement's I have with any of his policies, period. But I also wanted to address this, because when he first got elected, I know several black folk's personally that voted for him strictly because he was black, they admitted this to me themselves. Also there has been this paranoia fear out of so many white's in this country at the start, that America would collapse if a black man were to have this much authority, they have been programmed through our history and cultural and class segregation, to believe that black people are nice and such, but cannot run anything or office that is of  critical importance when it come's to making critical decision's in a leadership position, and also because they feel that a black person may hold old grudges and abandon folk's of other race's and only cater to the black agenda's, then you have the white's who secretly just dont like the man because he's black and will use thing's like labeling him as comparable to Hitler or Bin Laden as a mean's of being heard and covering their racist thought's. So basically President Obama is screwed if he does and screwed if he dont ... any way you slice it Sir ... your screwed, so welcome to the club : ) The bottom line is ... America is a "Race Face" society for the most part, just nowadayz politically sugar coated which make's it even more fucken nauseating due to the lies and hypocrisy of this two faced bullshit!

I wont argue that the President could have done more as far as focusing on the "urban" black America need's ... but I also since I been supportive of this President before he was even the nominee talked about the knee deep stack of issue's that was on his desk as well as the inbox from Hell that he was looking at. The problemo that the President has, is not that he was elected as a first black President, but because it was the worst time for any President in my lifetime of 56 year's to get elected as a President, being black only made it that much more of a burden task and more expectation. The President damn well know's the concern's of African American's as well as so many other concern's of many American's across the board, and those who think he's not black enough are making a dumb statement ... why dont you go into office like he did with a fucken stack of issue's like he did and every goddamn concern being thrown on his lap from special interest's/ lobbyist's, back stabbing fellow politician's (even some in his own party), every goddamn corporate inspired war across the globe, a financial crisis like not seen since the Great Depression, religious group's wanting to be heard, gay/ lesbian's wanting to get married and sick of their oppression, etc, etc, etc and see what kind of job you can do, eh? I would like to see some of these folk's critical of the President's performance overall just spend a bloody week in his position to see what they would do, and most importantely, how many issue's could they address at once.

I voted for this President because like myself he was truely bipartisan, and his action's in office show that he truely is, and not like a left or right type, he's ahead of his time in my opinion and just happen's to be in office at a lousy time. You can bet your paycheck (or unemployment check) that if he was in office at a time when America was in great shape economically he would be loved like crazy. He inherited a toilet bowl, and has never bitched about it ... no matter what issue/ task that was thrown at him he didnt whine and got on it right there, even though he had a half dozen to one colleague's against him getting any progress on a thing ... maybe not as soon as everyone would like ... but there is only 24 hour's in a day and only 4 year's to a term, the man has to eat and sleep as well ... you know, he's human, eh? And I would bet my paycheck that when thing's get a lil smoothed out, he would definitely address more of those serious domestic concern's of African American's and other's that need it ... after all, he has to address the need's of so many folk's of various background's and ethnicity, including across the globe. What Dr. Leon said is so importante ... get out in the street's and  make the issue more visible, the President has been saturated with so much to do, he barely has time to wind his watch ... press what need's to be addressed and dont let up until it get's addressed ... the President also need's ya'll's help too, he cant do it all himself.

Word Out ....

***** UPDATE NOTE (Sun. 24 June 2012): This is just an add to this since I wasnt able to finish up yesterday on this. But another big issue has been how this President is being too defensive, I use the word "defense" here instead of what folk's feel is "oppress" or "excessive military aggression" or whatever, because in a situation like we have now, that's what it is ... again, this is NOT about right/ wrong, left/ right, okay? Personally I wouldnt even be in half these fucken countries we are in meddling in their affair's, but the fact is, that we are there, for whatever reason ... which is mainly political and to obtain resource's, so there's alot of corporate manipulation ... I mean, you dont think the mega- corporate/ financial sector flood's Washington with a few billion just to get some patriotic folk's into office, eh? and engineer these elaborate political show's, eh? They spend for a reason, get my drift? From austerity, to milking government money to instant globalization, is all done for a reason ... these terrorist's are NOT the enemy of the American people, but the enemies of the same people that dictate our government and everyone else's through money and oppression, in their eye's we are terrorist's as well.

Mainly the President has been criticized on this by these American neo- liberal's (I use "neo" for both the left and right, because neither are what they claim to be, or what left and right was traditionally) for using force, drone's, covert attack's such as in the Bin Laden incident, etc The President is faced with a reality, he didnt start it, and he sure as Hell wont end it, but he is in the thick of it, he took an oath to be the commander/ chief, period ... whether it's right or wrong isnt the issue, he has to act when needed and cant think of thing's like right and left ... when your in combat/ conflict you have to weigh thing's on what the reality is, not what is liberated or conservative or popular. These force's that we may label insurgent's, terrorist's, etc, etc are doing their job, they are protecting what is their's and their interest's, whether we like their culture, wayz, or anything else doesnt matter, we are on their turf for the most part trying to muscle them, and they are resisting. Meaning when they hit on us, we have to hit back regardless of who is right or wrong, it's a conflict, and again, not started by the people of either country, but power struggle's and dictator's.

The President is evaluating what to do to protect our interest's on the info/ intell that is given to him, in some cases he dont have alot of time to act it is so critical and a hit and miss thing, if a target is in the clear and he has all green light's and enough to justify it, he has to act on it ... it's called "getting the job done", and that is what he has been very efficient on doing as well ... which many folk's look at as him being right wing, but there's no right or left to it, it's action/ reaction. I have sat down and smoked the hookah pipe (our Texas equivalent of socializing over a couple beer's/ cold one's) with guy's from town's like Amman, Rabat, Casablanca, Dubai, etc, all at the same time in a group and listened to them and how they feel about western intervention in their land's and culture's, and frankly I sympathize with them, I would be the same way or any other American or Texan, if someone was muscling our culture, land, and resource's. I mean, it really hit my heart as a human being ... especially like when a question was asked to me like Nabil when he said/ asked "How do we (USA) expect to just go into some country/ land who's been in their culture for centuries and just tell them that they will now be changed and democratized or whatever?, etc". Our conflict's are unfortunate, and those truely behind these conflict's never pay any of the price or feel the consequence's, repercussion's, etc, etc ... yet we are forced into this "all" to have these conflict's.


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HEALTH CARE REFORM 2012 & The SUPREME COURT ... Evaluating & Ruling for The "Health Care SUPREMACIST'S" (Health Care SNOWEjob PT.9)

Related image

For this Part 9 of the "Health Care SNOWEjob" series will be to highlight the recent Supreme Court challenge of having to deal with this, this week. Some Times (NY) read on the event calendar, then some key point's that are very clearly made by PBS Health Affairs editor Susan Dentzer, then of course my input, or more like "confusion" as to where in Hell this is going, as well as some of the various opinion's from folk's that I have gathered over the last year or so.

***** NEWYORKTIMES/ TIMES TOPICS: Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court (Affordable Care Act)

Some Reforms will stay regardless of Supreme Court decision ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


Probably the most entertaining part of this which has been absolutely hilarious, is seeing everyone from the US Supreme Court to the mega- insurer's, to a large number of our political representation flip- flopping, hiding to avoid the issue now, and trying to slip it to the back burner, etc ... the hilarious part is, they all made this a mega issue simply for a campaign rant to draw vote's initially back in "08" or so, and now they actually have to deal with what many didnt want to, to begin with : ) President Obama who campaigned the heaviest on this back then actually had brought up and proposed some great idea's, forcing State Secretary Clinton then as an opponent to publicly address, and she was questionable on the public option part in what she was talking about, which was more in support of not a public option, as well as so many on the left as well as the right not truely wanting a PO ... so I give it to the President on that for bringing this to such a highlighted issue, and because it is an issue that is going to be of real concern to come in the future, rest assured : ) Of course I was against the President's move when he tossed in the towel on his initial PO proposal being strongly influenced through/ by senior's in his own party, and he gave in. Another problemo was ... that because the insurance industry is really a huge entity that is so huge as far as our economy, you sure as Hell dont want that institution to collapse all at once, it would have a Hell of an economic impact.

But that's "why" I supported PO and didnt want it thrown out at all, not to make the insurance industry collapse all at once, but to drive a lil outside competition is all, I believe that is incentive for any industry in a free market to tighten the belt and ship. Plus frankly (***** See CNN video here), insurance giant's from what I seen are getting milked big time themselves by the mega private medical industry, being charged outrageous amount's of payout's for service's and such, absolutely insane billing, while insurance giant's get so many they cant double check and simply just pay- out, leaving a "cost" ripple effect that trickle's down to the consumer in premium's and such over time. I also wanted to at least just try a sample of it in America, having seen and experienced it in the UK and Canada and Mexico for instance, not to mention all the other democracized nation's that also have government supported health care in the world. I figured a lil 10%/ 20% top's PO offered isnt enough to break the insurance industry, or big enough to suddenly take over the health care sector ... it was simply an idea (which I thought was excellent on the President's part and showed even true bipartisan thinking) that would serve like an experiment as well, to see how it will work in a nation like our's, drive some competition and new idea's for a system where all industries and sector's are getting eaten alive by over inflated cost's, is all. But that's also why I knew it was going to be a hard sell and probably a political snowejob in the way it's dealt with. But it will be interesting to see what all these health care supremacist's come up with, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

***** RCJ (related): Medical Money Madness ... A brief look at the reality on Main St. instead of Wall St.

But now the Supreme Court this last week actually tried to use an old 19th century law to try to avoid dealing with it at the last minute based on the fact that it hasnt even went into effect yet as far as the legislated reform's, therefore, no one has gained or lost or paid any money or taxes yet on it, to have any kind of suit to begin with, but even then the Supreme Court after 2nd thought just said "fuck it" and decided to get on with it anywayz, because of all the political pressure's being these election's and the growing concern's amongst so many of the voting public that our government on line down is just a failure and dysfunctional, etc. So whatever the Supreme Court rule's on this next week will be really interesting, I mean like everyone's ball's are in a vise on this and with this election's of magnitude coming this fall make's it hilarious, as far as the bullshit we will be forcefed on it, or lack of focusing on it all together out of political fear's.

The confusing part of this for me has been where and who stand's on what? I mean ... of all people ... the right/ conservative's want to toss out forcing folk's to buy insurance which was a shocker to me, because intitially that was the biggest reason to avoid any PO, to get premium's of at least 30/ 40 million or so working poor American's to start to feed the pool and buy, who otherwise are just stuck with going to county hospital emergency room's every time they get a bad cold, which drain's true emergency service need's as well as tax dollar's ... BUT ... they have no option's of anywhere's else to go beside's community clinic's or charities. What I'm saying is by making buying insurance mandatory for the poorer folk's bring's in alot of new revenue and they can sell them half assed policies and service's in the longrun, especially with the state to state division on everything now in America, which they/ republican's all support and drive. The other shocker is that even now the mega insurer's want to keep so many of the proposed/ legislated reform's of giving more to the consumer, even IF the Supreme Court refuses the plan to make everyone buy and pay into their plan's. I mean what the Hell is up with that? ... your WANTING to give more treat's and benefit's to the customer/ patient? ... that dont sound very profit driven and even somewhat humanitarian or charitable, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) So what I'm guessing is that mega- insurance has just simply said they WANT to reform themselves, why? ... because frankly it's good for business, extreme profit driven greed is a danger to business in the longhaul, whatever the business is. You even see mega investment bank's in the last week actually reducing fee's and penalty cost's to the consumer, for the same reason's ... everyone is seeing that the public is getting enlightened/ educated and really dont want to push their luck too much. And also with all the shakey hedge investment of mega institution's money whether it's offshore investment banker's money or the money from mega insurer's, they are really now feeling the repercussion's of such action's and gamble's, resulting in loss after loss, so even they may want to reform themselves, seeing how they been on a semi- self destructive course business- wise.

I alwayz get some interesting opinion's from folk's on the street's and community too on this, which across the board for the most part is that so many I have talked to dont give a shit about addressing it so much, unless it's those into heavy medical need's and bill's. For instance, I know a fella and his wife, both about 40- ish who have a small corner store type business that sell's, rent's, and trade's computer game's and such, they have 3 employee's (2 full time/1 part time) in their 20's, daytime only business, who told me, they would be in a hard spot if they had to buy their employee's insurance too. They barely make enough money from the business to pay the bill's, their house, the employee's, etc. and get this, a couple of the employee's feel they dont want to have to buy insurance either, their young, never sick beside's a cold or whatever, and dont like the "mandatory" purchase idea at all. I know another gal who is a clerk for a huge national drugstore chain, she sayz the insurance deduction's right now out of her paycheck drive her nut's, working for the company for over 5 year's now, and never once had to use her health insurance, said that the company twice in that 5 year's has cut the amount that they pay toward's the employee on it, she's in her 30's. Another guy I know early 60's who work's full time delivering car's for a huge dealership locally dont even buy insurance at his age, and told me that he dont even care about reform, a public option or a damn thing ... he said if you cant afford insurance now or have any, you can go to any county hospital and they WONT turn you away if you need emergency surgery or whatever anywayz, so he said ... what's the need for any option's or reform right now? The reason I say I think it will be a major issue in the future and think we need to address some of this, is because we have a heavier than Hell young population now, that are obese, and all kind's of related disease's growing from it, that I never seen in my 56 year's like I do today, I feel that if alot of these people are in such shape like this at so young of an age, what in Hell shape will they be in when their only in their 40's or so?

***** RCJ (related): "GOVERNMENT ASSISTED HEALTH CARE: A Conversation and Opinion from my daughter on the subject"

Enough said ....


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MICKEY MOUSE on Mercury? ... or GOD'S Favourite Lil Human TEDDY BEAR on Drug's? ... "Message from a MESSENGER" (ABOVE & BELOW PT.9)

Part 9 of "Above & Below" will take a looksy at a recent Message from the space probe "Messenger" that is in the Mercury vicinity now, kicking asses, taking name's and most importantely, taking picture's. Some startling finding's of course were reported back to Earth, it is said that Mickey Mouse was found on the planet! First thing I thought was ... "Thank God they didnt find Mother Mary again ...!" or else America would be going bananas over it as usual, thus focusing us away from the 2012 election's, importante news update's from "Rielle Hunter" and her vagina, or the new "Dallas" tele series.

Of course throughout this journal I have alwayz referred to the human race as God's lil personal Teddy Bear's, and the reason why is because damn near every culture on Earth think's they are God's favourite, Lord know's Jew's and Arab's been both claiming for year's that they are both God's chosen ones, etc. But when the Ranch Chimp saw these images ... I knew right there it had to be not Mickey ... but a message from above showing God's lil favourite human Teddy Bear ... and it appear's to me, knowing something about drug addiction, to be on drug's as well. Now I dont expect these bloody damn atheist's, satanist's, or pagan's to believe my explanation of this finding, they're already damned as it is and God hate's all ya'll! ... but for all ya'll believer's out there ... give PRAISE!

And God Bless America!

Mickey On Mercury

***** LOS ANGELES TIMES/ SCIENCE: Messenger Goes To Mercury, Finds Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse on Mercury? That's Goofy! ... Thanx to CNN


Elvis Presley- Teddy Bear- 1957 ... Thanx to SEXYMAMICHULA82


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BERNIE MAC (PT.2): Jammin Down Ho Down Style in Texas with Samuel Jackson : )

Related image

Just another here to include in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" for some humour from Bernie Mac who I commonly refer to as the "Big Mac", this is a movie clip from the movie "Soul Men" and as alwayz, Bernie is just as hilarious in this movie as he is in stand- up or anything else ... this time with Mr. Samuel Jackson jamming down ho- down style in Texas : ) But being partial here of course as well because Bernie is a favourite of mine for year's! Love Ya Guy (PLZ dont whip my mother fuckin ass, I didnt mean it like that Guy : )



Soul Men (2008)- Boogie Ain't Nuttin' subtitulos en espanol ... Thanx to moyzes gh


***** RCJ: A Quick Lesson from the Big Mac (Bernie) on the word "MOTHER FUCKER" 


Monday, June 18, 2012


Of course again Senator Bernie Sanders is back in the trenches as usual kicking ass and taking name's for American consumer's/ spender's, and Thank You Sir! And this "label law" amendment that Bernie and allies are proposing is very importante, period. Let me put it like this for the reader/ consumer in any true democracy ... you want to know what your eating and spending your money on, eh? with any product that you buy ... I mean even if you go out and buy a brand new top of the line car, your not just buying the flashy looking body, but also want to know what's under the hood even as another example ... when your eating bullshit scrap by- product's such as "pink slime" (another so called "engineered product"), well ... you want to know, after all ... the companies success depend's on a satisfied customer, eh?

Dont get me wrong here either, I AM NOT AGAINST "genetic science's" of any kind at all, and have wrote in past posting's earlier in this journal how these thing's will clash with folk's as we evolve and even genetically modify the species over time ... so I dont hate "Monsanto" or anyone who tries to better the species and world through science.

But the answer and solution here shouldnt be made into this huge bitch fight that it has ... consumer's simply want to know what their buying and ingesting, is that reason for Monsanto to threaten to sue state's over it? Since so many people love genetic engineered product's, ya'll havent a thing to worry about, they'll keep buying them anywayz ... why do ya'll have to whine like these fucken crybaby insurance companies who oppose competition in the form of an "option" to the public? or these goddamn mega investment banker's, etc, etc? There's not a bloody thing wrong/ ill with this law/ amendment that I can see in reading it, all it's asking for is a lil transparency ... plenty of democracies around the world have this ... and screw all that neo- conservative state to state Willie Foo- Foo talk about letting state's decide on this one as well ... this should be put into law across the nation as transparency to the consumer's, period ... this law doesnt put any corporate folk's out of business, it just keep's them sharp and productive is all, and make's their customer's happy ... and a happy consumer make's a happy business in the longhaul.

Enough said on this ....

Label Law ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION: Millions Against Monsanto

***** BIO FORTIFIED: Bad Science, Bad Law



Saturday, June 16, 2012

ICEBERG SLIM/ ROBERT BECK: ... Urban American Street Life Author ... (For HARMON LOFT PT.4)

Mr. Robert Beck aka "Iceberg Slim"

Part 4 of "For Harmon Loft" will be to highlight the book's of Mr. Robert Lee Maupin (Beck) aka "Iceberg Slim" and also be included into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", and I will say that also the video / audio below is graphic to say the least, this is an intro to the book called "Pimp", and it can hit a sensitive nerve to some, especially women, concerning pimp's/ mack's and prostitution, so if this is kind of subject is sensitive for you, DO NOT LISTEN to it, simple. Also I do not condone to this treatment of women/ prostitute's, having myself as a teen been taken off the street's in Montreal by prostitute's and taken in to live and work for them , who took care of me as if I was their own child/ teen. But the thing's that Iceberg Slim wrote about is a reality, whether it was in that era or even today, and todayz standard's for some of these women are even more harsh than then, believe me. But Iceberg Slim was a hustler who lived it like a religion, and his book's tell it like it is, period. He knew the game better than anyone you can say, and no matter what the game was ... and his book's are in a category of their own and a very blunt read at that.

It was Mr. Harmon Loft that turned me on to Iceberg Slim, my childhood was kind of short and unconventional to say the least, and I learned some harsh realities at a young age that many kid's are not exposed to let's say. Back as a young teen shining shoe's in Harmon's billiard's and gambling hall up in New York for awhile, there was a teenage girl who worked at a sandwich shop next door, and she would drop by and say Hi to me once in awhile, while she delivered sandwiches, even brought me a Pastrami/ Rye or whatever a couple time's (for free) while I was steadily trying to shine all the shoe's I could and make all the money I could, making run's or whatever made a buck ... she was a cute lil redhead too, 16/ 17-ish (I was a tad younger than her). One day Harmon just told me when shining his shoe's something like (Harmon was a very blunt man) "When you gonna give that girl what she want's?" ... I was young and a lil slow still, and asked Harmon "What?", Harmon said ... "Give her what she's been tryin to tell your hard- headed ass, that girl is over here every week bringing you shit, throwin her shit in your face, tryin to rap to your ass and everything" ... I just said "yeah" or something, still shining them shoe's though going for that extra buck, then Harmon said something like ... "If you dont get your ass over there and take care of business, I'm gonna ... so git! ... you got plenty of time later to shine shoes! ... Goddamn, you'd never make no Iceberg Slim, that's fer sure!"

It was then when I asked Harmon what the fuck was an Iceberg Slim? Harmon later sarcastically gave me the read/ book "Pimp" and said ... "you know how to read, eh?" with a laugh. It was very compelling and I was young and didnt even quite understand it all at the time, I never heard any shit like this, but it was certainly alot more interesting than some of the shit we got in school, for sure. So that was my first contact of the book's of Iceberg Slim, shortly after that a movie also came out for the book "Trick Baby" which was a whole different game about street game and hustle's, and other book's of his ... which are so unique, not just in that era, but even today, that they will be honoured in this journal. Harmon though was a man who also helped me in some of my most troubled time's as a teen, as well as taught me alot as a kid! ... and I owe him, and am grateful to live in an era where I can write/ post of those who helped me, who otherwise dont have anything wrote about them ... so this posting is for you Sir!



Iceberg Slim - Game ... Thanx to COMEUPMOVE (intro audio from the book "Pimp")

***** RCJ: "FOR HARMON LOFT" PART'S 3, 2 & 1


Friday, June 15, 2012

SHINER TEXAS Father defend's Daughter from alleged Attacker ... Killing Him (SELF DEFENSE PT.12)

I wanted to use this recent case here in Shiner, Texas to take a look at defending your child from an alleged attacker/ molester, so this will highlight Part 12 of this "Self Defense" series, so I can get more into detail on a case like this. Some video's and read/ link below, then some input I will add.

A Texas dad beats his daughter's attacker to death ... Thanx to HLN

***** CNN/ U.S. : Small Texas community stands by man who killed daughter's alleged abuser


First of all, let me clear up the use of the term "murder" here ... by law, a beating case like this, especially in this case of being non- premeditated is not murder, but "manslaughter" ... it's basically a fist- fight that resulted in a death. Also I wanted to point out that this story is not even fully open yet ... so far there has been no name's of the victim (alleged rapist/ molester), the father, or the child released in this, the testimony so far is only from the man who was allegedly defending his daughter from this alleged rapist/ molester, this is exactly why I wanted to include the first video that question's this.

Dont misread me here either as far as what I would consider as a justifiable case of homicide ... this is certainly justified any way you slice it, period. But I wanted to highlight this because of many responses that I seen coast to coast as well as locally in Texas, that automatcally just jumped for joy on this and cheered on the father as a hero, without hardly anything of this case being in the open yet, but strictly the father's testimony of what happened, no doubt if this IS indeed what actually happened, the father to me is not only justified, but a hero as well ... but I dont know a damn thing yet from what I been reading. I cant just simply jump on the bandwagon that over 90% of folk's nationwide and locally had ... I'm one that has question's alwayz, and this is no exception.

Some complain in Texas because the father is facing a grand jury panel to look at it ... understand by law, even in a home invasion self defense case where an armed perpetrator dies as a result, or ANY homicide, it has to be thoroughly investigated ... if it wasnt, you would just have a field day of murder's grow only taking the word of one person, etc ... so you get my point here. Plus if this is the case and accurate, the father did not show any intent of killing the perpetrator simply by punching the alleged attacker, it's just the attacker couldnt handle the hit's, and died from them is all, and this would be definitely defending this lil child from this grown man. Nothing else to add until I can get some further info on what happened.

Word Out ....


Thursday, June 14, 2012

JAMIE DIMON 2012: Compulsive GAMBLING is an ADDICTION ... Which NEED'S TREATMENT, Not Prayer's (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.1)

This will be a clear view from the trenches in the foxhole with Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) on this show we seen today of Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan/ Chase getting drilled by Senator's in Washington today. Usually when we do these tongue lashing's of these folk's like him or BP's Tony Hayward (SEE below link), it run's close prior to an election, and the one getting drilled, talk's alot but sayz nothing, know's nothing, and does nothing, etc, etc ... yet whine's and give's the "I'm Sorry" puppy dog look, tearjerker stuff of complicated messes on 'who seen what' and 'who dont know what' and similar run- around after run- around talk. This is ALL basically a showcase only for politician's. You see ... what happen's in these is the Senator's or Congressional member's alwayz do the drill, because as rep's of us, we also require them to, they get to showcase themselves asking tough question's of these CEO's and related, so we can sit around and praise which ever polarizing side we belong to based on who asked the toughest question's etc (it's like a street hustle mark game on you, but a higher level, still basically cheap and very easy to make by any hustler). But the most importante result's we should look for is simple ... what is going to be done?, period. Below in the video's Bernie point's out the real question also ... why is this man still on the Fed board to oversee this and other regulatory factor's?

I listened to most of Dimon's show today ... he actually was alot better than Hayward for instance, and sounded really sorry, and I'm sure he really was considering the loss to shareholder's, I think it was a couple/ few billion loss if I recall, but believe me, that's only the figure that we get, I would bet my Dallas Cowboys training short's, the amount of losses was maybe even a billion or two higher ... but an excellent show by Dimon I must admit, and of course he was rehearsed thoroughly before he even went into the chamber by the best of the best defense legal strategist's that money can buy, rest assured, just as Hayward for example. If anything is done to Dimon over this before the November election of any REAL significance, I would be shocked, but too, they may try to replace him without really doing so in some fashion, so you have to watch closely. They will play a good hand because of this 2012 election though. But basically Dimon is more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant, and said basically nothing of any significance.We havent even had ANY kind of attempt yet to even try to downsize any of these entities as it is, and they been talking about doing this from the President on down and BOTH parties for a few year's now ... you have to wonder by now ... WHEN is any of this going to be addressed and worked on? Again, with this two party polarization, it's designed to stagnate, not to get progress for society and our best interest's, but to prolong and stagnate everything until they can figure out another way to grab more of our money and vote's is all. What they are failing to see as a whole, is OUR best interest's is THEIR'S in the longhaul.

But what we also have here is simply an addiction to gambling that has gotten compulsive with these entities and those running them, simply because they make more than they lose, and when they lose, it's only us, not them these dayz that get hit the hardest, we basically feed this addiction/ compulsion by funding, bailing it out, and supporting it endlessly without having any accountability and even indirectly make some of these talented people self destruct as well in the process, taking down too much with them as they fall, instead of actually "treating" them and the issue doing so. Praying that they change their wayz isnt going to do a damn bit of bloody good, without actually "treating" this. Of course the initial excuse or reason that Congress mandated for bank CEO's to board the Fed would be because a politician dont quite understand the complex economic's as one of these investment hustler's would, however, the danger here as Bernie point's out in the 2nd video, is that the entities are too large to begin with ... you cant hit and miss too often in that type of gamble with them stake's, it's simple ... the crash is too hard. And also, despite ALL the current and Bush tax cut's that these all have received so far for several year's, not nearly enough had been invested in this country or even in countries that are closest of allies to us as far as trade, such as even EU countries or such, which we all are taking the hardest hit of the crashes, which amplifies the danger because of the significance our western economies hold as well. They got their chance and cut's bottom line, have implemented them for several year's already and the result has been failure after failure in doing so, that there tell's you something.

This is ALL going to change sooner than we think as it's going, because they are getting too careless as well, to where anyone can see through the same old game's when you run them over and over and over ... I would hope that 2016 has a whole different political mindset emerging and forming in this and many other democratic nation's, because it's going to come in time anywayz.

***** CNN MONEY: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: I can't publicly defend the trade **** ... I replaced the San Francisco Gate article, because it expired with this

***** RCJ: "2010 SHOW, PART 4: .... Oil Spill Hearing's .... and the "Greatest Show in America" .... ***** I talk about how much of this freakshow here is done as an example, basically pulling the same rubbish right before the 2010 mid- term election's, you know, the "drilling" and "tongue lashing" thing, of course here, Tony Hayward of BP was drilled, and he still run's a BP division I believe in Russia today, same shit, just a different package and election. Today BP has a ton of tele prime time commercial's here in America, boasting of how great thing's are on the Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico) state's, and is cleaner, more prosperous, and more inviting than ever before because of them ... imagine that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Dimon Goes To Congress ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Jamie Dimon and coflicts at the Fed ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This "Human Morality" Part 10 will highlight a couple video's from Havard Prof. Michael Sandel , who is basically into political philosophy, and he raises some great question's and viewpoint's on so many of the issue's we deal with now, whether it's same sex marriage, defense/ war, government representation, spending, you just about name it he cover's it. Alot of the morality I post on in this series is about the darker side of "religious" morality and some of the oppression and corruption it causes, and I certainly am NOT against a person who believe's in God or has faith in any higher power, I dont feel one's personal belief should be dictated by someone though who claim's that they were chosen by God to tell YOU what to do and what is RIGHT for you and/ or our current society and any unique issue's/ problem's that it may have is all. I am also "free market" ... and believe me, as I point out throughout this journal ... there isnt a damn thing free about the market in our democracy today.

But there is alot more to morality than just religion ... I myself am anti institutionalized religion, yet I am very firm in my moral value's too ... I dont think the institutionalized religion of today or past for that matter has a damn thing to do with any God, spirituality, or even anything naturally moral for that matter ... I feel that mega institutionalized religion is simply a tool created by those in power to enslave the masses, and it's denomination's/ sect's, etc ... change's with the age's and season's depending on those who impose it and even legislate it into law. But what is naturally moral to our species is also under attack by those without throwing religion into it, and a contaminating factor to our societies to not just what we value, but to the progress of us as a species. These are the same "power's" that I call the "3- Entities" throughout this journal which are mega institutionalized religion's, banking/ finance/ corporate, who then control number #3 ", our representation/ government of today, more now than ever in the history of this country ... and the Almighty God to them, is simply their money and influence taken and/ or made off our work and effort's only and transformed to then be used  to manipulate our lives only.

Whether or not you or I agree with Prof. Sandel isnt as importante as the food for thought that he give's, which is in need in these time's.

'What Money Cant Buy' and What It Shouldnt Buy ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Morality and the Free Market- Michael Sandel ... Thanx to FORATV



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KU KLUX KLAN's: Charitable and Environmental Initiative's & "The LOVE & HATE of America's RACE FACE"

This is semi BIG news here recently so I wanted to cover it, because I was reviewing folk's responses to this across the nation. I dont drive race issue's too much in here, because there isnt too much importance in it to me either way you slice it, and by the standard's of I would guess most of the KKK, I am a piss poor example of a white man, and to some their worst nightmare ... I mean, I never really gave a shit about my ancestry, I have dated many women of various race's including white, I loathe shit like institutionalized christianity and religion's across the board, used drug's, played rock music, etc, etc. But that's just me man ... I'm a social type urban guy for the most part and it take's so many culture's to satisfy my taste's, I have a VERY broad appetite you can say. But I want to address this issue more and picked this as a perfect example to elaborate on the Race Face of America ... and all of our Love & Hate for each other ... because this country is saturated with it. I myself have my limit's on how liberated I will be, for instance when it come's to some religious culture like Muslim/ Sharia Law or Christian Fundamoralism ... I dont want it around me, my childen, grandchildren, etc, etc ... what ya'll want to do in your neighborhood and/ or country is ya'll's choice, it's just not me. First a CNN newsread and video piece below, then of course a common neo liberal YouTube perspective from Mr. Patrick Jones, who look's and sound's politically cute I will add ... then of course the Devil's Advocate non- bullshit view from myself.

***** CNN/ U.S.: KKK Chapter wants to adopt stretch on Georgia Highway

Ku Klux Klan wants to adopt stretch of highway ... Thanx to BUZZ60

The Ku Klux Klan of today is a much different marketing and public relation's show than of yesterday ... and these folk's really have a terrible history as far as playing race card's, oppression of folk's of colour, and yes, even terror, I mean, their probably No#1 for this as far as the best of the best. Today the KKK is more open and public about themselves and what they say, more sugar coated, homogenized, politically correct, etc ... and why shouldnt they be?, most other's are too, their simply about wanting to stay within their own race, and I see not a thing wrong with that, I mean, your appetite of course is more restrained and limited than mine for instance, but that's fine, it's ya'll's choice. And they say that they are simply as alwayz have been a group that represent's their culture/ race, just like any other group that are similar, latino's, black's, asian's, etc, etc ... were full of these type group's (of course many dont have quite the history of the KKK, but still) in America, Hell, were a "melting pot" (and yes, I do know the difference between race and nationality as far as definition, I'm just clumping the two here). And our pop culture is saturated with holidayz and festivities for everyone, and all culture's claim their God's chosen lil Teddy Bear's ... the Irish say no one can outdrink them, Italian's claim they make the best pasta and pizza (even though I think the Chinese created pasta, and the French, pizza : ) white's think their the most loving liberated animal species on God's earth, black male's think their dick's are the largest, Latino's dont like any of the other's, and Asian's think their the pinnacle of universal knowledge, Jew's and Arab's been battling for centuries both claiming to be God's chosen one's, and many human's in general think their shit dont stink (as my mom would put it ... love ya mom : ) etc, etc ... the mindset of personal/ cultural myth's/ belief's is endless. So the KKK is just like any of the rest of ya'll race faced folk's, and of course looking for a race card in every stacked deck : ) cause the deck is stacked against us all by the inbred financial neo elite, who frankly dont give a flying fuck about any of us, except to use us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... to them, were all a bunch of dumb asses, and why shouldnt they think like that ?, I mean ... we even kiss their asses.

Whether or not the KKK is an environmentally concerned group or not I cant say, but they also have been doing charity work as well I hear, they say they love the wood's and mountain's etc ... even German's and Hitler were attracted to that, and many white's as a majority live in the pacific northwest which has beautiful terrain like that, and these sort of tight white's are attracted to that as much as a Mexicano to the tropical beaches, desert's, and their tequila, so culture seem's to have some genetic's to it. I didnt even like all the praise that was given to Sen. Robert Byrd (WV) when he passed away ... liberal's coast to coast were praising this guy for his reformed wayz, what he done for West Virginia etc, etc and I hardly heard a thing about what he truely did in his past when he organized  at least a 150 member chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, in some of their darkest historic year's at that! Even back then our own Congress and Senate was saturated with KKK affiliate's and support ... yes ... our American Government/ Representation. In todayz politically correct society, all these group's and cult's claim that they dont "hate" and only "love" their culture's/ race's.  Some of these same neo liberal's of today who rant and rant about the KKK are the same one's you will later hear out of the other side of their mouth's supporting other racial group's of say Arab's/ Muslim's or even group's of colour like the New Black Panther Party who clearly admit openly that they are about the same racial division's, quest's, and segregation, while socializing with each other, patting each other on the back over their comment's with swollen head's of how liberated they are and kissing each other's asses.

All in all, I wouldnt even have a goodamn Adopt- A- Highway plan in this filthy rich nation, not even Germany is as wealthy as we are and are a Hell of alot cleaner than this country, Singapore and other's. I mean, look around a town saturated with freewayz, like Dallas, Houston and especially Los Angeles, the trash/ litter off some of the freewayz in these 3 town's is incredible, it's downright filthy ... and the goddamn taxes we pay should go to also doing more about this and less goddamn freebies to politician's and Wall Street firm's, and putting some people to work instead of bloody having people do it for free! It's fucken pathetic man. As far as the application for the KKK to adopt a highway to clean up, under our current plan of having this adopt a toilet bowl shit, I would grant it to them, or anyone else that want's to clean up their area for free.

Word Out ....