Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This "Human Morality" Part 10 will highlight a couple video's from Havard Prof. Michael Sandel , who is basically into political philosophy, and he raises some great question's and viewpoint's on so many of the issue's we deal with now, whether it's same sex marriage, defense/ war, government representation, spending, you just about name it he cover's it. Alot of the morality I post on in this series is about the darker side of "religious" morality and some of the oppression and corruption it causes, and I certainly am NOT against a person who believe's in God or has faith in any higher power, I dont feel one's personal belief should be dictated by someone though who claim's that they were chosen by God to tell YOU what to do and what is RIGHT for you and/ or our current society and any unique issue's/ problem's that it may have is all. I am also "free market" ... and believe me, as I point out throughout this journal ... there isnt a damn thing free about the market in our democracy today.

But there is alot more to morality than just religion ... I myself am anti institutionalized religion, yet I am very firm in my moral value's too ... I dont think the institutionalized religion of today or past for that matter has a damn thing to do with any God, spirituality, or even anything naturally moral for that matter ... I feel that mega institutionalized religion is simply a tool created by those in power to enslave the masses, and it's denomination's/ sect's, etc ... change's with the age's and season's depending on those who impose it and even legislate it into law. But what is naturally moral to our species is also under attack by those without throwing religion into it, and a contaminating factor to our societies to not just what we value, but to the progress of us as a species. These are the same "power's" that I call the "3- Entities" throughout this journal which are mega institutionalized religion's, banking/ finance/ corporate, who then control number #3 ", our representation/ government of today, more now than ever in the history of this country ... and the Almighty God to them, is simply their money and influence taken and/ or made off our work and effort's only and transformed to then be used  to manipulate our lives only.

Whether or not you or I agree with Prof. Sandel isnt as importante as the food for thought that he give's, which is in need in these time's.

'What Money Cant Buy' and What It Shouldnt Buy ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Morality and the Free Market- Michael Sandel ... Thanx to FORATV



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