Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BIG BROTHER'S ELECTRIC EYE & Getting More BANG for your BUY ... (End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PT.3)

Former New Mexico State Trooper, Officer Bert Lopez ... on the job

Part 3 here of "End To Privacy?" is simply a posting on my view/ opinion concerning the issue over all the public surveillance we have now, because it's been a constant and growing concern with folk's all over, not just in America. I was talking with a buddy/ guitarist Dave the other day about a guy that we knew several year's back, that I gave the nickname to "Paranoid Mike" (within a year, everyone was calling him that, and he even liked the name : ), Mike was hilarious, he was one of them type's that would get paranoid every time he smoked pot, thinking we were all being watched by eye's in the sky, big brother, etc, etc I would fire up a goddamn joint in the car in daytime traffic, and Mike would get paranoid and say "Fuck man ... your asking to get busted dude ... hold that down", etc ... I mean, we used to invite this dude to smoke a joint with us, just to get him paranoid and listen to him because it was hilarious! : ) But it is true that we are being watched all the time, this isnt some sci- fi story of 1984 or whatever, this is the reality of the 21st century. Then of course you also have folk's in law enforcement like Bert Lopez above who probably wishes they didnt have a camera on him that day ... so it is a concern with all folk's across the board I reckon.

I am very supportive/ pro of public surveillance though, I mean ... since when was anything in public ever private? The reason why is because of how it assisted mainly in solving serious crime's against people/ citizen's, time and again. Just a couple week's ago in Dallas, a gal who was a store clerk was held up, and this low- life after she gave him the money, soaked her with a flammable liquid, set her on fire and of course she died, it was surveillance camera's that ID'd him ... another case a few year's back of a Dallas area college student who gave a guy a ride, he robbed her, then raped her, then set her and her car on fire killing her, he was also ID'd through surveillance camera's, another case of a 7 year old girl getting abducted which was also caught on tape and helped in the ID of this person ... the cases are endless that I could bring up here from across the nation as far as serious crimes against person's/ citizen's where CCTV has helped in solving these serious crime's. Some in Dallas whined a couple month's back because of the increase in CCTV at DART rail station's ... the reason though is because in just a few month span several month's ago ... there was multiple shooting's, robberies and murder's, even innocent people getting shot on the train because of some young people shooting out over territories, gang's, girl's, etc.

If you are so concerned with anything you may do in public, maybe just not doing it in public would be the solution ... personally speaking, they never bothered me, I dont really feel it's invading my privacy, I'm in public, to me it's getting more bang for the buy as far as security, even if it's just used to solve the offenses after the fact, it get's those off the street before they can do it again and again possibly. I even feel similar about this TSA bitching, I only think of the problem's it causes as far as getting to your flight quickly, again ... if you can get me to my destination safely and fast ... I dont really give a shit if you want to look up my asshole. But that's just me ... some read and video below and part of the posting title was inspired by composer/ vocalist Rob Halford / Judas Priest from the classic "Electric Eye" which was a song about this sort of thing.

Big Brother talks back - - is 1984 here? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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Judas Priest- The Hellion/ Electric Eye live '82 ... Thanx to JUDASPRIESTVEVO (**** This was from the 1982 "Screaming For Vengeance" tour ... I attended this one, and the engineering and show were top notch A+) ... This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



Infidel753 said...

Former New Mexico State Trooper, Officer Bert Lopez ... on the job

Where can I apply for that job?

I had no idea Texas criminals were so keen on setting fire to people. It's too bad the Inquisition isn't still hiring.

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the job app Infodell, their not hiring any more I reckon ... they fired ole Bert, but with that uniform outfit and pose, I'm sure he can find a job somewhere's in Hollywood's adult entertainment film industry : )

Texas criminal's? (neo- inquisator's)... well that's more dumb than criminal ... I dont know what the Hell these folk's are thinking ... then they whine when they get to death row ... duuuhh

Thanx for your input Infodell ....

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