Thursday, June 7, 2012

REV. OLIVER WHITE: Countering & Denouncing the Religious Pop Culture Mainstream & THANX to Cathedral of Hope- Dallas (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.4)

This Part 4 of "Public Patriot's" is to highlight and honour Rev. Oliver White, Pastor for over 20 year's in the St.Paul/ Minneapolis (MN) area of "Grace Community United Church of Christ" and his strength to counter the mainstream of pop culture religious hatred that has permeated this country severly in recent year's. The Pastor despite being threatened with of course the usual "love of money" threat trickery, and a diminishing congregation who told him one on one to abandon his stand and they will come back, has stood strong and rejected their crap! I also want to locally Thank "Cathedral of Hope- United Church of Christ" here in Dallas (which is also the largest LGBT church in the world) for the immediate support and generous amount of money that they sent Rev. White.

It is these warrior's for justice, fairness, and balance that's make's these folk's patriot's in public, for going that extra mile and still standing strong on their value's and proving their integrity, despite the usual desperation that all these folk's love to impose to oppress with, making you desperate for money/ financial support ... all "3 entities" as I point out throughout this journal use this, mega- banking/ finance, government, and institutionized religion's, that's how they ALL play us, using the "financial card", looting our fund's and forcing financial desperation! For me personally speaking, it is those like Rev. White who are truely elite with leadership qualities, and is why I honour those in this journal, regardless of what their occupation or field is.

Oddly enough ... the Nazarene Christ figure Jesus also was labeled as a heretic and related by ALSO the mainstream religion/ church of his day if you read the Gospel ... in his case to the point of the church/ synagogue with their political power and money influence, demanding that he would be put to death for speaking out, even the man who imposed the sentence questioned it in the end. Enough said.

Minister pays price gor gay marriage stance ... Thanx to CNN

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