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PRESIDENT OBAMA: 'The Private Sector is Doing Fine' ... & RC Agree's ... A Look at "POLITICAL ECONOMIC'S" (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.3)

Thomas.H.Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

Part 3 here of "Yall Street" is inspired primarily because of the recent freak show since this last friday of a simple statement that the President made, that was right on the money as far as I'm concerned, yet twisted into a regular media freak show because of this political race bullshit we are going through. I mean, you cant say a bloody honest thing these dayz, without some corporate/ banking inspired political slant being put on it. Boehner had his press conference of course in minute's after with that sad puppy dog look in his eye's swinging his head from side to side talking about the President being blind, with Cantor of course over his shoulder as usual, smiling (this guy smile's even when he's angry), then of course Christie of Jersey taking the pulpit, ranting how outrageous the President's remark was ... outrageous Mr. Christie? ... you dont appear to have had any hunger problem's, eh? McConnell with that pathetic look on his face talking about it, etc. And of all ... Romney ... oh sure Romney can create job's, I dont doubt that ... you reduce everyone to working for damn near minimum wage across the nation with hardly any benefit's or labour support/ right's, without no one but those working paying tax, you would be able to create job's too ... Hell ... anything can sell if the "price is right", eh?

First linked below from FOXNEWS the story that the Republican Party showcased this as, as well as through every other right wing media coast to coast. Then Mr. David Axelrod in the CNN video trying to sugarcoat and explain "what" the President said, which is the most lame explanation that I have seen. Then of course Ranch Chimp's non- bullshit view of the President's remark's with a "clear" explanation on what the President meant, the economy, as well as the politic's in this nation that have taken over our economy and "why". Because frankly much the reason why our economy, spending, budget's, and the rest that stagnate's any substantial growth in this nation exist's, is because of the polarizing political posse that is dictated by primarily Wall Street instead of Yall Street, and hasnt a damn thing to do with what move's the President has made on these issue's, but what those oppose him, even within his own party refuse to let him gain on. But YES!! ... the "private sector" IS DOING fine, and to even expand on that, let me put it like Sen. Bernie Sanders does "phenominally well" : )

***** FOXNEWS.COM: Obama says private sector 'doing fine', then Standard & Poor keeps downgrades negative outlook (video/ newsread)

State of the Union- Is the private sector doing fine? ... Thanx to CNN

First of all, as far as all the opposing response out of the usual mouth piece's on the right, all of ya'll and those associated with you are doing phenominally well (not just fine), including all those who have been funneling million's to billion's in support for ya'll, to do nothing but run ya'll's mouth about what you are and/ or can do, which aint shit without ya'll being told what to do, okay? Put it this way ... even if we just took the money out of politic's, not even considering all the wasteful spending on defense/ war's/ occupation's, privatizing public entities,etc, etc ... and spread ONLY that alone around this nation's town's in some kind of investment, our nation's working force's, local bank's, and small businesses would alone be in much greater shape, and even that alone would spur positive market's number's in the long run to the higher investor's, as well with "confidence" instead of worry in the market's across the board, having in time, a domino effect if you will, all this is basically crushing wealth intead expanding it. But NOOOO, ya'll at the top in this so called 1% of true inbred non- elitism for the most part think with this herd mentality, and would rather have these petty power bitch fight's between ya'll to see who can influence the market's and government's the most, it's remarkable from my view being truely a capitalist and fiscally conservative that more of ya'll havent failed than what has ... but too, we keep supporting ya'll whether you can cut it or not, with freebies and hand- out's/ bailout's ... this in time will eventually lead to ya'll's downfall ... bank on it!

The politcal spending in this nation is a total waste of money! Everyone from investment banker's, to energy market's, major media's, with CEO's of every category across the nation and world (which ARE "private") are ALL doing better than ever in the history of this nation for that matter, so let's cut some of the bullshit right there. This is exactly what the President was pointing out ... I mean ... he dont see any of them starving for sure, and neither do I ... so when someone like Mitt Romney or John Boehner say that this President isnt in touch with reality or must be blind ... it's ya'll that must be blind making ya'll's statement's instead. This just goes to show the extent and lowlifeness, weakness etc, etc ... without corporate money being spoonfed to ya'll's campaign's, that your still so desperate that you cant think before you run your goddamn mouth's and see how full of shit ya'll are presenting yourselves as. Your not even creatively skilled, this is what you use as a strategy? to show what YOU CAN do for America? Then why have ya'll declined to act on damn near every positive growth initiative/ proposal that this truely bipartisan President has made? ... meaning simple, ya'll "made" yourselves your so careless.

Dont misread me here as if I'm some leftist that's just supporting the President, I have pointed out time and again in this journal of a couple thing's that I strongly opposed the President's move's on, one being not to sign in an automatic debt ceiling increase when the GOP started playing the hostage game (you  SIGN IT regardless, and if those who whine about it going to the higher court's, you let it be and let it take 2 or 3 bloody year's to get to the court's bench!), and the other when he threw in the towel on what he initially proposed alone on starting a public option in HealthCare reform ... why would I want a 10%/ 20% public option available as choice if I'm pro- free market? ... because just that ... being "pro- free market" ... you see ... the insurance industry along with associated corporate interest's have been slacking and getting weak and non- competitive, and only using their profit's as a tool to soften their seat's if you will ... I loathe weakness and incompetence amongst those who lead and are truely elite, because it's unhealthy overall. Since ya'll advertise and preach how great ya'll are ... have some competition outside of ya'll's "familia" to support those claim's, eh? As far as the debt ceiling raise ... you know why were in it, and what got us here, and simply just telling our world financial allies that we are going to renig on our debt's/ obligation's, is not the way to immediately resolve and iron out the problemo, eh? It took time to get us here, and again, it will not be solved overnight, nor in one term of any President ... and it's take's some bipartisan action on all as well ... which this President has done time and again on every avenue.

But finally to Mr. Axelrod ... your an advisor Sir ... show some strength and back your President COMPLETELY ... when Candy ask's you a goddamn question and ask's if you agree? answer the goddamn question, dont pussy- foot around trying to explain what he said or what part you may agree with ... answer it, she asked it solo, "do you agree with THAT"(?) ... "yes" or "no", if you cant answer it based on possible purgery related to being able to answer or whatever without defensive advise/ counsel (which shouldnt even apply here at all), you take the goddamn 5th and dont ... your minute's of explaining this and that was pointless and make's you look weak!

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