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Thomas.H.Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

Part 2 of "Yall Street/ RC's Spending & Budget Cut's" will focus on this campaign financing and super pac spending, which again, I pointed out especially back during the heathcare bullshit as well as the 2010 election's as far as what is spent on what and who, because we as American's spend foolishly as they come, this is exactly why the land of milk and honey is now just the land of milkin money. I call this series "Yall Street", because it represent's the money of those who pay everything and for this country to operate and give all these "Wall Street" firm's a free ride and endless support, because they frankly dont really do much of anything, but create endless market monopolies and reckless spending and investing, and now my point is how they even control the election's campaign fund's, which was why I focused so much on that before the 2010 election's show series. I have been bombarded as well as million's upon million's of other American's with email, flyer's, phone call's, etc related to sending money in to "fight" for your side to win. Look, it's bad enough that we only have these two parties to vote for to begin with if you want any part of your vote to count, bottom line, again rehashing what I been pointing out throughout this journal ... is were pissing in the wind anywayz. I will vote Obama and Democrat for instance, I made a pre- commitment to this President prior to his presidency, and I dont discuss that commitment/ oath, because it's personal. But not to the Democrat Party (only him), but will vote Democrat, simply because they will make the "ride to come" a lil easier as I pointed out in several other posting's ... but I'll be damned if I'm going to give any of them a dollar, when me and million's of other's every year do our taxes we donate as it is $3 to the Presidential Campaign Fund, time's that by like 100 million for instance ... that's plenty, considering their all millionaire's anywayz.

After the 2008 election's I was pointing out that we should enjoy that as far as the money support we gave Obama and the Democrat's, because these entities WILL NOT let it happen again ... they were caught offguard on that and didnt see it coming, as far as Obama/ Democrat's getting that much money from individual's, they didnt do their math and got sucker- punched basically (and it wont happen again) that's why I was saying ... whatever we give money- wise in support to any candidate/ party will be matched and even doubled if they need to now/ this time, by what materialized into thing's like this citizen's united thing ... that was why I pointed these thing's out in this sequence ... meaning bottom line ... no matter what you give to whatever party or candidate it WONT make any difference, all your doing is giving more of your money to the same entities that control most of your money to begin with, and they will use it to control you even more, get my drift? What is needed and not getting done between these two polarizing side's is campaign finance reform ... this is one of the biggest issue's ... to basically not let any "person/ group" decide an election and so that ALL vote's count. This also need's extensive voting reform to conform to a national method and no more of this state to state different rules ... again, the point of the entities promoting this state to state nonsense of so called independence is to have us at odd's instead of united and to create a bunch of more legislated horseshit to jump from one state to another as they do internationally as well with this phoney globalization nonsense, how the fuck do you think they get by tax free, eh? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... kind of like the mega banking and credit system and what it evolved to looking at history, they decided to give the slave's a lil freedom and  a paycheck, to let them do all the work, and trade their gold, silver for note's on their word of worth, then bank that and reap the investment's/ reward ... mega institutionalized credit the same thing, to keep you in their game ... even now folk's dont even no longer carry the exchange note's/ currency, instead house/ bank that even in their institution's and only now not even get a note/ paper, but instead a "word" which is useless when shit hit's the fan because of THEIR (controlling financial enities) action's only, my point is, again ... we no longer need ANY of their mega institutionalization, were too technologically advanced and educated ... rendering them and their creation's as worthless, not to mention pointless ... and frankly a waste of our fucken time.

But truely if the American people, whether what class/ income level and party affiliation/ support want to be heard, money will NOT do it this time ... you will have to simply get off your ass and actually vote is all. They (controlling financial entities) have alot more spending money than us, why do you think they milked us using both parties (one outgoing to set up for the incoming one) with this trillion dollar initial bailout? What do you think the mass defense contracting is about? or the continuous need to occupy foreign land's? pushing austerity measure's in every so called democracy? ... too rathole all ya'll's money, so this isnt about Wall Street as much is it's about "Yall's Street", and trying to compete or even deal with them is a waste of our money and time, why do you think I was against the bailout's? not because I'm left or right or any of this other politipop shit, but because free market/ enterprise consist's of reward's as well as failure's ... that's natural order. Again ... money dont disappear, it change's hand's, like any property ... letting these entities feel the repercussion's of their risky bet's and action's would have made them downsize and simply be bought out by other's ... as far as it being hard on us/ economy to let them fail ... bullshit, that's why I pointed out in them earlier posting's, that no matter who or what we bail out also will be pointless for us, because we are going to face a crisis, which is the one that we have now, because they are forcefeeding it, and were lapping it up like gravy with bread. The same with this campaign finance hysteria we see now, is just a waste of money and time, because frankly nothing of any significance will get done even after this election, beside's petty nonsensical social/ moral bullshit that wont put a dime in our pocket's or a piece of bread on the table. Job's cant be even improved as I pointed out before, so be grateful were even getting add- on's monthly instead of losses, that all has to do with market's and trade, and the politician's are all bought and paid for as it is, so without a lobby, your dollar's dont mean shit. What I'm saying is, what is needed to create job's none of the politician's are going to be able to get it done as a whole ... their simply NOT allowed to, if they propose what is needed like a massive infrastructural investment initiative, it will be tossed out or stopped by one of the parties, or spoon fed in insignificant amount's to get continued support from us ... again, the two party system is set up to OPPOSE, not to work for the society, but to stagnate any change, period.

The positive thing to all of this is what I point out in the "Awakening" series, because this should be the end of what we once knew by 2016 hopefully ... the next 4 year's of the same bullshit will only get amplified atencion and educate us all on OUR mistake's ... the next generation's are going to abandon our wayz and mistake's and improve thing's for the better, new parties and politic's will emerge and this old way of doing thing's will basically die off, not even my grandkid's only in junior high school and elementary school buy this bullshit as far as political mouth piece's on what their going to do (they laugh at what they say : ), that's how easy they are to "make". Get out and vote is all that you need to do, feeding them any more of your money will get you nowhere's and only to regret it a year or two from now, dont worry, change is certainly on the way ... bank on it ... in time. Right now record amount's of money is being fed by the entities into these campaign's, they are going hog wild, and let them, because what they dont see yet is how their destroying themselves only ... let them spend anywayz, pay for it all for that matter, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... then just take what you end up with and hammer it like a piece of meat to tenderize it. There are many decent politician's in Washington, who have many great idea's, it's just that they are caught in the same mess we are and being used, so collectively they cant really do much of what's actually needed, making them pretty much worthless as a whole body. Spending your money in your communities will do the country more good than spending it on them and their game's : )

That's the reality ....


Citizens United ... Thanx to YOURCALLKALW


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