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HEALTH CARE REFORM 2012 & The SUPREME COURT ... Evaluating & Ruling for The "Health Care SUPREMACIST'S" (Health Care SNOWEjob PT.9)

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For this Part 9 of the "Health Care SNOWEjob" series will be to highlight the recent Supreme Court challenge of having to deal with this, this week. Some Times (NY) read on the event calendar, then some key point's that are very clearly made by PBS Health Affairs editor Susan Dentzer, then of course my input, or more like "confusion" as to where in Hell this is going, as well as some of the various opinion's from folk's that I have gathered over the last year or so.

***** NEWYORKTIMES/ TIMES TOPICS: Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court (Affordable Care Act)

Some Reforms will stay regardless of Supreme Court decision ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


Probably the most entertaining part of this which has been absolutely hilarious, is seeing everyone from the US Supreme Court to the mega- insurer's, to a large number of our political representation flip- flopping, hiding to avoid the issue now, and trying to slip it to the back burner, etc ... the hilarious part is, they all made this a mega issue simply for a campaign rant to draw vote's initially back in "08" or so, and now they actually have to deal with what many didnt want to, to begin with : ) President Obama who campaigned the heaviest on this back then actually had brought up and proposed some great idea's, forcing State Secretary Clinton then as an opponent to publicly address, and she was questionable on the public option part in what she was talking about, which was more in support of not a public option, as well as so many on the left as well as the right not truely wanting a PO ... so I give it to the President on that for bringing this to such a highlighted issue, and because it is an issue that is going to be of real concern to come in the future, rest assured : ) Of course I was against the President's move when he tossed in the towel on his initial PO proposal being strongly influenced through/ by senior's in his own party, and he gave in. Another problemo was ... that because the insurance industry is really a huge entity that is so huge as far as our economy, you sure as Hell dont want that institution to collapse all at once, it would have a Hell of an economic impact.

But that's "why" I supported PO and didnt want it thrown out at all, not to make the insurance industry collapse all at once, but to drive a lil outside competition is all, I believe that is incentive for any industry in a free market to tighten the belt and ship. Plus frankly (***** See CNN video here), insurance giant's from what I seen are getting milked big time themselves by the mega private medical industry, being charged outrageous amount's of payout's for service's and such, absolutely insane billing, while insurance giant's get so many they cant double check and simply just pay- out, leaving a "cost" ripple effect that trickle's down to the consumer in premium's and such over time. I also wanted to at least just try a sample of it in America, having seen and experienced it in the UK and Canada and Mexico for instance, not to mention all the other democracized nation's that also have government supported health care in the world. I figured a lil 10%/ 20% top's PO offered isnt enough to break the insurance industry, or big enough to suddenly take over the health care sector ... it was simply an idea (which I thought was excellent on the President's part and showed even true bipartisan thinking) that would serve like an experiment as well, to see how it will work in a nation like our's, drive some competition and new idea's for a system where all industries and sector's are getting eaten alive by over inflated cost's, is all. But that's also why I knew it was going to be a hard sell and probably a political snowejob in the way it's dealt with. But it will be interesting to see what all these health care supremacist's come up with, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

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But now the Supreme Court this last week actually tried to use an old 19th century law to try to avoid dealing with it at the last minute based on the fact that it hasnt even went into effect yet as far as the legislated reform's, therefore, no one has gained or lost or paid any money or taxes yet on it, to have any kind of suit to begin with, but even then the Supreme Court after 2nd thought just said "fuck it" and decided to get on with it anywayz, because of all the political pressure's being these election's and the growing concern's amongst so many of the voting public that our government on line down is just a failure and dysfunctional, etc. So whatever the Supreme Court rule's on this next week will be really interesting, I mean like everyone's ball's are in a vise on this and with this election's of magnitude coming this fall make's it hilarious, as far as the bullshit we will be forcefed on it, or lack of focusing on it all together out of political fear's.

The confusing part of this for me has been where and who stand's on what? I mean ... of all people ... the right/ conservative's want to toss out forcing folk's to buy insurance which was a shocker to me, because intitially that was the biggest reason to avoid any PO, to get premium's of at least 30/ 40 million or so working poor American's to start to feed the pool and buy, who otherwise are just stuck with going to county hospital emergency room's every time they get a bad cold, which drain's true emergency service need's as well as tax dollar's ... BUT ... they have no option's of anywhere's else to go beside's community clinic's or charities. What I'm saying is by making buying insurance mandatory for the poorer folk's bring's in alot of new revenue and they can sell them half assed policies and service's in the longrun, especially with the state to state division on everything now in America, which they/ republican's all support and drive. The other shocker is that even now the mega insurer's want to keep so many of the proposed/ legislated reform's of giving more to the consumer, even IF the Supreme Court refuses the plan to make everyone buy and pay into their plan's. I mean what the Hell is up with that? ... your WANTING to give more treat's and benefit's to the customer/ patient? ... that dont sound very profit driven and even somewhat humanitarian or charitable, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) So what I'm guessing is that mega- insurance has just simply said they WANT to reform themselves, why? ... because frankly it's good for business, extreme profit driven greed is a danger to business in the longhaul, whatever the business is. You even see mega investment bank's in the last week actually reducing fee's and penalty cost's to the consumer, for the same reason's ... everyone is seeing that the public is getting enlightened/ educated and really dont want to push their luck too much. And also with all the shakey hedge investment of mega institution's money whether it's offshore investment banker's money or the money from mega insurer's, they are really now feeling the repercussion's of such action's and gamble's, resulting in loss after loss, so even they may want to reform themselves, seeing how they been on a semi- self destructive course business- wise.

I alwayz get some interesting opinion's from folk's on the street's and community too on this, which across the board for the most part is that so many I have talked to dont give a shit about addressing it so much, unless it's those into heavy medical need's and bill's. For instance, I know a fella and his wife, both about 40- ish who have a small corner store type business that sell's, rent's, and trade's computer game's and such, they have 3 employee's (2 full time/1 part time) in their 20's, daytime only business, who told me, they would be in a hard spot if they had to buy their employee's insurance too. They barely make enough money from the business to pay the bill's, their house, the employee's, etc. and get this, a couple of the employee's feel they dont want to have to buy insurance either, their young, never sick beside's a cold or whatever, and dont like the "mandatory" purchase idea at all. I know another gal who is a clerk for a huge national drugstore chain, she sayz the insurance deduction's right now out of her paycheck drive her nut's, working for the company for over 5 year's now, and never once had to use her health insurance, said that the company twice in that 5 year's has cut the amount that they pay toward's the employee on it, she's in her 30's. Another guy I know early 60's who work's full time delivering car's for a huge dealership locally dont even buy insurance at his age, and told me that he dont even care about reform, a public option or a damn thing ... he said if you cant afford insurance now or have any, you can go to any county hospital and they WONT turn you away if you need emergency surgery or whatever anywayz, so he said ... what's the need for any option's or reform right now? The reason I say I think it will be a major issue in the future and think we need to address some of this, is because we have a heavier than Hell young population now, that are obese, and all kind's of related disease's growing from it, that I never seen in my 56 year's like I do today, I feel that if alot of these people are in such shape like this at so young of an age, what in Hell shape will they be in when their only in their 40's or so?

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