Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MICKEY MOUSE on Mercury? ... or GOD'S Favourite Lil Human TEDDY BEAR on Drug's? ... "Message from a MESSENGER" (ABOVE & BELOW PT.9)

Part 9 of "Above & Below" will take a looksy at a recent Message from the space probe "Messenger" that is in the Mercury vicinity now, kicking asses, taking name's and most importantely, taking picture's. Some startling finding's of course were reported back to Earth, it is said that Mickey Mouse was found on the planet! First thing I thought was ... "Thank God they didnt find Mother Mary again ...!" or else America would be going bananas over it as usual, thus focusing us away from the 2012 election's, importante news update's from "Rielle Hunter" and her vagina, or the new "Dallas" tele series.

Of course throughout this journal I have alwayz referred to the human race as God's lil personal Teddy Bear's, and the reason why is because damn near every culture on Earth think's they are God's favourite, Lord know's Jew's and Arab's been both claiming for year's that they are both God's chosen ones, etc. But when the Ranch Chimp saw these images ... I knew right there it had to be not Mickey ... but a message from above showing God's lil favourite human Teddy Bear ... and it appear's to me, knowing something about drug addiction, to be on drug's as well. Now I dont expect these bloody damn atheist's, satanist's, or pagan's to believe my explanation of this finding, they're already damned as it is and God hate's all ya'll! ... but for all ya'll believer's out there ... give PRAISE!

And God Bless America!

Mickey On Mercury

***** LOS ANGELES TIMES/ SCIENCE: Messenger Goes To Mercury, Finds Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse on Mercury? That's Goofy! ... Thanx to CNN


Elvis Presley- Teddy Bear- 1957 ... Thanx to SEXYMAMICHULA82


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