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HALLOWEEN GREETING'S 2012!! : From the DALLAS/ OAKLAWN Block Party ... and Special Guest's "MARY KAY KAY KAY" & "FUCK CHICK- FIL- A" ... (HALLOWEEN PT.3)

"Mary Kay Kay Kay"

"Fuck Chick- Fil- A"

Wishing a best of the best Halloween for whoever may view this, from Ranch Chimp (aka Commie Tommie)! Below are also some photo's and video from about the best annual block party in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, right here in North Dallas' Oaklawn Community this last saturday night, which has been going on since the late 1970's, and I attended a few myself, right on the Cedar Springs so you also have access to a number of the more well known club's (even though it is the Dallas LGBT district and sponsored, all all are welcome to share and show) ... really alot of fun, and I alwayz am fascinated with some of the best dressed at these ... and of course, some are not very best at all, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... Enjoy ... and get high and laid responsibly : )

***** DALLAS OBSERVER/ SLIDESHOWS: The Costumes of the Oaklawn Halloween Block Party 2012 ... nice lil collection of 96 photo's of some of the best costume's of 2012


***** PD/ RCJ: "HALLOWEEN" PART'S 1 & 2


Halloween Block Party- Dallas- 2012 ... Thanx to FRANKBENLIN


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CONTRACEPTIVE'S/ ABORTION & Full Government Sponsorship/ Funding ... A Ranch Chimp view and opinion (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT. 8)

Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

I was browsing some link's at the Infidel753 weekly link round- up this morning and commenting on this proposal to government fund all abortion/ contraceptive's in France, (Thanx to RT & Infidel here) which inspired this posting, along with some comment's I left to a blogger called Dmarks below from a previous posting a couple year's back on Bill Maher that I was just browsing that popped up on my stat's page as being viewed (I love Maher), concerning sensitivity on this type of issue. I know at least when I bring this up to people as well just here in my community, I get some strange look's even from some. So I want to address this here.

I certainly am pro- life in the sense that I love life, okay? I dont have an abortion agenda, I am a father and grandpa, but I also want to state for any reader who may be of this "right wing" for instance or pop culture type pro- life today, that I do have reasonable logical thinking on this, population is in some wayz out of control considering how so called "civilised" we love to call ourselves, as a matter of fact, many of those who say they are "pro- life" and view human life as being "sacred" let's say, seem to have lil regard for life and have twisted what is termed as sacred it seem's. Society actually amazes me on how the mainstream of it think's, I therefore wonder where is the "reason" at time's. We are becoming quick to even say publicly by mainstream politician's that abortion in the case of rape is wrong and that even the rape somehow was God's "plan" or "will"? (yes, I cant recall which politician off hand, but it has been made by a couple on the right wing) ... are ya'll fucken kiddin me!? ... or ya'll just been smoking some whacky weed (PCP/ Sherman)? Frankly I get really sick and tired of this neo pop culture politically correct whining out of some of these right wing fundamoralist's ... and I am actually conservative on some thing's, but REAL conservative ... not this sap culture neo conservatism of today.

The woman who has to bear the baby certainly isnt pleased about getting something like an abortion unless she is a self- punishment masochist ... to undergo something like that would be unimaginable to me, so when she decide's this, there MUST be reason, not because she has some kind of abortion fetish or doing it to do something stupid like to retaliate against the pro- lifer's ... in other word's, she has issue's, whether it's health, financially, socially, assault/ rape, etc, etc ... since our politically correct society is so quick to bash her, because of some reason like having a deadbeat old man who is supposed to be the father, or a number of other reason's. I personally know a number of teen's over the year's that were encouraged to reproduce who got unintentionally pregnant, by their own parent's/ familia, and other's who were told not to ever use contraceptive's and such ... leaving a number of teen's having children that they have to let their parent's take care of, because they have no mean's, and in some cases abusing the children because of all the psychological trauma in their lives, this list of ill's to this is absolutely endless in todayz society ... and to top it off, we have high poverty, unemployment, starvation, defect's, and everything else on top of that ... with now over 7 billion people on the planet.

Yes ... I am 110% in favour of FULL government sponsored abortion/ contraceptive's for teen's, and especially in my State of Texas, which is such a big problemo here ... and for all women across the board who need's such service ... I believe that it should be a mandatory right and requirement of service to our citizenry period. Enough said ....


**** Below the comment's I left to Dmarks on this posting a couple year's back, which was concerning Nazi's and even selective breeding, and no, I would NEVER reproduce with a woman that has defect's or even uses drug's for that matter, I am still firm on that till this day ....


Mr.dmarks: No .... I reckon I am not aware of Mr.Maher's rep for this personality ... I love to listen to him ... but as an independent, not keeping up with the trivia or whatever on. And I do reckon he can be somewhat insensitive at time's ... I just never looked at it as hatred. As far as the nazi's ... I see you know someting about the "National Socialist Party" ... but thing's like sterilization for instance was not a Hitler Creation either ... many dont realize ... this is one of the thing's he learned and borrowed from us, we were practicing some thing's here in the US before Hitler. Let me sum this up simple as I can here. Hitler and Associate's had what folk's called a "fatal vision" ... he also was srict in a sense as far as selective breeding, and creating a superior human race (of course of white folk's only, but the same can be done in the species as a whole)). If you have folk's that do have defect's and encourage reproduction, you reproduce more of the same, we dont breed our animal's that way that we love, we shouldnt advocate this type of breeding in our own species. No ... I am not advocating to exterminate people at all, but am very strict as far as birth control, and a strict advocate of abortion as well ... all government paid and sponsored. He was eliminating all of what he considered as defective in the species, and considered homo/ lesbian's as also an imperfection, mentally retarded, those that were too mixed ... even had a chart for what percentage of Jew you could be to remain alive ... in my case of course, I would have been exterminated, even though I am part Jew only. He was so strung out on that dope, and became such a recluse ... he lost touch with reality, and started stabbing his own friend's/allies in the back. If not for this Halocaust and fatal vision he brought to life, I think he would have went down in German History as one of it's greatest leader's, what he done to bring Germany out of the gutter to a major power in less than a decade ... is something even American politician/leader's are incapable of. Folk's didnt like him since his day's of childhood, rejecting his art career, rejecting his promotion's in the military cause they thought he was incapable, even though he was awarded the Iron Cross, for such outstanding act's of courage and bravery ... even single handed capturing multple soldier's of the enemy. To go from all that to a soup kitchen, and selling art piece's on the street corner, then to such a powerhouse speaker and leader, rebuilding the nation, in as short a time he did, is remarkable.

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TRANS- PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (PT.1): "ANGUISH & FEAR" ... The 2nd HELPING ... Feeding from the Breast to the People of the EAST & WEST (Deceptive Influence's of CORPORATE NEO- COMMUNISM PT.4)


Part 4 here of the "Deceptive Influence's of Corporate Neo- Communism" will look at what I'll just call the 2nd helping of the breast feeding were getting. The first meal of course was the milking and draining of the majority of the world's wealth to strengthen the monopolies that are known as the too big to fail entities, the push of austerity measure's and tightened employment worldwide and all else that put's the mass population of the globe in desperation without being able to know what is happening to them because of all the media and political deception, while so many can only think of anguish, fear, despair, etc, etc ... basically to try to break morale as well of the people ... which in turn will make you more dependent on them for answer's, but they are solely dependent on us is what so many miss ... again ... they need us alot more than we need them, okay? Part of this posting's title also was influenced by the 1985 classic "Anguish & Fear" from the great 20th/ 21st century composer Yngwie Malmsteen, which is fitting here for a closing song, and of course an ole favourite of mine as well : )

Also let me add here for anyone who may read this, who never read a thing in this journal before ... I am NOT ANTI corporation, energy, capitalism, etc ... as a matter of fact, I am very PRO supportive of these system's, and even conservative on alot of it, including the liberties of our democracy which I am very liberal on too. The problem here is not the structure of our government (at least in the USA), or even an icon like Exxon/ Mobil, JP Morgan/ Chase, or any of the other huge icon's at that ... beside's being the lack of regulation, competition, talent, and being a tad too large, causing our largest problem, which is a handful of the few known to us as the 1% that control these entities solely. You see ... this 1% have let's say ... lost their mind's to an extent and became intoxicated as even former President GW Bush perfectly put it for instance when he said that "Wall Street got drunk" ... like a junkie/ dope fiend in desperation, they are just out of control and beyond logic and reason, and actually on a self destructive mission that they dont even see, so in a way, they are even more blind and desperate than us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Bottom line here is that this so called TPP is another crock of shit to gulp up like a scat fetish buffet, with not a thing free about it's trade policies, or even the idea that this make's us one big happy familia globally, or being that it will solve any of the many social issue's that our population's have worldwide. To top it off, both China as well as the USA will eventually get screwed on this big time ... even though China is NOT officially part of this agreement, but because of it's mass trade and new manufacturing with U.S. ... will get hit in time ... it will have an impact on all major trade countries that are intertwined, how can it NOT?, or not have a major impact or how trade, regulations, banking and everything related globally is done? ... and both government's are so played like mark's in this, they are also in somewhat of a panic. This so called "free trade" talk only applies to those who sell you and legislate the law through lobbyist's and related avenue's. About the only place left where there is actually free trade is the black market's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Example: Saddam Hussein for instance traded freely, selling oil under the table on them, while the icon's with their newest technologies estimated he/ Iraq was sitting on one of the largest of the world oil reserves ... he was then overthrown by the entities through our government's for NOT playing ball, tried and hung, of course for crime's against humanity and his country, which is true, he certainly wasnt a lightweight and ruled with an iron fist, but that IS NOT truely why he was taken out, or this nonsense about WMD or Iraq being a terrorist hangout, and his country now a major drill country with a new western directed dictatorship, and mostly all at the expense of our tax dollar's, borrowed money from China and other's, borrowing our Social Security monies, and lives of our troop's, a nephew of mine done 3 tour's there as a Marine Sgt.

This of course happening is to finalize their mission 2013 and beyond, to rape and control basically all resources and trade on the globe ... it is also detrimental environmentally any way you slice it, especially with lack of regulatory need's ... to lowering wages and labour rights globally, and our standard's of living, and allowing largest corporations to take advantage of our government's and taxes. Nika Ankou in the first video here of the "Awakening Series" sum's up shortly and perfectly that from a political end, this cannot be solved anymore from the inside out, as you see by now that our political representation is held hostage as well ... so it is those like OWS and their offshoot's globally, who will in time inspire, enlighten, and push the actual change that is needed. Melinda St. Louis below in the RT America video give's some much needed food for thought here as well on this, then a couple link's to update this for the series.

China- America's Scapegoat Forever ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** HUFFPOST BUSINESS/ CANADA: Trans- Pacific Partnership: Canadian Content Rules Under Pressure From U.S. Lobbyists

***** OWS/ NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Panel: Will Obama's secret TPP Agreement expand fracking, mining & industrial pollution? **** (EXPIRED)


***** PD/ RCJ: "CHINA THE SLEEPING GIANT" PART'S 4 THRU 1 ... These posting's are just China related posting's of the condition

Yngwie Malmsteen- Anguish and Fear ... Thanx to RR0222 ... this will be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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COL. JEANNIE FLYNN LEAVITT/ USAF: "MISSION ISPOSSIBLE" ... Hitting more than One Bird with One Stone & being Right on TARGET (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT. 27)


Col. Jeannie Flynn Leavitt

Part 27 of the "Veteran's Spotlight" series will be to highlight and honour USAF Wing Commander and Fighter Pilot combat veteran Col. Jeannie Flynn Leavitt, who also served in mission's over both Iraq and Afghanistan. She also has some Texas root's in this, being a graduate of University of Texas @ Austin with a bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering, and earning her wings at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio.

Col. Leavitt though, really had to go that extra mile to achieve her simple dream as a kid of wanting to fly a fighter jet, being she was bucked for the most part unfortunately because of her gender, and the saturation of political correctness in our pop culture type society over it, and me having to raise daughter's instead of son's and a granddaughter now make's me a tad more focused on these thing's of course. Hell, she didnt want all the atencion and controversy ... the gal just wanted to fly is all ... and fortunately was able to utilize a couple open door's that were made to take action ... that action and hard work helped lead to opening the door for 700 other gal's to get to pursue their dream's and goal's as well who are like minded, so Col. Leavitt hit more than one bird with one stone as well, and been right on target, making her dream turned mission possible. Her natural leadership qualities as well, led to her now not just being a first as far her gender being a "wing commander", but lending her experience to 5000 other pilot's as well for combat training.

***** MILITARY HALL OF HONOR: Col Jeannie Marie Leavitt ... (biography)

***** ABC NEWS: Female Fighter Pilot Breaks Gender Barriers ... (newsread/ video)




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BIG TEX MEMORIAL ... Dead at 60 Year's Old ... The "Fire & Funeral" of A TEXAS TOWERING INFERNO (Texas State Fair PT.2)

The remains of "Big Tex" being carried away

This Part 2 of the "Texas State Fair" will be a memorial posting in honour of a local icon from 1952 to 2012, "Big Tex", and part of the title of this posting was inspired by by the American classic disaster movie "The Towering Inferno". Just the weekend prior to this tragedy, I was with my grandkid's at the Fair, and with all the hustle bustle, show's, concert's, ride's, attraction's etc, etc ... probably the last thing we paid atencion to was ole "Tex", despite his 52' ft tall presence ... I mean, you just expect Tex to be there as any of the other landmark's ... it doesnt hit you until you've lost something/ someone you love.

As I write this, a new Big Tex is already in the production stage's they say will even be bigger than the old one ... and maybe so ... but the original Tex will sure be missed. The first news video below highlight's a local funeral held for our ole buddy, and the 2nd video below is an amateur video caught of the actual fire.

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Big Tex destroyed by fire at fair ... (newsread)


The FUNERAL: Dallas Funeral Home hosts Big Tex Memorial << CBS Dallas Fort Worth ... Thanx to COLVIN51405

The FIRE: Big Tex on fire after 60 years at the State Fair ... Thanx to BULLRIDERS139


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This "Battle Of The Doll's" Part 3 is not over "doll's" this time, but it is related to the series completely, this time being a large controversy here in the Lone Star State again, between Atheist's and Christian's, seperation of church and state and the usual. This down not far from Houston in SE Texas (Hardin County) ... I used to do quite a bit of hunting back in the day down in SE Texas as a young man. But basically these cheerleader's were stopped by the local school down in Kountze from putting banner's up at game's that had biblical related passage's, because it was on school property or whatever ... you know the score here (no, not the ballgame score : )  Some newsread and video below, then my two cent's worth after.

***** NYDAILYNEWS/ AP: Judge Rules for Cheerleaders in Bible Banner Suit

Dallas attorney Tom Brandt discusses Constitutional question in Kountze cheerleader signage case ... Thanx to FANNINGHARPER

***** PD/ RCJ: "BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S" PART'S 2 & 1 **** I recommend watching Part 2 video with Pat Condell ... which pretty much sum's up perfectly the way I feel about alot of this nonsense

First of all, alot of these petty bitch fight's are political unfortunately, not out of devotion to the preservation of the idea of seperation of church and state, or the idea of folk's just simply wanting to preserve and share their faith. As far as religion's are concerned, I know too much about institutionalized religion's, which is why they sicken me with their wayz, war's, and all the other ill's that come with such ... the prophet and original Nazarene Jesus (son of God to Christian's) himself (paragraph #4 here explain's the Nazarene term), for those who read the Gospel' s was an opponent of such even ... I never even embraced or believed in the concept's and definition's presented of thing's like God, spirituality, Heaven, Hell etc, etc as their defined in mass as far back as I can remember, even as an altar boy for a short time as a child did I believe what was taught, and seen first hand some of what I consider corruption in these mega institution's ( I do have "belief's" myself, but dont share them outside of those closest to me, familia, or like minded ). Nor does my opinion's get swayed or sugar- coated by any religion's or even affiliation's I have or had with any organization's ... I THINK FREELY ... actually "freely", so these opinion's are MINE ONLY, nor do I give a shit much what anyone may think of my belief's, affiliation's, or much of anything else. : ) I strongly support the seperation of church and state as well, but also support one's right to believe and say whatever they choose, I just dont want what lil right's I do have to be dictated by some neo- political pop culture religion, or especially my daughter's and kid's/ grandkid's ... the minute you cant think freely and/ or are restricted because of what someone else tell's you that you must believe, you ARE NOT free. I also draw the line when it come's to suppression of people's belief's by non- believer's, who sicken me just as much, including alot of these politically motivated pop- culture atheist's.

Unfortunately when it come's to these kid's and/ or what they may do when challenging issue's like this, they are guided by adult's that have other motivation's because of their tradition's and affiliation's on both side's of this, and what may start out as a sneer in a small town like this, soon turn's into the talk of the county and a bitch fight being coached by adult's ONLY. One thing I do refuse to believe, is that a sign with some partial quote from a Bible verse or something can anger you, anymore than a granite monument in a town square can, that has "The 10 Commandments" engraved in it ... it is "art" and "expression" ... this sign that initially got a couple local atheist's panties in a bind simply said that God loved this football team ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... I mean WTF? It is also small local talk in humour here in Dallas, that the hole in the roof at Texas/ Cowboys stadium was so God can watch his favourite football team ... geeezz ... it's all in positive spirit only! For instance, a lil while back I seen a man with one leg on crutches standing in the intersection of  Marsh Ln and LBJ Freeway here in the neighbourhood with a cardboard sign, said he's a vet, and need's money and God Bless, etc, etc ... I gave the guy at least $6/ $7 buck's I had loose, he said "Thank You, God Bless you", I simply said to him ... "Same to you brother, you need it more than I do" ... and it was over ... I took what he told me as a friendly type gesture, nothing more ... not that he wanted to recruit me into some political religious movement or wanted to oppress me .... geeeezzz! Also on the backside of these Federal Reserve note's/ money, it clearly said ... "In God We Trust", so there is something else that these atheist's can attack I reckon, or better yet, if you like, you can mail me your note's/ money to the PO Box to the right on this page, if they offend you, and I'll gladly accept them : )

I also understand that you have to have some kind of balance and limit's on this sort of thing, but these sign's and fun that these cheerleader's were displaying during a football game (which is probably one the biggest event's in a small town like Kountze) are not going to recruit, brainwash, oppress, or force someone to believe in a thing, and with all the excitement at one of these event's/ game's (I have been to a few myself, which is alot of fun) the fan's arent even thinking about the Bible or ancient creed's that come out of some foreign middle eastern land from thousand's of year's ago, or politic's and the related ... the energy/ spirit of the event/ game has to do with the game only, nothing else, and a person's choice of word's to express their joy and excitement. If they were preaching from a pulpit on a loud speaker and telling folk's that they must do this or that, or be eternally damned in fire and brimstone, etc, etc ... that would be overboard in my opinion ... and even most Christian's would be opposed to that at a football game! : )  If I was a coach for instance and had the cheerleader's dressed as dominatrixes complete with whip's and leather leotard's cracking the asses of the player's while they ran out to the field in the opening for fun, most folk's would raise Hell about such, even though to me, it would be in fun and good spirit's, so I have to restrict my expression as well out of respect is all ... so I understand limit's of such.

But YES ... I 110% support the cheerleading squad of the Kountze Middle School, and their sign's that they displayed, even with biblical passage's pieced in, I dont find it either to be a subliminal message any more than rock band's that backmask tape's for fun, as trying to subliminally motivate listener's (something I know about being because of my association with many in the music industry for year's, and my work doing vocal's in these rock music genre's in my past) ... any more than I believe this nonsense that Santa Claus is a Satanic Pied Piper. And Yes ... God Bless ya'll, and ya'll's football team and season!  : )

***** And Thank God that tonight is the last of these bloody political debate's between President Obama and Gov. Romney, and this shit will soon be over ... also Thank God for ESPN's Monday Night Football tonight between the 2-3 Detroit Lions @ the 4-1 Chicago Bears, so I dont have to watch the debate's : )

Word Out ....


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BROKEN GOVERNMENT & THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM ... A VIEWPOINT from 4 American's (Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.5) & (THE AWAKENING PT.26) ... for Thomas Jefferson

Image result for "vast accession of strength from their younger recruits, who having nothing in them of the feelings or principles of ’76 now look to a single and splendid government of an Aristocracy, founded on banking institutions and money in corporations under the guise and cloak of their favored branches of manufactures commerce and navigation, riding and ruling over the plundered ploughman and beggared yeomanry

This posting will also serve both "The Awakening" & "Portrait of a Dysfunctional Gvmnt" series for this journal. I am a strong President Obama supporter of course and do vote Democrat, but again I vote Democrat because I only have one other choice, which is even worse ... and this President we have is really a great bipartisan President with great idea's himself, and you see what they and this system put's this man through even ... rest assured, if Thomas Jefferson was in office in this era, they would shut him out as well, with the mega corruption that permeate's our system today, and even force's so many of our great representative's to make move's that they would be against, just making fool's of our representation and our people, with this corporate communism of today ... so I want to dedicate this posting also to Thomas Jefferson.

My daughter get's up to get ready for work the other morning, turn's on the news tele to catch a quick weather and traffic report ... turn's to me and sayz ... "Oh God ... I cant wait for this to be over (election) ... this been on throughout the night", it was the morning after the last debate thing between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney ... and I cant blame her, or all the other's that you see daily around your town/ neighbourhood, that feel somewhat the same. We know we have our ball's nailed to the wall on this election, which I sure as Hell wrote plenty about ... and deep down we know what we are going to get between 2013 and 2016 ... or at least what's coming up our ass any way we slice it, with the democrat's you will get some lubricant at least, with the republican's, just a straight up buttfuck dry.

I chose 4 American's .... Nika Ankou, Eugene Law, Theresa Nigolian, and Anna Marie Suchanek to highlight here, and big Thanx to PBS NewsHour for getting these short interview's together of folk's that explain what I feel as well as million's of other's in this nation ... million's that might even actually take the time to "vote" if they feel like they really had something to choose from. You will see this increase rapidly to come amongst American's as they slowly awaken to the reality.



"We Need more Responsible Leaders" ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** I chose Ms. Ankou to post first because in less than a minute and with few word's, she sum's up what so many seem to be missing amongst us, which is "show us something" ... and the fact as she sayz as far as them running their goddamn mouth's about what they are about, how they love their country (which I dont doubt considering what they are able to get away with in our nation, which is why many dont want "too much" change) these people have very little "SHOW" and mainly alot of "TALK", and of course again ... it all come's up every 2 and 4 year's, and their plan's, of course like Romney the other day in the last debate sayz his plan should do this and that in 5 year's after he get's in office ... notice the "5 YEAR" deal ... meaning, it's a sales pitch to buy a second term ... this way after 4 year's if their promise hasnt been met/ made, like a used car salesperson ... they have you locked in to buying a 2nd term, because they are not completely there yet, and initially promised 5 year's to accomplish ... if they dont then accomplish after the 5 year's, their party loses on the 6th year in the mid term's and their out anywayz in 8, and whatever they done that didnt work ... will be used by the opposition, to sell a new "catch phrase", "pitch" or whatever, and the only problemo is because their opponent, which is partially true, and that is why your programmed and pressured by the powering entities to limit your thinking to "left/ right" only ... it's to keep you pigeon- holed and a good mark for a bite. This is basic hustling like any street hustling, just done on a larger flashier scale, you do this kind of haggling with the car salesperson, at the street market's, etc, etc ... it is amazing that so many American's dont catch this, they are so blinded by something ... what? ... I havent a clue. Go into the street market's to do some haggling and hustling instead of just the popular chain store's ... in other word's "work" and "think" for a change, instead of looking for word's and convenience, you will learn alot ... you may lose your ass the first few time's ... I certainly have been fucked inside out as a kid when first start, and take some hit's ... but you will learn, rest assured. Most of the education on this sort of thing, I got on the street's in fast hustling town's like New York, Chicago, LA, Dallas, etc, etc ... not in a school or reading stat's and chart's ... this will teach you alot about reality and the condition and most importantely how to survive in an urban enviroment and being able to "make" these thing's and much more on first call.

"Our Government is Broken because of the Emphasis on Democrat and Republican" ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

"The Two- Party System Is Very Flawed" ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

"The Election Process is Screwed Up" ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


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PH 1 : TON'S of SUN & FUN 4 Everyone ... How a FOUR STAR Find ... Get's a FIVE STAR Rating (ABOVE & BELOW PT.12)

Part 12 of the "Above & Below" series is to highlight a planet named "PH 1", and rightfully so, found with 4 sun's ... and Congrat's especially to the crew that found it ... Planet Hunters Citizen Science Project, who are inde and discovered this, which the computer's couldnt (I reckon because of the programme of the computer). Just dont ask me to explain this stuff, which I have been going over, and still dont collect it all ... but it IS fact and NOT fiction, so that's good enough for me I reckon. Fascinating though to say the least!

***** CNN/ U.S.: Move Over, Tatooine! Amateurs discover planet with four suns (newsread/ links)



Monday, October 15, 2012

ELIZABETH ESCALONA TRIAL & SENTENCE: Super- Glue Mom's 99 Year sentence ... Justice System send's a MESSAGE to People with OBSTACLE'S (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.1)

Ms. Elizabeth Escalona

"Problem Parent's" will be a new series for this journal, and the reason for the series title is because I have routinely heard the term "problem child" ... yet never hear the term "problem parent's" which in my opinion in today's society is a mega concern ... and those who know me, know how I am about parenting and familia especially, so another reason to start this series. And congratulation's to Ms. Escalona for being the first one chosen to highlight this series which should be another lengthy one as well over time because of this growing issue. But I also want to be fair as I can here, Ms. Escalona was a close friend of a girl named Amanda, before Ms. Escalona went off on the deep end or whatever you would call this, Amanda is a kid that's like familia we've known since she was in diaper's, basically grew up as a kiddie with my daughter, Amanda has been shocked over this whole thing, and several other's that knew Ms. Escalona, all saying she was not the type to do something like this, etc. Part of the title of this posting also inspired by Dallas County Prosecutor Eren Price, when after sentencing she told the media that the "sentence reflected a day that the justice system send's a message to people with obstacle's" (something that some of us wish they would do with Wall Street and Washington's political folk's as well, who seem to be alwayz in obstacle's) ... this is a case where I find the prosecution's word's actually "fitting". This is an extreme case of abuse here is also why I chose it, and also because I have followed this locally since it came up, to put it as mild as I can here, the 2 year old lil girl Jocelyn, had her hand's super- glued by the mother to the wall, then the child was severly beaten and kicked into a coma, so bad that doctor's couldnt even identify where and what was the most traumatic. Link's below then my input on it.


***** CBS/ DFW: Admitted Abusive Mother Says Children Stressed Her ... (newsread)

***** MAILONLINE: 'I Am a Monster': Mother who beat her daughter, two, into coma and glued her hand's to the wall is jailed for 99 year's


This case also locally as well as internationally has also been criticized by some because of the length of the sentence, and especially the prosecution putting up sign's on display screen's in court using word's like "Monster", "Liar" etc ... first of all ... it was Ms. Escalona who described herself as a "monster" and "liar" even to the court, also it is her defense's obligation to bring this up to the court in defense of her client, and the defense attorney not doing so, mean's it's a slacker defense, basically semi- incompetent to some extent, no defense with half a brain would leave that ride ... Ms. Escalona even admitted to beating her own mother repeatedly ... of course, blaming that on drug's and alcohol. The prosecution was initially looking for a max of 45 or so year's on this also from what I gather ... the judge imposed the sentence which shocked many of 99 year's. But what is a "fair" amount of time? And beside's ... what you dont hear is that "time" in Texas has more good/ off time than anywhere's in the nation, she would actually do just a lil under 30 at most in this with all the "credit" time that she would get ... understand that in Texas, you get 3+ now for everyday served, this include's even county time spent in jail or even out on bond for that matter ... but on the other hand ... Texas is also one of the hardest place's to do time in the country, and most likely Ms. Escalona will go to a Gatesville, Texas unit ... if you are not tough when you go in, rest assured you will toughen up after a couple year's down there, and you will most likely end up as well on the "hoe- squad", in the field's ... hoe- ing the field's that is ... which is a nickname the gal's downstate call it ... I know a few gal's who have done time like on Mountainview unit, so I have been down there multiple time's visiting as well (Minerva, Tessa, Veronica, and Yolanda, are 4 gal's I know over the year's who have all done time in their late teen's to early 20's down on the hoe- squad at the Gatesville Mountainview Unit ... but not for shit like this). Beside's as well ... this case will get appealed too.

But still I cannot find much leniency in my heart or compassion for this type of offense on a lil 2 year old child, that in no way could even escape from the torture, I'm a father and grandfather, not once in my life have I ever even spanked my kid's at all, and alwayz managed to try to talk to them, and assured them that they can talk to me about ANYTHING at all, no matter what difficulties they are having as well, or how taboo ... I have no doubt as a father, if this was my child Ms. Escalona done this to ... I would want to beat the living shit out of her. So in my opinion, the sentence was "just", but NOT a solution to this, I'm just being frank here, and NO, I am NOT a "woman beater" either ... when you do something like this, gender doesnt mean much to me anymore, period ... nor would I even date a woman who showed any sign of such instability, beside's a one night stand at most. Which may be the reason why she has 5 children at 23 year's old and no one to take care of them but her own familia and mom. This is another reason why I am so supportive as well of government paid/ sponsored abortion, contraceptive's, adoption, etc, for the record ... there is just too many young kid's/ ladies that are in no way financially capable of taking care of children, nor mature or stable enough mentally, too many dead beat dad's too, who dont give a shit as well, and dont even themselves accept contraceptive's or even condom's, some whining to gal's, that they dont like condom's or other shit ... even encouraging their female partner's not to use contraceptive's at that! I have used goddamn condom's for over 40 year's now and still do ... so dont tell me they dont work or whatever!

This was all over a child wetting her clothes or whatever ... nothing more ... Ms. Escalona immediately after doing this, changed her FaceBook page or profile, whatever they call it ... posting a pic of her and Jocelyn, this THERE tell's you that she is full of shit and just covering her ass, knowing EXACTLY what she done. She ask's "Why does God put obstacle's in my life?" ... again ... which is like a broken record by now for so many of these type's, blaming it on God's or Devil's or related  .... my question to Ms. Escalona would be ... why do YOU CREATE so many obstacle's for yourself? Also saying that ONLY God can judge her, etc ... well Dear ... this judge has judged you in this life, and perhap's you didnt anticipate that.

But prison only does not solve the problemo, I have no doubt that something is wrong in Ms. Escalona's mind/ brain ... it's said that she was also abused by guy's as a child, and I certainly suspect that, because hurting and torturing some small animal or human like that is far from natural, especially your offspring ... discipline of offspring by those who gave birth to them and nurture them is natural in the animal kingdom even, just like protection is as well ... slow well calculated torture and abuse IS NOT. Being in prison is one thing ... but just locking her up in a place like Gatesville on the hoe- squad or whatever, will definitely make her even more calloused and frankly meaner, because of the enviroment, and I KNOW what in Hell I'm talking about ... YOU MUST deal with her psychologically on some level, and TEACH her how to deal with her inner self, most importantely to be able to master it. It's about as dumb as thinking just whipping a kid with a belt when it's bad will teach it, it's lesson, etc, etc ... it WONT ... but only make them more violent over time and destabilize them, and hating more than they already did. I say this, because these case's are not "lifer" or "death penalty" cases, and these people WILL be released back into their communities and the freeworld. Your objective should be more to diffuse the ticking time bomb, than to infuse it.

Enough said ....

***** "KILLER PARENT'S" SERIES  **** this is just another series of concern over parent's as well


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ms. Alexis Wright

This posting will serve both the "America's Prostitute's" and "Sexploitation Nation" series of this journal ... to look at the recent popular case of Ms. Alexis Wright ... a Maine enterpreneur/ business woman, fitness instructor. And I also want to first add, in case Ms. Wright and/ or her defense/ support read the title of the series ... this is NOT to smear the title "prostitute" in some negative way, or anyone who chooses this title or other related type title, as a matter of fact, it is to support the title/ business and to advocate the importance it play's in society of today as well as historically, of the men and women who provide this type of service, nor is this to in any way to try to promote the idea that Ms. Wright is "guilty" of a damn thing ... because to me, these event's are nothing more than a witch- hunt and of course the mouth- watering topic's that folk's love to gossip about, especially these lil "gossip queen" circle's online, that I wont even link to for that matter ... because the gossip queen talk on this has been almost as enormous as this bunk political debate's nonsense and it's assessment's, it's unbelievable ... but ... that's America fer ya, eh? I also do this to highlight and "honour" if anything, folk's like Alaina and Danielle and the other friend's and such that have been and still are in the adult entertainment business till today. Prostitution should NOT be a degrading word, but a word to describe a trade and business if anything. Some video and newsread below, then a few additional word's from myself on this.

***** ABC NEWS: Alexis Wright Zumba Madam News

***** MAINE SUNDAY TELEGRAM: One 'jane' joins accused 'johns' on Kennebunk prostitution list

Quiet Maine Town Abuzz Over Prostitution Scandal (Zumba Scandal) ... Thanx to GEOBEATS **** Alexis pled not guilty ....



Of course as usual, the main reason's for these blow- up's of cases like such ... is because for one, this is a case in a smaller type city ... but most importantely, because of the alleged video tape's and/ or record's ... which they say involve's so many importante folk's in the community. But let me add first of all, there is reason's to have video/ record's in many cases in this type of business, although I wont discuss those reason's here, and also out of respect to the case of the accused here ... but dont THINK that these action's are to just blackmail, extort, or the related ... which is a concern to so many ... or to just use for profit ... this of course is a business that I know a lil more about is why I add this. Whenever you have so called "importante" or "respectable" people involved ... it make's it more concerning and juicy ... the average nobody in other word's, folk's could give a shit less about basically. Also understand that many client's who use service's of adult entertainment of some sort are in relationship's/ marriage's ... also understand that even many of their spouse's/ lover's/ partner's know, and even some participate directly or even indirectly as sexual foreplay in many cases today ... so alot has to do with basically like political crap ... worrying what the community will "make" of it ... which lead's to the witch- hunt's, gossip queen kiddie talk, etc ... and some of these folk's have much to lose as far as their service, or integrity, financially, socially, etc, etc ... so this is WHY this should be legalized and brought into the open as well and frankly acceptable for what it is ... a business and trade that has went on since the beginning of recorded history ... nothing more.

The talk about the 100 or so count's make's it sound enormous, but understand how law's work and what they can charge a person with and how, but also understand that most of these are nonsensical and basically formality to cross all the "T's" and dot all the "I's" and to not miss anything that can be charged, so alot of that as well is concerning politic's/ election's within the judicial system's, documentation for appeal's, competency report's, etc, etc ... doesnt say a damn thing about any alleged "crime's" of the actual nature of "what" true "crime" is, that a defendant has on them. Most of these count's are suspended, dropped, diverted/ lessened, etc, etc ... again ... just formalities mostly. Take a count more serious for instance like "tax evasion" ... well technically anyone who does any kind of labour, service or anything in exchange for money and dont pay an income tax or some tax on it, is evading taxes ... even if you just mow lawn's ... you can lock up half the kid's for that ... beside's, that is why they have all these other taxes, fee's, fine's, penalties, etc, etc ... heh, heh,  heh, heh, heh : ) ... to make sure they get money out of you one way or another : ) BUT "tax evasion"!!? ... Hell ... you should lock of half the Congress and Senate in this nation and their biggest money supporter's ... they ALL evade taxes, and even legislate new law's every time they close a so called loophole, to use another door to evade even more taxation : ) This is a nation ran basically by a criminal element across the board ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  if you want to get technical about it. Whenever you buy miscellaneous shit online, garage sales, flea market's, any hand to hand transaction's, etc, etc, etc .... your "evading" taxation : ) Hell ... lock up America for that matter, were all guilty ... but no ... they dont want to lock you up ... they want you to ADMIT that you are GUILTY of SOMETHING, then make you look bad and/ or that you owe, and milk you for as much as they can as a form of repentance ... were so full of shit it aint funny : )

Kind of remind's me once (I wrote in some posting about it too ... HERE PARAGRAPH #8 : ) ... where I had a probation violation of some bunk/ cheap petty worthless charge ... drug possession or something, DUI etc, etc, some 25 year's ago I reckon ... as part of the term's/ condition's of the court's probated suspension etc ... they had me go to "drug classes" ... and we all sit in a circle and go around giving our name to the class, and telling why we are there, what we done wrong, how "bad" we feel, how we need help, cry, ask sympathy, etc, etc ... you know the shit if ya'll been there and done that. But anywayz ... I got kicked out of the class after the first day and reported to the probation department officer, that I had no remorse for what I done, didnt share, no feeling's, etc, etc.  What's there to share that I hadnt I asked? ... I did share ... they asked what happened? ... I told them ... I got caught and popped, bottom line : ) After all, they said they wanted us to be honest and open up about our feeling's to each other ... I actually did! : ) The counselor asking me more than once ... why do I need help? and why am I there? I told her the TRUTH ... I dont have a problemo with drug's, but society seem's to think I do, I committed no crime, I didnt hurt anyone, I dont need any help, but appreciate the offer ... "If" for example I actually done something "wrong" and/ or hurt someone, I would naturally feel remorse, but the point is ... I didnt, so this "could have" happened or that "could have" happened or whatever is just speculative, and frankly pointless ... and the reason why I am there as she asked me to explain to the class ... is because the bloody court made me go there as term's/ condition's of my release ... not because I wanted to be there, I have better thing's to do ... several of the class busted out laughing, needless to say the counselor felt like a fool, and of course kicked me out, telling the probation department that she will not deal with someone like me and my attitude ... the most hilarious part was ... when they violated my probation again ... at the hearing, the judge got so pissed off at listening to the probation department whining about me ... he dropped my case and agreed with me! ... he threw all the charges OUT including two year's probation, and I WALKED! : ) (true story too)

Invasion of privacy? ... if it's illegal ... how private do you want it to be to prosecute? ... again this is absolutely hilarious on some of these larger charge's. And Ms. Wright should plead not guilty to begin with, some act like it's a shock ... what should she do? ... plead guilty to satisfy a bunch of witless jackasses who dont even know her and only exploit people like her? ... people that have no ball's to begin with on top of that. Beside's Ms. Wright ... what in Hell would you be criminally guilty of if the alleged charge's against you were even proven to be accurate? As far as this anonymous blogger who started alot of this, posting that Ms. Wright is not the sweet, innocent, friendly instructor or whatever, and she is living a "double- life", etc, etc ... it's called "multi- tasking"  ... you should admire that ... after all ... we have too many lazy people to begin with that sit on their ass too much  ... this is really getting the job done and providing a quality service(s) to the community : ) Absolutely Ms. Wright YOU ARE NOT GUILTY or should ever submit to such idiocy, but's that's my opinion only ... or should you let these ingrate's make you feel guilty of a damn thing when you DONE NOTHING WRONG to anyone. But wishing you and your's the best of luck on this, sincerly!

**** Other than that ... tonight on NFL Network Thursday Night Football @ 7:00pm CST, the 2- 2 Pittsburgh Steelers will be at the 1- 4 Tennessee Titans, despite the record's, this match up should be really pretty good! I'm just a big Steelers fan and have been for year's.

Word Out ....


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SEGREGATIONISM & The SEPERATION of "FOLK'S & FAITH'S" from a Texas Segregationist ... Ranch Chimp's VIEW on Cultural Segregation (ARAB WORLD TENSION'S 2012 PT.2) for Eric & Samantha

Thomas Hudson Pickering (with daughter) aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"


Part 2 of  "Arab World Tension's 2012" is partly inspired and for Eric and his wife Samantha locally here in the Metroplex, and of all the confusion and new's about this over the last few week's across the nation and various part's of the world. But Eric and his wife had a few friend's over this last week and a conversation that popped up amongst them seemed to draw so much confusion between them as far as these recent tension's and news, proposal's, etc, etc on this ... although I was just listening to them ... when all the confusion it seemed to drive ... I had to jump in and give some opinion and thought on it, needless to say ... it certainly got their atencion, and Eric said ... "I cant imagine you as a segregationist type Tom" ... referring of course to my association's with folk's of colour, mixed familia, neighbourhood, and even with a few Arabic immigrant Muslim's as well. I never was called a segregationist before, or ever really carried that title ... I mean ... when I think of segregationist's for instance ... I think of folk's like Tom Metzger- White Aryan Resistance, Michael McGee- Black Panther Party, Former Alabama Governor George Wallace, and Malcolm "X" Little- former Nation of Islam member ... all of course popular American known racial segregationist's, seperatist's, etc, etc. But I reckon by definition, some American's would look at my statement's as such, so I will identify as such for this posting.

The reason for jumping into the conversation was because like in so many media's, these poor folk's seemed really confused on the solution over these protest's, hatred toward's American's, and even one of their friend's suggesting as well, that folk's that make these movie's or cartoon's or whatever that are somewhat insulting in the Muslim/ Arab world, should be charged with "hate crime's" in America, as well as the talk not only from them, but nationwide in media's that there should be law's made against those who speak like such ... from what I gather also there has been a push as well in some of these Muslim nation's for America to do this in our country, in part one Secy of State Clinton looked stunned in a news conference asking how this could be happening?, our President Obama trying to do everything he can to ease tension's, etc. Understand, that if we do that for one religion, it would have a slippery slope and every other religion from Wicca to Scientology to Christianity would also have precedent for such on their religion ... understand that America has so many religion's. As I brought up to them that there was also a push in Western European countries over the last several year's similar, even one case I heard of over there where muslim communities actually tried to get leniency toward's rape of women in European countries by muslim's, on the basis that the women of the west dress too provocative, so the men cannot control themselves or such, and other special law's being made ... and to me religion's are like culture's, so I'm not going to debate with anyone either over "definition's" and these opinion's are my own. But many American's even dont seem to be able to grasp it seem's what I am saying ... most that understand me and even support me to some extent believe it or not, is those immigrant Arabic Muslim's that I personally know, and some western European's that I talked to.

I believe that the seperation of folk's and faith's is sometime's as importante as the seperation of church and state ... and for those who insult these folk's knowing it will hurt them, I have no feeling's for either and dont worry about them or their safety, especially those who go into these foreign land's and try to push western multi culturalism on folk's if they dont want it. Having friend's myself who are Muslim and immigrant's, I know how this is insulting to them and their culture ... even if they didnt get angry, because of the emotional effect it has on them, I wouldnt hurt them that way ... and also doing this make's you partly responsible for those who are hurt or killed because of your entertainment ... you should know since ya'll claim to know so much about these culture's and are so well schooled, educated, worldly, liberated, and all the other label's ya'll have ... that even if you do this anonymously, or even burn Quran's or whatever ... there is a chance because of the sensitivity of this, that someone else may get harmed or even killed somewhere's else in the world over it, and I met several devoted muslim's, and they would never insult the prophet Jesus even, they dont believe in that! They (most) believe in respecting other's religion's ... I have talked in depth about this with them for hour's even, just trying to get a lil hand's on education and their opinion's and honesty. Christianity is a few hundred year's older than Islam for instance ... when Christianity was the same age as Islam, those more hardcore Christian fundamoralist's also reacted with violence, and even much more violence historically, I mean ... back in them dayz, Christian's killed Muslim's as well as anybody else over a bad hair day or a day without sunshine, even burned women at the stake, right here in America as well, and tortured and murdered countless people of even their own faith. Religion's have alwayz caused conflict's and war ... former Minnesota Governor Mr. Jesse Ventura sum's it up perfectly in these video's, concerning war's and religion's. Christianity has changed alot over the last several centuries, and all religion's naturally do with time.

But as I was explaining to Eric, Samantha and their friend's ... I would no way support making these thing's "hate crime's" in America, or catering to proposed legislation of any kind that support's oppression of our women, or folk's that are gay or whatever even, like they try to push in other nation's ... this is America. At the same time I have lil regard for those that purposely insult and antagonize these folks for entertainment, not would I even negotiate your release from their prison's/ confinement's in their land's if your there ... you dont belong there and especially doing what you do there. The same with all this issue of concern nearly a decade ago in Minneapolis (MN) where most of the cab driver's in that town were Muslim immigrant's ... and tried to demand that the City of Minneapolis make law's that prohibit's anyone who drank alcohol from riding in a cab .... NO! ya'll do that in your country ... if you dont like the law's in our country or have a problemo doing your job ... go find another bloody job ... or better yet ... get the Hell out of our country! There is no issue that should have any concern, it should be out of the question, period! ... there is NOTHING complex about any of this, except us as being so "politically correct" making it a complex issue. As far as these countries that we  give million's or billion's to in support rigged up through their dictatorship or western corporate  influenced puppet government's, and the international bank's and oil and mining corporation's ... no ... if you cant control the hatred toward's America, and/ or want no part of us ... I would leave in a New York minute from your country and never again ask your friendship or give you any money/ support whatsoever, period ... and if you did threaten our nation and drew first blood/ strike with weapon's intercontinental or otherwise ... understand that a person  like me would retaliate, even if it called for a nuclear attack on your nation ... I would have no hesitation ... understand, that it isnt/ wouldnt be personal ... but strictly principle and business ... I would also make it very clear and non- complex so there wouldnt be no question in your mind where I/ we stand on such issue's. If one of our's is in your country doing these thing's against ya'll's country and culture, religion, purposely insulting your prophet to antagonize your people, etc, etc ... I would not defend them and/ or negotiate their release or pay any ransom, if you wanted to even execute them ... so be it. Those who want to immigrate to America and try to legislate us as well ... I would not allow entry to our nation, and those already here, I would deport.

I certainly dont have a thing against what anyone believe's or even my neighbour's ... but I have limit's having lived my entire life in the freedom that I have been blessed to cherish, and thankful to those who fought for it, for us, and our nation. Sometime's we cant just all melt into one big pot and expect everything to be love and happiness, we have our difference's culturally, politically, philosophically and otherwise, I am very understanding of this as well as the sensitivity of folk's, and will honour mutually respect for you as well, even if you are different and choose to remain that way. I myself wont have anything to do with affiliation with any institutionalized religion's, although I recognize at the same time, how importante of a role they play in bringing together people and giving them a sense of something greater, bigger, and hope ... I witnessed first hand how religion had turned around some of the most hardcore people when incarcerated, and made them a better person, and sat and cried for those dying in my arm's as they hoped for something better as the hour of their death arrived ... and realize the importance religion's have also played in the socializing/ bonding of folk's, bringing together people with like minded values, and the importance it played in familia values, etc, etc ... however, I also recognize the flipside of anything, so it play's both wayz.

Word Out ....


Sunday, October 7, 2012

ELECTION'S & VOTING in AMERICA 2012: A View from an UN- WHOLLY Trinity ... RT America, CNN & Ranch Chimp ... What Once INTRIGUING Now BORING & Once GOOD Now EVIL (America's "VOTE BOAT" 2012 PT.2)

Part 2 of "America's VOTE BOAT 2012" is to follow up of obstacle's which inspired part one from neighbour's Rick, Tony & Wolf (Wolfgang) ... and even though RT America, CNN and myself (Ranch Chimp) dont have too much that would wholly connect us and/ or agree on ... there is one thing that we would all agree on, and that's that even though mainstream poll's daily tell us how so many American's, especially younger voter's and senior's are taking more interest's now in politic's than in many previous recent year's, which is a "good thing" ... million's are more lost, feel helpless, feel the system is worthless even, or just plain dont give a shit much and/ or are bored ... we ALL know that something is fundamentally wrong by instinct, whether we say it directly or indirectly or even outright ignore it ... President Obama himself more than once honestly stated that he understand's how folk's can be cynical of politic's/ politician's/ Washington, and rightfully so ... even he seemed somewhat bored listening to Romney in the debate's last week ... and I'm sure there was a lil fatigue as well ... the way these special interest's and corporate communism and racketeering of today have our politician's on a clock and us constantly at each other's throat's and in fear, running around like decapitated chicken's (if you ever worked in a hen house/ barn like I have you can picture what I mean : )  First some newread/ link and video's below from CNN and RT America ... then I will add a lil something to close.

The Resident-- Why is the Election so boring? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** CNN/ THE UNDECIDED: The Millennial/ The Catholic/ The Long- Term Unemployed/ The Latino/ The Single Woman/ The Evangelical ... "What's Going On? Am I Really Happy?"

Stealing a U.S. election? Nothing's easier! ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

I'm writing about politic's and these election's much more than I would like to, believe me, but only because this is all so fucked up today it isnt funny, intriguing, or entertaining any more ... what may have worked at a time and was "good" has even turned into "evil" (not meant in spiritual or religious sense). I have also said time and again how this is ALL so GOOD and Healthy for us as far as the misery we are receiving, and believe me, it's true, and is why I started "The Awakening" series even, it make's us more aware of the condition and reality and less fascinated with the bullshit were fed to keep us the way we are. But again, this election is importante to all of us, no matter what level you are on even ... you see how much the anonymous wealthy citizen's are even spending on this ... all to take the final down in the fourth quarter of the ballgame, and finally shut down our government for good if they can and simply buy it out basically ... because they already own much of it, they just dont own the Constitution yet ... with enough power, they would amend that as well ... rest assured. They have already contaminated our election's, politician's, the Supreme Court to an extent (sadly) and have us into more war's than we can even pay for these dayz (and are quietly preparing for even bigger war's, believe me ... in their conquering global quest's) ... having to use a Chinese Charge Card, all to only not just control all world government's to so call "free market's" ... but to enslave the entire "marketplace" ... one of the last thing's that we have left of any value whatsoever is our right's as is, voting, election's, etc ... your money is even nearly worthless, unless your a  millionaire/ billionaire manipulator or strictly blackmarket/ underground these dayz. But all this must come and pass if you really truely want change to a better way ... and WILL ... in time ... oppression ALWAYZ face's aggression.

Another very importante issue that we need to push in Washington for some action is this voting system of today ... it's already lousy enough all the obstacle's and road block's that hamper voting in America to begin with, and even according to HUFFPOST/ POLITIC'S, even the GOP/ Republican Party has been passing around the collection plate to raise $5 million for a recount vote if needed, but I dont even trust that, since they were so eager to start it month's before the election even. Bottom line ... with all the shit going on from that to voter suppression through change's in requirement's, etc ... you can see how serious those entities that control us are about this ... so we should not get too bored and unconcerned, anymore than we should get behind the wheel of our car piss poor/ shit- faced drunk. Year after year I have thought to myself when casting my vote here in Dallas County ... how do I even know that my vote counted, except the colored light on the button I push that confirm's it? ... maybe we should get a bloody receipt ... like at an ATM! ... after all ... all these SOB's that rant about getting Voter ID card's as a requirement, say they ARE ALL about fairness, blah, blah, blah, etc. They ALL have an agenda ... and again ... it dont have a goddamn thing to do with being "fair" or this system wouldnt have been neglected and ran over to the point it is!

Word Out ....


Thursday, October 4, 2012

THE WILL CALLERS (PT.1): "Dark In Dallas", "Dallas Deep Studio Sessions", "87 Miles" (for Justin)

The Will Callers

The Will Callers

This posting for the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to highlight some of the work of a local fresh group based in the Fort Worth sector of the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, who has been gearing up recently doing more appearance's and work in Dallas' revitalized Deep Ellum scene, Greenville Ave district, etc. Mr. Justin Elliot is the newest addition to this crew on guitar, who's been I reckon with the crew for about a year now if I recall correctly. Also as I recall, Justin said that they just finished up on some master's for an album/ cd, which is in the production process right now and soon to be released ... and congratulation's to ya'll!

Over this last weekend I had the opportunity to have some one on one chat with Justin in Arlington, just going over small chat and our influence's in music ... going over nearly 100 year's back from the Roaring 20's and Ragtime to the Sun Records artist's (Elvis's early era and label) to Hard Rock, Progressive Country, Soul/ R&B, Metal, Punk, Pop, etc, which is alwayz fun, and his knowledge and love of such tell's me alot ... but was curious to know where The Will Callers are looking on going, because I frankly cant even tell or even pin point any few key influence's, since the crew seem's so versatile and in so many direction's, I mean, I can listen to a couple tune's and probably name off a dozen or so influence's, yet not pin point a direction or genre ... so trying to categorize a genre is tough for me. Well ... from what Justin sayz as to direction or whatever ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... they dont even bloody know, dont really give a shit either, but just have a ton of influence's, idea's, and want to have fun doing whatever make's it's way. So in this crew's work you may hear blue's, rockabilly, rock- n- roll, country, or whatever ... it all play's a part in their worx.

After going over a few piece's I told Justin that I would like to highlight them in this journal ... Justin said "Yeah ... great ... just do whatever you want on it ... although I dont know how popular it would be (chuckle : )". But I was never about choosing music on popularity to begin with ... instead, just great music and artist's to highlight, in my opinion Justin is a well rounded guitarist as well, and Jake Murphy's vocal work I really admire with it's smooth blend ... whether it's a home garage band and piece, to hardcore, underground, nostalgic, to a pop artist. So I chose a few piece's below to highlight, with an excellent new original piece that they done earlier this year called "Dark In Dallas" ... and wishing ya'll the best of the best, looking forward to catching ya'll live in Deep Ellum sometime after your new album release as well ... Enjoy!

**** Also a lil somethin here I wanted to add for Justin : )





The Will Callers- Dark In Dallas live session ... Thanx to THEWILLCALLERS

The Will Callers/ Deep Dallas Studio Sessions ... Thanx to DEEPDALLASMUSIC

The Will Callers - 87 Miles ... Thanx to THEWILLCALLERS


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

KKK (KONSTITUTIONAL KON KLAN) 2012 Defeated in Pennsylvania Court on 2012 VOTER SUPPRESSION ... A "Korporate Klan Production" (VOTER ID LAW'S PT.2)

Part 2 of "Voter ID Law's" will look at a key win for the voter's in the Keystone State, when a Pennsylvania Judge yesterday struck down this Korporate Klan Production that has been in high gear all over this nation for several month's sponsored through the GOP and their key anonymous supporter's of United Citizen's. Let me be frank here ... this is nothing but a new type KKK (Konstitutional Kon Klan) is what you see and nothing more, basically another con game ... this of course to suppress the average American's vote, bottom line. A key win for sure ... but not good enough to please an American like myself, being it will start effective in Pennsylvania 2013 ... but at least importante enough to stop this "korruption" that has blanketed Pennsylvania and other state's for the 2012 election's.

In the PBS video below ... State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, a key instigator of this rubbish in Pennsylvania ... tell's Judith Browne Dianis of Advancement Project that he doesnt have to answer to her/ them ... let me be straight up here ... that is just plain rude, coming from a state representative of the people ...  WTF do you mean? ... it's those people who pay your goddamn salary! Being more frank ... I'm a half- assed liberal who isnt as kind and understanding as alot you may deal with ... and toward's some SOB like you ... a real redneck MF at that ... being I would frankly show you what I feel about these so called force's of corruption, by wanting to put my foot knee deep in your ass! (not meant in a sexual way, so dont take it as a compliment). I been following this man and frankly I just dont like your fucken kind period!, because to me, the only force's of corruption I see is clearly ya'll.

This con game ... of doing this all in the name of Constitutional justice, freedom, and all the other bullshit you been sugar- coating this with, has spread faster than the western forest fire's across America this year, there's a Hell of alot more that make's this nation's voting corrupted than the issue's that you bring up ... especially the corruption that ya'll have participated in engineering against American voter's ... which is equivalent to treason in my opinion ... Word F'n Out! ....

***** THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIAN. COM: Pennsylvania Judge Strikes Down Voter ID Law

PA. Judge Rules Voter ID Law effective year after elections ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


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Monday, October 1, 2012


Thomas.H.Pickering (and daughter) aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This will also serve both the "Global Gold Rush" and "Yall Street/ RC'S Spending & Budget Cut's" series. This is not the most popular thing to be writing I know at this time ... but it IS an issue that will have an impact on everyone, regardless of class, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc, etc. Put it this way, we can label ourselves any way we want ... being it ... left or right, christian/ jew, muslim, atheist, ... black, brown, yellow, red, or white ... gay, straight, bi, or transgender ... whenever you reach rock bottom and/ or end up in a local Mission soup kitchen line ... your label's are gone and your as naked as the day you were born ... being you could throw us all in a meat grinder together, and you would still end up with nothing but flesh, blood, and bone (equality by nature : )... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and the last place you want to end up especially if your an atheist, is a Gospel Mission soup kitchen ... cause you will have to sing song's of praise at that service before chow line ... no bow ... no chow : )

These again are thing's that I have covered since the start of this journal, and stating the importance of knowing what to expect and also staying one step ahead of the 3 entites that rule, for they alwayz are 2 step's ahead of you. This will update where all the gold is going, why, and what to expect, and keeping your head above water is all ... it's not to bring panic, but ... awareness is all ... I dont panic ... I'm simply a master of reality you can say. And let me make clear here, since this is political season ... NONE OF THIS WHATSOEVER is connected to our President Obama ... NONE! This man is about the best thing that happened to this nation and he has bent over backward's to try to do everything possible to try to get thing's smoother, you can credit though much of this push for austerity and the growth of corporate corruption to the last Administration, something the GOP opponent's WONT EVEN TOUCH ON ... yet trying to blame this elaborate calculated mess on President Obama! Some recent news and video's below, then a few additional word's from myself.

This posting will also be added in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" **** this posting has various link's to posting's, etc .. that will give a more clearer picture of this and what to expect on some avenue's.

Why are China and Russia buying all the Gold? ... Thanx to UKspreadbetting **** this is a new video

***** CBS/ 60 MINUTES: India's Love Affair With Gold ... newsread and video link's

Fed announces QE3 ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



The reason to be aware at least and give focus to this as avoiding "Strife, Misery and the Pursuit of Austerity", is because we are too absorbed at time's ... with too much thought of old school "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", and constantly not paying enough atencion to what is happening around us, until it's too late. As when I told Joe and his wife Elida to hold on to their gold a few year's ago ... they did, and tripled it's worth ... or when I told Elida to get her money out of a mega bank and put it into a local credit union, she see's she now get's better rate's, fee's and even service with a smile and yet still insured by the Fed ... or telling my son- in- law about diversifying his investment's for retirement, so he doesnt take another hit with his wife (my daughter) like the loss they took on their 401K's back from the 2008 hit, or something simple like when my neighbour Raul the other day asked me to check out a pick- up truck he was fixin to buy, to see if he was getting a decent deal, etc, etc ... I'm liberal sure on many simple thing's like sexuality, art's, etc ... but when it come's to what money I do have ... I'm very conservative. Sure you can sell your gold now, and make a pretty nice sum if you bought it several year's ago, or you can hold even more because of it's "solid" value that it will maintain ... but also a new obstacle you will face of chance/ gamble ... is what will become of the economy and the value of currency? This is why it is importante to not get too greedy thinking to sell all now and cash in, some greed is good and financially motivational, but extreme greed will take you down every time ... sell a portion, and only what would be of need to you as far as any expenses ... yet save the largest portion ... to let some of this play- out for a few more year's, because again ... what we will face in 2013 and beyond may shock some of us, so pay atencion.

My neighbour Suzy for instance crying over how Bank of America is milking the Hell out of them ... like I told Suzy ... ask yourself why you bank there? We actually still have a free enough country and system to make choice's ... and all your tax dollar's and economic bailout's go to strictly their livelihood and strengthening, not your's/ ours ... dont worry about them, dont do business with them if you can avoid it ... I sure as Hell wont ... for Pete's sake ... if the bloody complex government cant solve them and their issue's ... at least try to do what we can to dissolve them, it's simple. And most of these mega international giant's invest them dollar's abroad ... not here unless absolutely necessary, which could be a reality, but we have such a weak and divided government representation across the board ... who dont legislate a damn thing contractual to make this happen damn near, and owe the entities for their financial support from the last election. These mega entities are our biggest issue and problemo ... a pack of wolves dont feed those who just are weak and live off the rest of the pack, it is natural order to feed the hand which feed's and is strong first ... you keep feeding these entites, they will keep taking it ... especially if were that stupid to do so. When it come's to this international aid we dish out, especially defensively to create this global type military complex ... you take care of your home/ domestic issue's first, THEN ... you be charitable to other's, after all, how charitable can you be when your broke and cant even do for yourself?

Dont worry about the politician's, the mega banker's, the mega religious compound's (the 3- Entities) ... they all only thrive because of you/ us ... without us feeding them and buying into them constantly, their worth not much more to us than the dog piss on a light post ... nothing. This isnt about getting wealthy and making money as much as it's about staying out of those soup kitchen's if you can avoid it. There is plenty in the link's here about this ... Word Out ....