Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SEGREGATIONISM & The SEPERATION of "FOLK'S & FAITH'S" from a Texas Segregationist ... Ranch Chimp's VIEW on Cultural Segregation (ARAB WORLD TENSION'S 2012 PT.2) for Eric & Samantha

Thomas Hudson Pickering (with daughter) aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"


Part 2 of  "Arab World Tension's 2012" is partly inspired and for Eric and his wife Samantha locally here in the Metroplex, and of all the confusion and new's about this over the last few week's across the nation and various part's of the world. But Eric and his wife had a few friend's over this last week and a conversation that popped up amongst them seemed to draw so much confusion between them as far as these recent tension's and news, proposal's, etc, etc on this ... although I was just listening to them ... when all the confusion it seemed to drive ... I had to jump in and give some opinion and thought on it, needless to say ... it certainly got their atencion, and Eric said ... "I cant imagine you as a segregationist type Tom" ... referring of course to my association's with folk's of colour, mixed familia, neighbourhood, and even with a few Arabic immigrant Muslim's as well. I never was called a segregationist before, or ever really carried that title ... I mean ... when I think of segregationist's for instance ... I think of folk's like Tom Metzger- White Aryan Resistance, Michael McGee- Black Panther Party, Former Alabama Governor George Wallace, and Malcolm "X" Little- former Nation of Islam member ... all of course popular American known racial segregationist's, seperatist's, etc, etc. But I reckon by definition, some American's would look at my statement's as such, so I will identify as such for this posting.

The reason for jumping into the conversation was because like in so many media's, these poor folk's seemed really confused on the solution over these protest's, hatred toward's American's, and even one of their friend's suggesting as well, that folk's that make these movie's or cartoon's or whatever that are somewhat insulting in the Muslim/ Arab world, should be charged with "hate crime's" in America, as well as the talk not only from them, but nationwide in media's that there should be law's made against those who speak like such ... from what I gather also there has been a push as well in some of these Muslim nation's for America to do this in our country, in part one Secy of State Clinton looked stunned in a news conference asking how this could be happening?, our President Obama trying to do everything he can to ease tension's, etc. Understand, that if we do that for one religion, it would have a slippery slope and every other religion from Wicca to Scientology to Christianity would also have precedent for such on their religion ... understand that America has so many religion's. As I brought up to them that there was also a push in Western European countries over the last several year's similar, even one case I heard of over there where muslim communities actually tried to get leniency toward's rape of women in European countries by muslim's, on the basis that the women of the west dress too provocative, so the men cannot control themselves or such, and other special law's being made ... and to me religion's are like culture's, so I'm not going to debate with anyone either over "definition's" and these opinion's are my own. But many American's even dont seem to be able to grasp it seem's what I am saying ... most that understand me and even support me to some extent believe it or not, is those immigrant Arabic Muslim's that I personally know, and some western European's that I talked to.

I believe that the seperation of folk's and faith's is sometime's as importante as the seperation of church and state ... and for those who insult these folk's knowing it will hurt them, I have no feeling's for either and dont worry about them or their safety, especially those who go into these foreign land's and try to push western multi culturalism on folk's if they dont want it. Having friend's myself who are Muslim and immigrant's, I know how this is insulting to them and their culture ... even if they didnt get angry, because of the emotional effect it has on them, I wouldnt hurt them that way ... and also doing this make's you partly responsible for those who are hurt or killed because of your entertainment ... you should know since ya'll claim to know so much about these culture's and are so well schooled, educated, worldly, liberated, and all the other label's ya'll have ... that even if you do this anonymously, or even burn Quran's or whatever ... there is a chance because of the sensitivity of this, that someone else may get harmed or even killed somewhere's else in the world over it, and I met several devoted muslim's, and they would never insult the prophet Jesus even, they dont believe in that! They (most) believe in respecting other's religion's ... I have talked in depth about this with them for hour's even, just trying to get a lil hand's on education and their opinion's and honesty. Christianity is a few hundred year's older than Islam for instance ... when Christianity was the same age as Islam, those more hardcore Christian fundamoralist's also reacted with violence, and even much more violence historically, I mean ... back in them dayz, Christian's killed Muslim's as well as anybody else over a bad hair day or a day without sunshine, even burned women at the stake, right here in America as well, and tortured and murdered countless people of even their own faith. Religion's have alwayz caused conflict's and war ... former Minnesota Governor Mr. Jesse Ventura sum's it up perfectly in these video's, concerning war's and religion's. Christianity has changed alot over the last several centuries, and all religion's naturally do with time.

But as I was explaining to Eric, Samantha and their friend's ... I would no way support making these thing's "hate crime's" in America, or catering to proposed legislation of any kind that support's oppression of our women, or folk's that are gay or whatever even, like they try to push in other nation's ... this is America. At the same time I have lil regard for those that purposely insult and antagonize these folks for entertainment, not would I even negotiate your release from their prison's/ confinement's in their land's if your there ... you dont belong there and especially doing what you do there. The same with all this issue of concern nearly a decade ago in Minneapolis (MN) where most of the cab driver's in that town were Muslim immigrant's ... and tried to demand that the City of Minneapolis make law's that prohibit's anyone who drank alcohol from riding in a cab .... NO! ya'll do that in your country ... if you dont like the law's in our country or have a problemo doing your job ... go find another bloody job ... or better yet ... get the Hell out of our country! There is no issue that should have any concern, it should be out of the question, period! ... there is NOTHING complex about any of this, except us as being so "politically correct" making it a complex issue. As far as these countries that we  give million's or billion's to in support rigged up through their dictatorship or western corporate  influenced puppet government's, and the international bank's and oil and mining corporation's ... no ... if you cant control the hatred toward's America, and/ or want no part of us ... I would leave in a New York minute from your country and never again ask your friendship or give you any money/ support whatsoever, period ... and if you did threaten our nation and drew first blood/ strike with weapon's intercontinental or otherwise ... understand that a person  like me would retaliate, even if it called for a nuclear attack on your nation ... I would have no hesitation ... understand, that it isnt/ wouldnt be personal ... but strictly principle and business ... I would also make it very clear and non- complex so there wouldnt be no question in your mind where I/ we stand on such issue's. If one of our's is in your country doing these thing's against ya'll's country and culture, religion, purposely insulting your prophet to antagonize your people, etc, etc ... I would not defend them and/ or negotiate their release or pay any ransom, if you wanted to even execute them ... so be it. Those who want to immigrate to America and try to legislate us as well ... I would not allow entry to our nation, and those already here, I would deport.

I certainly dont have a thing against what anyone believe's or even my neighbour's ... but I have limit's having lived my entire life in the freedom that I have been blessed to cherish, and thankful to those who fought for it, for us, and our nation. Sometime's we cant just all melt into one big pot and expect everything to be love and happiness, we have our difference's culturally, politically, philosophically and otherwise, I am very understanding of this as well as the sensitivity of folk's, and will honour mutually respect for you as well, even if you are different and choose to remain that way. I myself wont have anything to do with affiliation with any institutionalized religion's, although I recognize at the same time, how importante of a role they play in bringing together people and giving them a sense of something greater, bigger, and hope ... I witnessed first hand how religion had turned around some of the most hardcore people when incarcerated, and made them a better person, and sat and cried for those dying in my arm's as they hoped for something better as the hour of their death arrived ... and realize the importance religion's have also played in the socializing/ bonding of folk's, bringing together people with like minded values, and the importance it played in familia values, etc, etc ... however, I also recognize the flipside of anything, so it play's both wayz.

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Demeur said...

My only complaint about religion is that it's killed more people than it's saved. Believe in the flying spaghetti monster it doesn't matter to me. But when you'd like to blow me up because of your religion when I've done nothing to you then that's where I draw the line.

What we are now witnessing is the perversion of Christianity and Islam and a few others. Very true when you hear about preachers calling for assassinations and other actions against others. You won't find that in the bible. No I see this more as a fight against change. We can no more go back to days of the past and those good old days weren't as good as we thought they were. I hope you realize that the old white anglos will soon be in the minority. So we have to accept that fact.

But in reading the blogs all over the world I find that people are pretty much the same with all the hopes and dreams and problems that any of us could have. Their customs are pretty much the same too. Just slap another name on it. But for us we don't have to worry about being bombed or blown up in our daily routines.

Ranch Chimp said...

You know Demeur, after reading your view's on your blog's, comment's, etc ... I really dont find reason to believe much of anything you say, or who you are, where you are, or what you do if anything in actual real life other than these blog's, or what you think or stand on just about anything.