Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PH 1 : TON'S of SUN & FUN 4 Everyone ... How a FOUR STAR Find ... Get's a FIVE STAR Rating (ABOVE & BELOW PT.12)

Part 12 of the "Above & Below" series is to highlight a planet named "PH 1", and rightfully so, found with 4 sun's ... and Congrat's especially to the crew that found it ... Planet Hunters Citizen Science Project, who are inde and discovered this, which the computer's couldnt (I reckon because of the programme of the computer). Just dont ask me to explain this stuff, which I have been going over, and still dont collect it all ... but it IS fact and NOT fiction, so that's good enough for me I reckon. Fascinating though to say the least!

***** CNN/ U.S.: Move Over, Tatooine! Amateurs discover planet with four suns (newsread/ links)




Infidel753 said...

Imagine trying to devise a calendar for such a planet. On Earth it's always either "day" or "night", one of two options, but on a planet with four suns, there would be much more than just two possible conditions, depending on various combinations of suns being visible or not.

On the other hand, since two of the suns are fairly distant, they may not affect the appearance of the sky very much -- but they must often make the "nights" (times when neither of the primary suns are in the sky) much brighter than nights on Earth. Instead of just day and night, the inhabitants, if they existed, might recognize four conditions -- two-sun day, one-sun day, bright night, and dark night.

Oh, wait, the planet is the size of Neptune, so it's probably cloud-covered. On the other hand, if there were complex life there, it would have evolved eyes to see whatever wavelengths get through the clouds, so they could see their own suns quite well, even if we could not.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: I had to actually read your comment a few time's to try to get an understanding ... the whole thing, even reading what they just found and how they try to describe it a few time's, is even confusing to me I reckon, to try to get a grasp on everything from day/ night to life, evolution, etc, etc ... Thanx for your comment

Ranch Chimp said...

I'm just happy Infidel, that we actually have "eye's" to where we can actually find and see this stuff ... because I have alwayz wondered if there is alot out there that our "eye's" or senses cannot see or catch?