Wednesday, October 3, 2012

KKK (KONSTITUTIONAL KON KLAN) 2012 Defeated in Pennsylvania Court on 2012 VOTER SUPPRESSION ... A "Korporate Klan Production" (VOTER ID LAW'S PT.2)

Part 2 of "Voter ID Law's" will look at a key win for the voter's in the Keystone State, when a Pennsylvania Judge yesterday struck down this Korporate Klan Production that has been in high gear all over this nation for several month's sponsored through the GOP and their key anonymous supporter's of United Citizen's. Let me be frank here ... this is nothing but a new type KKK (Konstitutional Kon Klan) is what you see and nothing more, basically another con game ... this of course to suppress the average American's vote, bottom line. A key win for sure ... but not good enough to please an American like myself, being it will start effective in Pennsylvania 2013 ... but at least importante enough to stop this "korruption" that has blanketed Pennsylvania and other state's for the 2012 election's.

In the PBS video below ... State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, a key instigator of this rubbish in Pennsylvania ... tell's Judith Browne Dianis of Advancement Project that he doesnt have to answer to her/ them ... let me be straight up here ... that is just plain rude, coming from a state representative of the people ...  WTF do you mean? ... it's those people who pay your goddamn salary! Being more frank ... I'm a half- assed liberal who isnt as kind and understanding as alot you may deal with ... and toward's some SOB like you ... a real redneck MF at that ... being I would frankly show you what I feel about these so called force's of corruption, by wanting to put my foot knee deep in your ass! (not meant in a sexual way, so dont take it as a compliment). I been following this man and frankly I just dont like your fucken kind period!, because to me, the only force's of corruption I see is clearly ya'll.

This con game ... of doing this all in the name of Constitutional justice, freedom, and all the other bullshit you been sugar- coating this with, has spread faster than the western forest fire's across America this year, there's a Hell of alot more that make's this nation's voting corrupted than the issue's that you bring up ... especially the corruption that ya'll have participated in engineering against American voter's ... which is equivalent to treason in my opinion ... Word F'n Out! ....

***** THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIAN. COM: Pennsylvania Judge Strikes Down Voter ID Law

PA. Judge Rules Voter ID Law effective year after elections ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


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