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Ms. Alexis Wright

This posting will serve both the "America's Prostitute's" and "Sexploitation Nation" series of this journal ... to look at the recent popular case of Ms. Alexis Wright ... a Maine enterpreneur/ business woman, fitness instructor. And I also want to first add, in case Ms. Wright and/ or her defense/ support read the title of the series ... this is NOT to smear the title "prostitute" in some negative way, or anyone who chooses this title or other related type title, as a matter of fact, it is to support the title/ business and to advocate the importance it play's in society of today as well as historically, of the men and women who provide this type of service, nor is this to in any way to try to promote the idea that Ms. Wright is "guilty" of a damn thing ... because to me, these event's are nothing more than a witch- hunt and of course the mouth- watering topic's that folk's love to gossip about, especially these lil "gossip queen" circle's online, that I wont even link to for that matter ... because the gossip queen talk on this has been almost as enormous as this bunk political debate's nonsense and it's assessment's, it's unbelievable ... but ... that's America fer ya, eh? I also do this to highlight and "honour" if anything, folk's like Alaina and Danielle and the other friend's and such that have been and still are in the adult entertainment business till today. Prostitution should NOT be a degrading word, but a word to describe a trade and business if anything. Some video and newsread below, then a few additional word's from myself on this.

***** ABC NEWS: Alexis Wright Zumba Madam News

***** MAINE SUNDAY TELEGRAM: One 'jane' joins accused 'johns' on Kennebunk prostitution list

Quiet Maine Town Abuzz Over Prostitution Scandal (Zumba Scandal) ... Thanx to GEOBEATS **** Alexis pled not guilty ....



Of course as usual, the main reason's for these blow- up's of cases like such ... is because for one, this is a case in a smaller type city ... but most importantely, because of the alleged video tape's and/ or record's ... which they say involve's so many importante folk's in the community. But let me add first of all, there is reason's to have video/ record's in many cases in this type of business, although I wont discuss those reason's here, and also out of respect to the case of the accused here ... but dont THINK that these action's are to just blackmail, extort, or the related ... which is a concern to so many ... or to just use for profit ... this of course is a business that I know a lil more about is why I add this. Whenever you have so called "importante" or "respectable" people involved ... it make's it more concerning and juicy ... the average nobody in other word's, folk's could give a shit less about basically. Also understand that many client's who use service's of adult entertainment of some sort are in relationship's/ marriage's ... also understand that even many of their spouse's/ lover's/ partner's know, and even some participate directly or even indirectly as sexual foreplay in many cases today ... so alot has to do with basically like political crap ... worrying what the community will "make" of it ... which lead's to the witch- hunt's, gossip queen kiddie talk, etc ... and some of these folk's have much to lose as far as their service, or integrity, financially, socially, etc, etc ... so this is WHY this should be legalized and brought into the open as well and frankly acceptable for what it is ... a business and trade that has went on since the beginning of recorded history ... nothing more.

The talk about the 100 or so count's make's it sound enormous, but understand how law's work and what they can charge a person with and how, but also understand that most of these are nonsensical and basically formality to cross all the "T's" and dot all the "I's" and to not miss anything that can be charged, so alot of that as well is concerning politic's/ election's within the judicial system's, documentation for appeal's, competency report's, etc, etc ... doesnt say a damn thing about any alleged "crime's" of the actual nature of "what" true "crime" is, that a defendant has on them. Most of these count's are suspended, dropped, diverted/ lessened, etc, etc ... again ... just formalities mostly. Take a count more serious for instance like "tax evasion" ... well technically anyone who does any kind of labour, service or anything in exchange for money and dont pay an income tax or some tax on it, is evading taxes ... even if you just mow lawn's ... you can lock up half the kid's for that ... beside's, that is why they have all these other taxes, fee's, fine's, penalties, etc, etc ... heh, heh,  heh, heh, heh : ) ... to make sure they get money out of you one way or another : ) BUT "tax evasion"!!? ... Hell ... you should lock of half the Congress and Senate in this nation and their biggest money supporter's ... they ALL evade taxes, and even legislate new law's every time they close a so called loophole, to use another door to evade even more taxation : ) This is a nation ran basically by a criminal element across the board ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  if you want to get technical about it. Whenever you buy miscellaneous shit online, garage sales, flea market's, any hand to hand transaction's, etc, etc, etc .... your "evading" taxation : ) Hell ... lock up America for that matter, were all guilty ... but no ... they dont want to lock you up ... they want you to ADMIT that you are GUILTY of SOMETHING, then make you look bad and/ or that you owe, and milk you for as much as they can as a form of repentance ... were so full of shit it aint funny : )

Kind of remind's me once (I wrote in some posting about it too ... HERE PARAGRAPH #8 : ) ... where I had a probation violation of some bunk/ cheap petty worthless charge ... drug possession or something, DUI etc, etc, some 25 year's ago I reckon ... as part of the term's/ condition's of the court's probated suspension etc ... they had me go to "drug classes" ... and we all sit in a circle and go around giving our name to the class, and telling why we are there, what we done wrong, how "bad" we feel, how we need help, cry, ask sympathy, etc, etc ... you know the shit if ya'll been there and done that. But anywayz ... I got kicked out of the class after the first day and reported to the probation department officer, that I had no remorse for what I done, didnt share, no feeling's, etc, etc.  What's there to share that I hadnt I asked? ... I did share ... they asked what happened? ... I told them ... I got caught and popped, bottom line : ) After all, they said they wanted us to be honest and open up about our feeling's to each other ... I actually did! : ) The counselor asking me more than once ... why do I need help? and why am I there? I told her the TRUTH ... I dont have a problemo with drug's, but society seem's to think I do, I committed no crime, I didnt hurt anyone, I dont need any help, but appreciate the offer ... "If" for example I actually done something "wrong" and/ or hurt someone, I would naturally feel remorse, but the point is ... I didnt, so this "could have" happened or that "could have" happened or whatever is just speculative, and frankly pointless ... and the reason why I am there as she asked me to explain to the class ... is because the bloody court made me go there as term's/ condition's of my release ... not because I wanted to be there, I have better thing's to do ... several of the class busted out laughing, needless to say the counselor felt like a fool, and of course kicked me out, telling the probation department that she will not deal with someone like me and my attitude ... the most hilarious part was ... when they violated my probation again ... at the hearing, the judge got so pissed off at listening to the probation department whining about me ... he dropped my case and agreed with me! ... he threw all the charges OUT including two year's probation, and I WALKED! : ) (true story too)

Invasion of privacy? ... if it's illegal ... how private do you want it to be to prosecute? ... again this is absolutely hilarious on some of these larger charge's. And Ms. Wright should plead not guilty to begin with, some act like it's a shock ... what should she do? ... plead guilty to satisfy a bunch of witless jackasses who dont even know her and only exploit people like her? ... people that have no ball's to begin with on top of that. Beside's Ms. Wright ... what in Hell would you be criminally guilty of if the alleged charge's against you were even proven to be accurate? As far as this anonymous blogger who started alot of this, posting that Ms. Wright is not the sweet, innocent, friendly instructor or whatever, and she is living a "double- life", etc, etc ... it's called "multi- tasking"  ... you should admire that ... after all ... we have too many lazy people to begin with that sit on their ass too much  ... this is really getting the job done and providing a quality service(s) to the community : ) Absolutely Ms. Wright YOU ARE NOT GUILTY or should ever submit to such idiocy, but's that's my opinion only ... or should you let these ingrate's make you feel guilty of a damn thing when you DONE NOTHING WRONG to anyone. But wishing you and your's the best of luck on this, sincerly!

**** Other than that ... tonight on NFL Network Thursday Night Football @ 7:00pm CST, the 2- 2 Pittsburgh Steelers will be at the 1- 4 Tennessee Titans, despite the record's, this match up should be really pretty good! I'm just a big Steelers fan and have been for year's.

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Demeur said...

I find it laughable that so many including government gets it's panties in a bunch over such matters. If memory serves correct our government still owns the "Chicken Ranch" a brothel in Nevada, although I believe the name was changed.

Ranch Chimp said...

Demeur: Thanx for your comment