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ELECTION'S & VOTING in AMERICA 2012: A View from an UN- WHOLLY Trinity ... RT America, CNN & Ranch Chimp ... What Once INTRIGUING Now BORING & Once GOOD Now EVIL (America's "VOTE BOAT" 2012 PT.2)

Part 2 of "America's VOTE BOAT 2012" is to follow up of obstacle's which inspired part one from neighbour's Rick, Tony & Wolf (Wolfgang) ... and even though RT America, CNN and myself (Ranch Chimp) dont have too much that would wholly connect us and/ or agree on ... there is one thing that we would all agree on, and that's that even though mainstream poll's daily tell us how so many American's, especially younger voter's and senior's are taking more interest's now in politic's than in many previous recent year's, which is a "good thing" ... million's are more lost, feel helpless, feel the system is worthless even, or just plain dont give a shit much and/ or are bored ... we ALL know that something is fundamentally wrong by instinct, whether we say it directly or indirectly or even outright ignore it ... President Obama himself more than once honestly stated that he understand's how folk's can be cynical of politic's/ politician's/ Washington, and rightfully so ... even he seemed somewhat bored listening to Romney in the debate's last week ... and I'm sure there was a lil fatigue as well ... the way these special interest's and corporate communism and racketeering of today have our politician's on a clock and us constantly at each other's throat's and in fear, running around like decapitated chicken's (if you ever worked in a hen house/ barn like I have you can picture what I mean : )  First some newread/ link and video's below from CNN and RT America ... then I will add a lil something to close.

The Resident-- Why is the Election so boring? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** CNN/ THE UNDECIDED: The Millennial/ The Catholic/ The Long- Term Unemployed/ The Latino/ The Single Woman/ The Evangelical ... "What's Going On? Am I Really Happy?"

Stealing a U.S. election? Nothing's easier! ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

I'm writing about politic's and these election's much more than I would like to, believe me, but only because this is all so fucked up today it isnt funny, intriguing, or entertaining any more ... what may have worked at a time and was "good" has even turned into "evil" (not meant in spiritual or religious sense). I have also said time and again how this is ALL so GOOD and Healthy for us as far as the misery we are receiving, and believe me, it's true, and is why I started "The Awakening" series even, it make's us more aware of the condition and reality and less fascinated with the bullshit were fed to keep us the way we are. But again, this election is importante to all of us, no matter what level you are on even ... you see how much the anonymous wealthy citizen's are even spending on this ... all to take the final down in the fourth quarter of the ballgame, and finally shut down our government for good if they can and simply buy it out basically ... because they already own much of it, they just dont own the Constitution yet ... with enough power, they would amend that as well ... rest assured. They have already contaminated our election's, politician's, the Supreme Court to an extent (sadly) and have us into more war's than we can even pay for these dayz (and are quietly preparing for even bigger war's, believe me ... in their conquering global quest's) ... having to use a Chinese Charge Card, all to only not just control all world government's to so call "free market's" ... but to enslave the entire "marketplace" ... one of the last thing's that we have left of any value whatsoever is our right's as is, voting, election's, etc ... your money is even nearly worthless, unless your a  millionaire/ billionaire manipulator or strictly blackmarket/ underground these dayz. But all this must come and pass if you really truely want change to a better way ... and WILL ... in time ... oppression ALWAYZ face's aggression.

Another very importante issue that we need to push in Washington for some action is this voting system of today ... it's already lousy enough all the obstacle's and road block's that hamper voting in America to begin with, and even according to HUFFPOST/ POLITIC'S, even the GOP/ Republican Party has been passing around the collection plate to raise $5 million for a recount vote if needed, but I dont even trust that, since they were so eager to start it month's before the election even. Bottom line ... with all the shit going on from that to voter suppression through change's in requirement's, etc ... you can see how serious those entities that control us are about this ... so we should not get too bored and unconcerned, anymore than we should get behind the wheel of our car piss poor/ shit- faced drunk. Year after year I have thought to myself when casting my vote here in Dallas County ... how do I even know that my vote counted, except the colored light on the button I push that confirm's it? ... maybe we should get a bloody receipt ... like at an ATM! ... after all ... all these SOB's that rant about getting Voter ID card's as a requirement, say they ARE ALL about fairness, blah, blah, blah, etc. They ALL have an agenda ... and again ... it dont have a goddamn thing to do with being "fair" or this system wouldnt have been neglected and ran over to the point it is!

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Demeur said...

The ruling elite and I do mean the corporate robber barons are fearful that the unwashed masses are waking up to the fact that they have been systematically lied to and slowly robbed for the past 30+ years. As I posted a couple of days ago about the greatest motivating factor for conflict which is a change in the status quo, you can see how this elite is fearful that they might have to part with their hard unearned cash. But I think with them it's become more of a game or power trip if you will. Because after all how many houses does one person really need?

As to the comment on Jim's blog I meant no disrespect to your mother. I was just pointing out how easy it is to be informed with the internet and even if someone doesn't have access there's logic and gut feelings that can give the same results. You would be a good example. You may not have a college degree but you have enough street sense and intelligence to see what's going on.

Ranch Chimp said...

Demeur: Thank You for your comment

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Demeur ... That's fine, I understand ... Thanx