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This "Battle Of The Doll's" Part 3 is not over "doll's" this time, but it is related to the series completely, this time being a large controversy here in the Lone Star State again, between Atheist's and Christian's, seperation of church and state and the usual. This down not far from Houston in SE Texas (Hardin County) ... I used to do quite a bit of hunting back in the day down in SE Texas as a young man. But basically these cheerleader's were stopped by the local school down in Kountze from putting banner's up at game's that had biblical related passage's, because it was on school property or whatever ... you know the score here (no, not the ballgame score : )  Some newsread and video below, then my two cent's worth after.

***** NYDAILYNEWS/ AP: Judge Rules for Cheerleaders in Bible Banner Suit

Dallas attorney Tom Brandt discusses Constitutional question in Kountze cheerleader signage case ... Thanx to FANNINGHARPER

***** PD/ RCJ: "BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S" PART'S 2 & 1 **** I recommend watching Part 2 video with Pat Condell ... which pretty much sum's up perfectly the way I feel about alot of this nonsense

First of all, alot of these petty bitch fight's are political unfortunately, not out of devotion to the preservation of the idea of seperation of church and state, or the idea of folk's just simply wanting to preserve and share their faith. As far as religion's are concerned, I know too much about institutionalized religion's, which is why they sicken me with their wayz, war's, and all the other ill's that come with such ... the prophet and original Nazarene Jesus (son of God to Christian's) himself (paragraph #4 here explain's the Nazarene term), for those who read the Gospel' s was an opponent of such even ... I never even embraced or believed in the concept's and definition's presented of thing's like God, spirituality, Heaven, Hell etc, etc as their defined in mass as far back as I can remember, even as an altar boy for a short time as a child did I believe what was taught, and seen first hand some of what I consider corruption in these mega institution's ( I do have "belief's" myself, but dont share them outside of those closest to me, familia, or like minded ). Nor does my opinion's get swayed or sugar- coated by any religion's or even affiliation's I have or had with any organization's ... I THINK FREELY ... actually "freely", so these opinion's are MINE ONLY, nor do I give a shit much what anyone may think of my belief's, affiliation's, or much of anything else. : ) I strongly support the seperation of church and state as well, but also support one's right to believe and say whatever they choose, I just dont want what lil right's I do have to be dictated by some neo- political pop culture religion, or especially my daughter's and kid's/ grandkid's ... the minute you cant think freely and/ or are restricted because of what someone else tell's you that you must believe, you ARE NOT free. I also draw the line when it come's to suppression of people's belief's by non- believer's, who sicken me just as much, including alot of these politically motivated pop- culture atheist's.

Unfortunately when it come's to these kid's and/ or what they may do when challenging issue's like this, they are guided by adult's that have other motivation's because of their tradition's and affiliation's on both side's of this, and what may start out as a sneer in a small town like this, soon turn's into the talk of the county and a bitch fight being coached by adult's ONLY. One thing I do refuse to believe, is that a sign with some partial quote from a Bible verse or something can anger you, anymore than a granite monument in a town square can, that has "The 10 Commandments" engraved in it ... it is "art" and "expression" ... this sign that initially got a couple local atheist's panties in a bind simply said that God loved this football team ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... I mean WTF? It is also small local talk in humour here in Dallas, that the hole in the roof at Texas/ Cowboys stadium was so God can watch his favourite football team ... geeezz ... it's all in positive spirit only! For instance, a lil while back I seen a man with one leg on crutches standing in the intersection of  Marsh Ln and LBJ Freeway here in the neighbourhood with a cardboard sign, said he's a vet, and need's money and God Bless, etc, etc ... I gave the guy at least $6/ $7 buck's I had loose, he said "Thank You, God Bless you", I simply said to him ... "Same to you brother, you need it more than I do" ... and it was over ... I took what he told me as a friendly type gesture, nothing more ... not that he wanted to recruit me into some political religious movement or wanted to oppress me .... geeeezzz! Also on the backside of these Federal Reserve note's/ money, it clearly said ... "In God We Trust", so there is something else that these atheist's can attack I reckon, or better yet, if you like, you can mail me your note's/ money to the PO Box to the right on this page, if they offend you, and I'll gladly accept them : )

I also understand that you have to have some kind of balance and limit's on this sort of thing, but these sign's and fun that these cheerleader's were displaying during a football game (which is probably one the biggest event's in a small town like Kountze) are not going to recruit, brainwash, oppress, or force someone to believe in a thing, and with all the excitement at one of these event's/ game's (I have been to a few myself, which is alot of fun) the fan's arent even thinking about the Bible or ancient creed's that come out of some foreign middle eastern land from thousand's of year's ago, or politic's and the related ... the energy/ spirit of the event/ game has to do with the game only, nothing else, and a person's choice of word's to express their joy and excitement. If they were preaching from a pulpit on a loud speaker and telling folk's that they must do this or that, or be eternally damned in fire and brimstone, etc, etc ... that would be overboard in my opinion ... and even most Christian's would be opposed to that at a football game! : )  If I was a coach for instance and had the cheerleader's dressed as dominatrixes complete with whip's and leather leotard's cracking the asses of the player's while they ran out to the field in the opening for fun, most folk's would raise Hell about such, even though to me, it would be in fun and good spirit's, so I have to restrict my expression as well out of respect is all ... so I understand limit's of such.

But YES ... I 110% support the cheerleading squad of the Kountze Middle School, and their sign's that they displayed, even with biblical passage's pieced in, I dont find it either to be a subliminal message any more than rock band's that backmask tape's for fun, as trying to subliminally motivate listener's (something I know about being because of my association with many in the music industry for year's, and my work doing vocal's in these rock music genre's in my past) ... any more than I believe this nonsense that Santa Claus is a Satanic Pied Piper. And Yes ... God Bless ya'll, and ya'll's football team and season!  : )

***** And Thank God that tonight is the last of these bloody political debate's between President Obama and Gov. Romney, and this shit will soon be over ... also Thank God for ESPN's Monday Night Football tonight between the 2-3 Detroit Lions @ the 4-1 Chicago Bears, so I dont have to watch the debate's : )

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