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ELIZABETH ESCALONA TRIAL & SENTENCE: Super- Glue Mom's 99 Year sentence ... Justice System send's a MESSAGE to People with OBSTACLE'S (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.1)

Ms. Elizabeth Escalona

"Problem Parent's" will be a new series for this journal, and the reason for the series title is because I have routinely heard the term "problem child" ... yet never hear the term "problem parent's" which in my opinion in today's society is a mega concern ... and those who know me, know how I am about parenting and familia especially, so another reason to start this series. And congratulation's to Ms. Escalona for being the first one chosen to highlight this series which should be another lengthy one as well over time because of this growing issue. But I also want to be fair as I can here, Ms. Escalona was a close friend of a girl named Amanda, before Ms. Escalona went off on the deep end or whatever you would call this, Amanda is a kid that's like familia we've known since she was in diaper's, basically grew up as a kiddie with my daughter, Amanda has been shocked over this whole thing, and several other's that knew Ms. Escalona, all saying she was not the type to do something like this, etc. Part of the title of this posting also inspired by Dallas County Prosecutor Eren Price, when after sentencing she told the media that the "sentence reflected a day that the justice system send's a message to people with obstacle's" (something that some of us wish they would do with Wall Street and Washington's political folk's as well, who seem to be alwayz in obstacle's) ... this is a case where I find the prosecution's word's actually "fitting". This is an extreme case of abuse here is also why I chose it, and also because I have followed this locally since it came up, to put it as mild as I can here, the 2 year old lil girl Jocelyn, had her hand's super- glued by the mother to the wall, then the child was severly beaten and kicked into a coma, so bad that doctor's couldnt even identify where and what was the most traumatic. Link's below then my input on it.


***** CBS/ DFW: Admitted Abusive Mother Says Children Stressed Her ... (newsread)

***** MAILONLINE: 'I Am a Monster': Mother who beat her daughter, two, into coma and glued her hand's to the wall is jailed for 99 year's


This case also locally as well as internationally has also been criticized by some because of the length of the sentence, and especially the prosecution putting up sign's on display screen's in court using word's like "Monster", "Liar" etc ... first of all ... it was Ms. Escalona who described herself as a "monster" and "liar" even to the court, also it is her defense's obligation to bring this up to the court in defense of her client, and the defense attorney not doing so, mean's it's a slacker defense, basically semi- incompetent to some extent, no defense with half a brain would leave that ride ... Ms. Escalona even admitted to beating her own mother repeatedly ... of course, blaming that on drug's and alcohol. The prosecution was initially looking for a max of 45 or so year's on this also from what I gather ... the judge imposed the sentence which shocked many of 99 year's. But what is a "fair" amount of time? And beside's ... what you dont hear is that "time" in Texas has more good/ off time than anywhere's in the nation, she would actually do just a lil under 30 at most in this with all the "credit" time that she would get ... understand that in Texas, you get 3+ now for everyday served, this include's even county time spent in jail or even out on bond for that matter ... but on the other hand ... Texas is also one of the hardest place's to do time in the country, and most likely Ms. Escalona will go to a Gatesville, Texas unit ... if you are not tough when you go in, rest assured you will toughen up after a couple year's down there, and you will most likely end up as well on the "hoe- squad", in the field's ... hoe- ing the field's that is ... which is a nickname the gal's downstate call it ... I know a few gal's who have done time like on Mountainview unit, so I have been down there multiple time's visiting as well (Minerva, Tessa, Veronica, and Yolanda, are 4 gal's I know over the year's who have all done time in their late teen's to early 20's down on the hoe- squad at the Gatesville Mountainview Unit ... but not for shit like this). Beside's as well ... this case will get appealed too.

But still I cannot find much leniency in my heart or compassion for this type of offense on a lil 2 year old child, that in no way could even escape from the torture, I'm a father and grandfather, not once in my life have I ever even spanked my kid's at all, and alwayz managed to try to talk to them, and assured them that they can talk to me about ANYTHING at all, no matter what difficulties they are having as well, or how taboo ... I have no doubt as a father, if this was my child Ms. Escalona done this to ... I would want to beat the living shit out of her. So in my opinion, the sentence was "just", but NOT a solution to this, I'm just being frank here, and NO, I am NOT a "woman beater" either ... when you do something like this, gender doesnt mean much to me anymore, period ... nor would I even date a woman who showed any sign of such instability, beside's a one night stand at most. Which may be the reason why she has 5 children at 23 year's old and no one to take care of them but her own familia and mom. This is another reason why I am so supportive as well of government paid/ sponsored abortion, contraceptive's, adoption, etc, for the record ... there is just too many young kid's/ ladies that are in no way financially capable of taking care of children, nor mature or stable enough mentally, too many dead beat dad's too, who dont give a shit as well, and dont even themselves accept contraceptive's or even condom's, some whining to gal's, that they dont like condom's or other shit ... even encouraging their female partner's not to use contraceptive's at that! I have used goddamn condom's for over 40 year's now and still do ... so dont tell me they dont work or whatever!

This was all over a child wetting her clothes or whatever ... nothing more ... Ms. Escalona immediately after doing this, changed her FaceBook page or profile, whatever they call it ... posting a pic of her and Jocelyn, this THERE tell's you that she is full of shit and just covering her ass, knowing EXACTLY what she done. She ask's "Why does God put obstacle's in my life?" ... again ... which is like a broken record by now for so many of these type's, blaming it on God's or Devil's or related  .... my question to Ms. Escalona would be ... why do YOU CREATE so many obstacle's for yourself? Also saying that ONLY God can judge her, etc ... well Dear ... this judge has judged you in this life, and perhap's you didnt anticipate that.

But prison only does not solve the problemo, I have no doubt that something is wrong in Ms. Escalona's mind/ brain ... it's said that she was also abused by guy's as a child, and I certainly suspect that, because hurting and torturing some small animal or human like that is far from natural, especially your offspring ... discipline of offspring by those who gave birth to them and nurture them is natural in the animal kingdom even, just like protection is as well ... slow well calculated torture and abuse IS NOT. Being in prison is one thing ... but just locking her up in a place like Gatesville on the hoe- squad or whatever, will definitely make her even more calloused and frankly meaner, because of the enviroment, and I KNOW what in Hell I'm talking about ... YOU MUST deal with her psychologically on some level, and TEACH her how to deal with her inner self, most importantely to be able to master it. It's about as dumb as thinking just whipping a kid with a belt when it's bad will teach it, it's lesson, etc, etc ... it WONT ... but only make them more violent over time and destabilize them, and hating more than they already did. I say this, because these case's are not "lifer" or "death penalty" cases, and these people WILL be released back into their communities and the freeworld. Your objective should be more to diffuse the ticking time bomb, than to infuse it.

Enough said ....

***** "KILLER PARENT'S" SERIES  **** this is just another series of concern over parent's as well


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