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Mrs. Chloe Menager

Part 11 of the "Killer Parent's" series will look at a recent local Dallas case (which is about as traditional it  seem's here in Texas now as rodeo's and barbeque's) of a mother Mrs. Chloe Menager accused of drowning her 1 year old son Elijahu Perez in the home bathtub. Some newsread and view below, and then of course my comment's concerning this.

***** NBC5/ DFW: Mother Charged With Capital Murder in Infant Son's Drowning ... (newsread/ video)



I first need to say that Mrs. Menager is innocent until proven guilty or most likely otherwise, considering this sort of thing has became somewhat traditional here in Texas, and of course the mother found not guilty for some reason as being some social, mental, religious, disorder or whatever, which I have no problemo with, but it doesnt exclude the fact if you done it, no matter if demon's, angel's, the Easter Bunny or even Charlie Manson using telepathy from prison (another modern day scapegoating excuse) to inspire one to commit these type offenses. Oddly in case after case after case, these type's alwayz are quick to do whatever their inner self tell's them, or whatever mythological figure that they conjure ... yet at the same time, are usually the type's against thing's like birth control/ abortion, because of their faith. These reason's are easily used to persuade jury/ prosecution for leniency for outright murder and actually work, as court docket histories will clearly show. So she is innocent as of now, and my opinion here is just that ... my OPINION, in case some bleeding heart read's this and sayz that I dont understand women, the mentally challenged, or am "unfair", or similar whining bullshit, okay? I'm not as easily persuaded when I see compelling evidence, I'm a master of reality basically.

This case is still fresh and wishy washy as far as her interview's are concerned and putting it up against the phone call she made to her husband when it occurred, what she told police, etc, etc. In this case she is battling with "demon's" of course, and when they say this ... I can smell where it's going, however, clever enough for her to say ... she dont want to blame it on religion, yet at the same time, claim's that she need's to pray or whatever. Hubby, Mr. Pablo Perez is of course forgiving and not mad, and probably making arrangement's through their church to raise bail, which would be a cash amount of at least 10% plus some property/ collateral signing, in case of bond forfeiture to secure it of course. So she isnt off in the head in reality or else she wouldnt be so crafty in how she word's thing's. What really get's me too, is that these children can be put up for adoption if a parent(s) cant keep up with them for whatever reason. This child Elijahu was drowned to death and so called "delivered" as these type's alwayz put it, as the victim now being with God, in Heaven or whatever ... because supposedly of mythological demon's. What really get's me about these cases in Texas, is that most of these mom's dont even do any prison time AT ALL. Right now it appear's she is worried about her phone call's, visitation's from hubby and/ or what will happen to her in jail. Her husband is very understanding it seem's, I mean, it would be difficult for me to trump my love or sex life over what happened to my child ... to be frank/ honest ... if it was my child ... her least of concern's would be the homegirlz on the wing unit or the court's ... but me just getting my fucken hand's on her.

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