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STOP SIGN & RED LIGHT Camera's ... The CHEAPER Way to Fleece American's in The Land of Milkin Money (RED LIGHT CAMERA'S PT.2) & (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.8) ... for Nabil

Try to figure this one out ...

Another posting that will serve both the "Citation Violation Nation" and "Red Light Camera's" series for this journal. I first done Part 1 on red light camera's a lil over 4 year's ago, because catching the bite that was being pulled in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex on this, I even got a couple of these for actually making a right turn on red from a one way to another one way which is legal in traffic everywhere's I been in America, but found out that where these camera's are like the off ramp of NB North Central Expwy around Monticello or Lovers Ln in North Dallas for instance, after they installed these camera's, they slipped in lil sign's outlawing it at them intersection's and such ONLY. Of course I found out the hard way, and received the $75 ticket's in the mail with the photo, etc, etc ... I thought there has to be a mistake, I'm an excellent driver if there is one thing I'm really good at!, and every few year's I actually taken defensive driving courses ... another off Pioneer @ Cooper in Arlington for example, same deal/ scam. I checked my option's at the time, which basically would be to challenge it in court, of course probably to get an attorney to do it formally, etc ... bottom line ... I said fuck it like million's of other's back then I'm sure and of course mailed the money in ... also let me add, that in Dallas for instance, these DO NOT go on your driving record either ... which made me initially suspect that something smelled foul in this ... I mean ... how can a moving violation not go on a driving record? ... yet they have a kangaroo type court set up specifically for these, which isnt in the regular court's for these type violation's ... get by drift? I mean ... I know how the f'n court system's work ... so that was the first give- away, these are basically phoney "show" court's, that have not much legal stance, as far as the penal code's, constitutionality, or whatever, or to really enforce much of anything. Here's the real kicker to this ... word on the street though, is if you DO challenge this in these kangarooo type court's ... it will get thrown out (dismissed) I didnt find out till later ... that there also tell's you somethin is up, then the fact at first, that City of Dallas was bitching behind closed door's, because not enough people were running red light's to pay Lockheed Martin their cut, since citizen's/ driver's got hip to their location's, and local area radio station's would hip people to all the new one's or other gig's, speed trap's, etc, during traffic report's, individual's call and report it, then the station's get word out to the people : ) There has been also numerous report's nationwide over the last several year's that these camera's were actually causing many fender bender wreck's from sudden stop's, etc. I mean, isnt this supposed to be about saving lives or other mush- headed bullshit were told?

Well below also is the newest thing, which will really be a kicker .... just ask folk's in the D.C. or L.A., I'll be curious to see a challenge on how you can take a photo still mailed to you  and determine if that vehicle is at a complete stop, while simutaneously having to be still enough to get an accurate read of the vehicle's plate's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, : )  you can bet your ass I'd challenge one of these ... just to fuck with these kangaroo  court's if anything for shit's and grin's : )  And the reason I wanted to post this now, is because there has been talk in Dallas area suburb's of trying these stop sign camera's out since they are already raking in money in those other town's ... so Dallasite's ... beware. There is no doubt as I pointed out here, that surveillance help's in many cases, but it doesnt take a genius IQ to figure out what this is all about, eh?

Also, this posting is inspired partly by a friend, Nabil (who I can now use his name), who moved to Dallas from Casablanca, Morocco probably about 8 to 10 (?) year's ago I reckon ... but the other day Nabil was telling me that he was citated as well with these red light camera's, yet he questioned it, but didnt want to try to debate the court at the time, plus he sometime's lack's confidence because of his strong Arab accent, although I told Nabil now, how to challenge this. I reminded Nabil of what he told me once after he was just here a couple year's, about him loving America, and it was alwayz his dream since he was a kid to come here, but he said he didnt realize that it was so expensive to live in America ... now Nabil after so many year's, is caught up in the credit/ debt mess, and behind on bill's, worx 2 part time job's, etc, and owe's everything but his life, wife, and son, who they would milk if and when they could as well ... after all ... it's all part of the American lie I told Nabil : ) The part in the title of this posting about cheap wayz to rip- off was inspired by Mr. Mike Riggs in the 2nd video below ... he sum's this shit up perfectly as far as the reality behind this.

Stop Sign cameras bring in more fines from drivers ... Thanx to CNN

***** COMMON DREAMS/ WILLIAM HARTUNG: Big 'Corporate' Brother: Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You? ... How a Giant weapons maker became the new big brother  **** I wanted to add this piece that is an excellent look at the reality of the contracting business, especially since the Bush/ Cheney Administration of the local Dallas- Fort Worth area "Lockheed Martin" in particular ... who rake's in a small fortune off these violation type camera's as well.

***** DCIST: Roll through a stop sign? There's a camera for that

Red- Light cameras; for safety or profit? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



***** PD/ RCJ: 40,697 Way's to make a BUCK .... Fine's, Penalties, Taxes .... and our fine Leader's .... **** I just wanted to add this as a "related" posting


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