Saturday, September 15, 2012

LA ROBIN HOOD in the HOOD ... BumRush that STIMULUS ... Take Da Money & Run ... RC's UNSUNG HEROES ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.6 ... You're in Los Angeles {: 0

Even the LAPD officer is smiling on this one! : )

***** NOTE TO READER: This posting is for entertainment/ humour purposes and is not meant to advocate or support robbery of these institution's or acceptable/ legal to receive money that is tossed out of the vehicle. Armed Robbery in California is a state felony offense, when a firearm is used in such, it enhance's the charge, being a banking institution take's it out the state/ county category and make's the offense "federal". Picking up the money that is tossed out is "receiving" money that is stolen from such, also felony.

Part 6 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be another from the great City of Angels (LA) ... and anyone who know's LA, know's what a fun town and can be as far as not knowing what to expect at any given time : ) Every once in awhile I find some unsung heroes who may not be popular as far as being on say the wrong side of the law, but to me have certain heroic qualities, and this is one of those pick's from Ranch Chimp. Even though I'm not quite sure if that was these gentlemen's intention's, being my first thought was the money was being thrown to create a bum- rush to slow down LAPD in pursuit on their ass ... if anyone in Dallas may recall back over 20 year's ago at least, the notorious "Dapper Bandit" once done a similar stunt right here in the neighbourhood on the LBJ Freeway, which caused hundred's of freeway motorist's to stop their car's in freeway traffic and jump out to grab the money, which hampered the DPD pursuit ... it was hilarious too! : )

This actually started up in Santa Clarita and worked it's way down into South LA off downtown an hour later ... and what more of a deserving target to pull a score than Bank of America ... I love you guy's! : ) This is what you can say is a sort of community stimulus that is long needed in so many urban America neighbourhood's ... dont worry, folk's will spend it (and HERE! not in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland), and Bank of America should feel somewhat patriotic as well : ) As for these unsung suspect's who I will just call Robin Hood here, ya'll as I write this may be at that Parker Center Glass House (jail), and hopefully the court's may show a tad leniency on ya'll, after all, ya'll are just lil thieves that took from the big thieves. As far as those who bank's their money there, dont worry, ya'll are insured by the Fed's ... this is one where even as you can see above in the photo, even some LAPD cop's had a smile : )

***** LOSANGELESTIMES/ LOCAL: Bank Robbery Suspects toss money during chase in South L.A.

Bank Robbers In LA Driving Thru The Hood Throwing Money Out Of The Window! (During High Speed Chase) ... Thanx to HipHopNewzCentral


Steve Miller Band- Take The Money & Run- lyric's ... Thanx to LYRIC BOSS **** I thought this classic tune would be appropriate from a gentleman who started his music career in a local Dallas High School, Steve Miller ....


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