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JAMES IAN TYSON: TYRANNIZED in America 2012 by the Technicalities of TERRORISM ... America's newest FEAR FRENZY ... (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.14)

James Ian Tyson

Mr. James Ian Tyson will be the highlight here for "Incarcerated American" Part 14, who was arrested for "Driving Without A License" during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, and actually jailed and held without bail temporarily. Some newsread and video's below, then a few word's I will add.

***** INFOWARS: Activist put on terror watch list to preventing protesting DNC

***** THE JEENYUS CORNER: Officer says Charlottean on terrorist watch list-  released on $2,500 bond ... (newread)

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Was Free Speech on Mute during the Conventions? **** newsread/ video's




Actually I am not posting this after reading up on this as much I could, to criticize the local court's or arresting officer in Charlotte ... I mean .... the arresting officer/ law enforcement was doing his/ their job and simply reported to the court why he thought that the suspect should be held without bail when asked by the court's, even though a bond was set at an outrageous amount of $10,000 until later reduced to $2500 I believe, yet law enforcement through prosecution requested a detainer to be put on the bond through the convention to not allow Mr. Tyson to get released before the convention ended. The judge/ magistrate ruled on it as seen fit according to all the technicalities that are given , I mean, everyone is doing their job, okay? After all the shooting's, terror, etc, and at a political national convention ... especially when one of the speaker's Congresswoman Giffords was already shot point blank in the head at another public outing, the clown character of that Colorado Batman movie or whatever, etc, etc, you have this fear element and following a book of do's and dont's, that is considered the reason and/ or rationality of decision making ... but again ... we have become so dependent on the fear flash card's, pop- up's and such,  that it has diluted our thinking in some wayz ... and the end result we all feel more oppression and being tyrannized, and alot of us are just as much in a frenzy as those who govern.

First of all, I'm not really informed much on local law's in Charlotte (but heard it's a great town from several people) ... but I found it a little hard to digest that a person is actually arrested for driving without a license, or being a "criminal" offense ... although I heard of other U.S. cities doing this, and know they do in Portland (OR) for instance ... in Dallas, this is considered a "traffic violation" for instance ... you dont go to bloody jail over it ... they citate you and tell you "have a nice day" ... but it isnt cheap either, at least a few hundred buck's, and you better get your ass off the road before another officer citates you later if you get pulled over, it can get expensive, get my drift? But the officer also know's that once the subject is secured/ custody, he/ she has the responsibility to search subject and vehicle for contraband, firearm's, etc ... meaning, if he done his goddamn job as he did trying to inform the goddamn court so efficiently, he found nothing illegal such as weapon's or whatever on the subject, and was simply basing his opinion on this suspect/ subject being on this list of probably 400,000 or so suspected terrorist's. The judge/ magistrate give's it no bloody thought either and just lock's the subject/ defendant up with a detainer on it for no bail/ bond (temporarily) ... just following rule's without any thought basically. Obviously Mr. Tyson wasnt thinking too much that day either, being that he was driving unliscensed in an area that he obviously known would be saturated with heat (law enforcement).

There's not a bit o' common sense in any of this anyway you slice it ... totally nut's as the nut's who made this so called free speech rule's of letting these protestor's protest block's away from these convention's in goddamn abandoned parking lot's to rant to each other ... what the fuck is that?, we can do that shit online! ... stop smothering us with ya'll's love for our right's and your cheap low budget favour's, or those of us who really think will write a new rulebook. This technicalities thing along with the fear card's that are dealt faster than a black- jack dealer in Vegas are what make's us act and not think as much, and now we have nearly a half million fucken suspected terrorist's that we in this bloody nation have to keep an eye on, despite when one of the real terror event's break out, or one of these crazed lone gun shooting's ... we missed the fucken boat somewhere's, because their almost never detected, until after the fact ... which make's me wonder wassup?, who's doing what job? and who's actually thinking?

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