Sunday, September 9, 2012


This posting will also serve 2 series on these issue's in this journal ... and was recently inspired to cover again by my son- in- law John over some chat concerning the medical billing and milking in this nation. John and his wife (my daughter) are both RN's (private) in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, both well established in their career's and doing well as far as salaries/ income's are concerned. But John and I were just talking over a couple beer's about the job and expense's, healthcare, and so on in the USA. I of course was making some comparison's with the UK, Canada, Mexico, etc which I am a lil familiar with, also my sister- in- law and her hubby in Toronto (Ont) are also RN's ... they work for the Canadian system though that is more of a government system of sort. But this is also why I was in such support earlier in this journal of President Obama's initial proposal for a "partial" public option ... maybe 1/ 5th- 20% is ALL the President was proposing at that ... yet he was attacked with everything from both side's, all republican's and even many key democrat's on this ... I later found out, that even our President during the start of the Health Care Reform talk's got into arguement's behind closed door's with even people in his own party ... that is just now being revealed (but Thank You Sir for at least trying I reckon) ... which I suspected was the case from the get- go, even his opponent Secy of State Clinton who was then a candidate for President was opposed to the Public Option, which I couldnt even understand at the time. I didnt know that when it was going down, but became quickly suspicious when he started to look frustrated and threw in the towel on the public option ... I mean ... he went from a firm proposal/ idea that he had since he was a Senator, then all of the sudden changed overnight ... which told me something was up. But no ... again ... think about it a moment ... if the  private system and insurance is the best in the world as ALL in that field will tell us, whether it's medical, insurance, or pharma industries ... then of course, you would have NO FEAR of competition, because you know how good and competitive ya'll are ... right? ... well then ... why did they say that even a small public option of maybe only 20% as the President proposed just to see how it may work out here in America, all of the sudden got all these industries panties/ knickers in a bind with outrage ... screaming that it would put the insurance industry out of business? ... eh? That there show's you it's bullshit, okay?

The fact of the matter as I was pointing out to John and his friend on this ... is that everyone in this nation is milking everyone it seem's at an increasing rate ... so it isnt only Wall Street, but the whole nation on a viral level that is more like a cancer than anything and destroying not just the integrity of corporate business, but everyone down the line to the people in billing/ accounting and such, to the fly- by- night private urban clinic's, etc, etc. John and I for instance were talking about some medical supplies and I noted the sometime's 500% mark- up that the medical provider will charge the insurance company for instance and how it's done, compared to what they would actually charge the patient/ customer (yes ... that much!). How homeless people are paid off the street to sign up for service's at these storefront joint's (LA is big time in this) just to find wayz for these fly- by- night hustler's to make a score etc, etc. Anywayz ... John laughed and said something like ... "how do you know so much about the medical industry and such Tom? ... you know alot of the trick's" ... but it isnt that I ever worked in the industry as I told John, but I'm just a street kid at heart still ... I mean, I grew up in place's like New York, Vegas, etc, etc ... around wise- guy's and hustler's as a child ... even to this day ... there isnt hardly a damn thing that goes on in the black market's or underground in a fast hustling town like Dallas, that I dont know about, no matter what market it is ... if it goes on in this town, I'm going to know about it sooner or later, okay? and in these market's, Texas 2012 is the largest of fraud and abuse. Which is also why I have alwayz called America ... The Land of Milkin Money, because that is what it's about. But this is why I repeated again and again ... that YOU CANNOT get true reform until you start to clean up the root of the problemo, it is impossible to any other way, considering just how deep this cesspool is in this nation ... on every level at that. Just in 2011 for instance ... health care fraud and abuse was reportedly responsible for $98 billion in loss ... this is where the REAL reform lies or this so called budget cut proposal's ... I mean, like everyone in Washington damn near has been proposing to cut everything they can from us and not focusing enough on what really need's the atencion the most ... clean up some of this ... and you wont have to cut any damn thing else ... that's the reality!

***** OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL/ U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES ... link's to case after case after case of this that are finally being looked at.

***** WWW.MEDICAL- BILLING SYSTEM.COM **** I wanted to add this set of link's I been browsing through of at least 100 or so, to get a better picture on the reality of this, as far as billing, service's and such are concerned.

***** FORBES: Medicare and Medicaid fraud is costing taxpayers billions

***** PD/ RCJ: HEALTH CARE REFORM: Another "FORM" of "REFORM" PART'S 2 & 1

***** PD/ RCJ: MEDICAL MONEY MADNESS (PT.1) ... A brief look at the reality on Main St. instead of Wall St.

Improper Medicare Payments: $8 billion in waste? ... Thanx to HOUSE.RESOURCE.ORG


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