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Part 2 of "Health Care Reform/ another "Form" of "Reform" " is another issue as far as dental care in this country and the dilemma that shouldnt even exist in a nation like our's, period. And what inspire's this posting, is the constant ranting out of politician's that are so opposed to President Obama's Health Care Reform, that they all over this nation are saying that the reason why, is because they dont want health care to be socialized medicine and want to keep it as it is, being the greatest health care service's in the world. True that we have some of the best of the best when it come's to especially "specialist's" in the medical and dental field's, basically the more money you got the better you get or have access to, so there isnt a thing socialized or even remotely close to it in this nation.

But dental care and crisis is a big growing issue in America and another dilemma we sure as Hell dont need, but again, this is all political and corporate. In the below linked video and read from PBS (Full Version) a look at the reality of dental care in America for million's of working American's and the corporate manipulation of that as well, I wanted to have this video/ read in here and Thanx to PBS/ FRONTLINE  for covering this so well, because it IS the reality of dental care in America as well. This is exactly why so many corporate entities as well want medical health care reform NOT to have any public option as well, and advocate new voucher programme's and such, and believe me, even the way our health care is being so called "reformed", they will figure out a way to milk every dollar they can from that as well, because again, we NEVER even got to really getting to the root of the problemo concerning reform in any of this until you actually CHANGE the way thing's are done, which include's how thing's are financed, cost's, and regulatory type reform's, NONE of this is even being addressed, whether it's in health/ medical, or dental in this nation.

They will NOT reform this on their own, they will continue to milk us as long as we let them through our representation do so, or until they worked us all down to payscale's equivalent to third world countries where we have nothing left to milk ... That's the REALITY ....

Dollars and Dentists. Documentary **** basically about a third of America's population has no dental insurance or access to dental care, there is no social coverage or option's available, and many of these folk's work, pay their taxes and spend to keep this economy going, bottom line ... of course a handful of corporation's/ finance entities are handling this and making an enormous profit selling inferior product's/ service's at over- inflated cost's to handle this, the video here is over 50 minute's long, but a well in depth look at what so many we know deal with.

***** FRONTLINE: Dollars and Dentists (video)

***** FRONTLINE/ PBS: "DOLLARS & DENTISTS" ... (transcript)

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