Saturday, July 14, 2012

DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT Van ... "We'll Get Ya There" {: O ... Nailed on the Dallas North Tollway (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE? PT.2)

This Part 2 of "Defensive Driving Course ?" will be a video I couldnt resist from last week right here by the house on the Dallas North Tollway and LBJ Freeway vicinity. Video was also released from inside the Dallas Area Rapid Transit van as well in the link of the driver, who wasnt even on a cell phone, he did not appear to even have any passenger's, or any distraction's, he was not intoxicated or doing anything but just cruisin along, another day on the ole job ... he was with DART as a driver for 11 year's and had a perfect driving record as well. But he did lose his job. BTW, a DART van is one of them special van (paratransit van) service's for handicapped folk's that take you from a specific location to another. I didnt even know this till now from reading link's below, that these van's and driver's are contracted by DART from a private company called "Veolia Transportation". They say that there were no serious injuries, but the thing is, you wouldnt even feel the effect's of hard whiplash till later ... I can tell you if I was one of these folk's in the car's that were hit ... you can bet my attorney would be in contact with them quick!, she would be all over them like a cheap suit on sunday! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

***** WFAA.COM: Footage Released From Inside DART Van During Crash

A Dallas Area Rapid Transit van slams into vehicles. Thanx to CNN




Infidel753 said...

Pretty amazing that no one was killed considering it looks like at least three cars were totaled. At the moment of impact you can see what looks like a hunk of metal being thrown dozens of feet into the air to the right. But as you say, some injuries don't manifest severe pain until some time after the fact.

he did not appear to even have any passenger's,

Maybe he was worried about lack of demand for the paratransit van service, and was trying to improve business by creating more handicapped people?:-)

Ranch Chimp said...

He probably was in between run's or shift change as for the van being empty ... agreed that someone could have got killed from that impact though, I seen folk's suffer whiplash even month's after taking hit's like that, that didnt feel a thing wrong at the time of the incident.

Thanx for your input here Infodell ....

Beach Bum said...

I looked as closely as possible and did not see any evidence of brake lights coming on. I wonder if the driver was texting or talking on his cell phone?

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually "no" Bum ... the WFAA link on the post show's video of the driver before and right at the crash from inside the van, so he didnt have any seen distraction's, nor even much reaction it seemed, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I didnt even notice the "brake light's" thing that you mentioned, I couldnt seem to see any either ... maybe he was meditating ro somethin I reckon : )

Thanx for your voice here Bum ....